Studio Director (s) Cast Rating Released date North America Gross
15 Minutes New Line Cinema John Herzfeld Robert De Niro
Edward Burns
Kelsey Grammer
Rating R March 9, 2001 $56,359,980
The 51st State Screen Gems Ronny Yu Samuel L. Jackson
Robert Carlyle
Meat Loaf
Rating R December 7, 2001 $14,439,698
61* HBO Films Billy Crystal Thomas Jane
Billy Pepper
193px-TV-MA icon.svg April 28, 2001 Unknown
3000 Miles to Graceland Morgan Creek Productions Demian Lichtenstein Kurt Russel
Kevin Costner
Courteney Cox
David Arquette
Rating R February 23, 2001 18,720,175
A.I. Artificial Intelligence Amblin Entertainment Steven Spielberg Jude Law Rating PG-13 June 29, 2001 $235,926,552
The Affair of the Necklace Alcon Entertainment Charles Shyer Hilary Swank Rating R November 30, 2001 $471,210
Ali Peters Entertainment Michael Mann Will Smith
Jamie Fox
Jada Pinkett Smith
Rating R December 11, 2001 $87,713,825
Along Came a Spider Rhythm and Hues Studios Lee Tamahori Morgan Freeman
Monica Potter
Rating R April 6, 2001 $105,178,561
The Amati Girls Fox Family Channel Anne De Salvo Cloris Leachman Rating PG January 9, 2001 $49,136
American Outlaws Morgan Creek Les Mayfield Colin Farrell Rating PG-13 August 17, 2001 $13,342,790
American Pie 2 LivePlanet J.B. Rogers Jason Bags Rating R August 10, 2001 $287,553,595
America's Sweethearts Columbia Pictures Joe Roth Julia Roberts
Billy Crystal
Catherine Zeta-Jones
John Cusack
Christopher Walken
Seth Green
Rating PG-13 July 20, 2001 $138,191,428
Angel Eyes Morgan Creek Luis Mandoki Jennifer Lopez
James Caviezel
Jeremy Sisto
Terrence Howard
Rating R May 18, 2001 $29,715,606
The Animal Columbia Pictures Luke Greenfield Rob Schneider Rating PG-13 June 1, 2001 $84,772,742
The Anniversary Party Fine Line Features Jennifer Jason Leigh
Alan Cumming
Kevin Kline
Gwyneth Paltrow
Rating R June 8, 2001 $4,013,506
The Antitrust Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Peter Howitt Ryan Phillippe Unknown January 12, 2001 $18,195,610
Atlantis: The Lost Empire Walt Disney Feature Animation Gary Trousdale
Kirk Wise
Michael J. Fox
James Garner
Rating PG June 3, 2001 $186,053,725
Baby Boy Columbia Pictures John Singleton Tyrese Gibson
Snoop Dogg
Rating R June 29, 2001 $29,381,649
Bandits Hyde Park Entertainment Barry Levinson Bruce Willis
Billy Bob Thornton
Cate Blanchett
Rating PG-13 October 2, 2001 $67,631,903
A Beautiful Mind Imagine Entertainment Ron Howard Russel Crow
Ed Harris
Rating PG-13 December 21, 2001 $313,542,341
Behind Enemy Lines Davis Entertainment John Moore Owen Wilson
Gene Hackman
Rating PG-13 November 17, 2001 $91,753,202
Berlin Babylon Unknown Hubertus Siegert Günther Behnisch Unknown 2001 Unknown
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Warner Bros. Pictures Chris Columbus Daniel Radcliffe
Rupert Grint
Emma Watson
Rating PG 16 November 2001 $974,755,371
Shrek DreamWorks Pictures Andrew Adamson
Vicky Jenson
Mike Myers
Eddie Murphy
Cameron Diaz
John Lithgow
Rating PG May 18, 2001 $484,409,218
The Mummy Returns Universal Pictures Stephen Sommers Brendan Fraser
Rachel Weisz
John Hannah
Freddie Boath
Oded Fehr
Arnold Vosloo
Patricia Velásquez
Alun Armstrong
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Shaun Parkes
Dwayne Johnson
Rating PG-13 May 4, 2001 $433,013,274
Zoolander Paramount Pictures Ben Stiller Ben Stiller
Owen Wilson
Will Ferrell
Christine Taylor
Milla Jovovich
Jerry Stiller
David Duchovny
Jon Voight
Rating PG-13 September 28, 2001 $60,780,981
Monsters, Inc. Buena Vista Pictures Pete Docter John Goodman
Billy Crystal
Mary Gibbs
Steve Buscemi
James Coburn
Jennifer Tilly
Frank Oz
Rating G November 2, 2001 $562,816,256
Pokémon 3: The Movie Warner Bros. Kunihiko Yuyama
Michael Haigney
Veronica Taylor
Rachael Lillis
Eric Stuart
Ted Lewis
Kayzie Rogers
Ryan Drummond
Tara Jayne
Rating G April 6, 2001 $68,411,275
Planet of the Apes 20th Century Fox Tim Burton Mark Wahlberg
Tim Roth
Helena Bonham Carter
Michael Clarke Duncan
Paul Giamatti
Estella Warren
Rating PG-13 July 27, 2001 $362,211,740
Rat Race Paramount Pictures Jerry Zucker John Cleese
Breckin Meyer
Amy Smart
Rowan Atkinson
Cuba Gooding, Jr.
Whoopi Goldberg
Seth Green
Vince Vieluf
Jon Lovitz
Lanai Chapman
Kathy Najimy
Dave Thomas
Wayne Knight
Rating PG-13 August 17, 2001 $85,498,534
Max Keeble's Big Move Buena Vista Pictures Tim Hill Alex D. Linz
Larry Miller
Jamie Kennedy
Nora Dunn
Robert Carradine
Rating PG October 5, 2001 $18,634,654
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