A Fistful of Fingers
Fistful of fingers
Directed By
Produced By
Edgar Wright
Daniel Figuero
Zygi Kamasa
Gareth Owen
Written By
Edgar Wright
Alvin Leong
Music By
François Evans
Distributed By
Blue Dolphin Film Distribution
United Kingdom
Release Date
78 minutes

A Fistful of Fingers is a 1995 British film written and directed by Edgar Wright. It opened at the Prince Charles Cinema on 24 November 1995,[1] and debuted in the United States 20 years later at the Cinefamily in Los Angeles as a midnight movie.[2] The film was never commercially available on home video in either country, although Wright said in 2015 that he hoped to "finally release it [...] with a commentary and everything".[3]

It is a remake of an earlier, and even lower-budget, film of the same name by Wright and starring Graham Low which had been made while they were still at school. The original Fistful of Fingers was never picked up by a distributor, but did receive enough local attention—along with Wright's other school-era spoofs such as Carbolic SoapThe Unparkables, and Rolf Harris Saves the World—for Wright to win funding for the 1994 remake.


  • Graham Low as No-Name
  • Oli van der Vijver as The Squint
  • Nicola Stapleton as Floozy
  • Martin Curtis as Running Sore
  • Jeremy Beadle as Himself
  • Neil Mullarkey as Stand Up Comedian
  • Dan Palmer as "Pile-On" Kid
  • Mark Sheffield as Calamity Keith
  • Edgar Wright as Cheesy Voiceover Artist/Two Bit Farmer Cameo
  • Quentin Green as Jimmy James

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