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This is the story of an isolated Alaskan town that is plunged into darkness for a month each year when the sun sinks below the horizon. As the last rays of light fade, the town is attacked by a bloodthirsty gang of vampires bent on an uninterrupted orgy of destruction. Only the small town's husband-and-wife Sheriff team stand between the survivors and certain destruction.


  • Josh Hartnett as Sheriff Eben Oleson
  • Melissa George as Stella Oleson
  • Danny Huston as Marlow
  • Ben Foster as The Stranger
  • Mark Boone Junior as Beau Brower
  • Mark Rendall as Jake Oleson
  • Amber Sainsbury as Denise
  • Nathaniel Lees as Carter Davies
  • Megan Franich as Iris
  • Andrew Stehlin as Arvin
  • Manu Bennett as Deputy Billy Kitka
  • Craig Hall as Wilson Bulosan
  • Elizabeth Hawthorne as Lucy Ikos
  • Jared Turner as Aaron
  • Kelson Henderson as Gabe
  • Abbey-May Wakefield as Little Girl Vampire
  • Pua Magasiva as Malekai Hamm
  • Joel Tobeck as Doug Hertz
  • Kate Elliott as Vampire
  • Ben Fransham as Vampire
  • Kate O'Rourke as Vampire
  • Melissa Billington as Vampire