Abominable is a 2019 American-Chinese 3D computer-animated adventure comedy fantasy family film produced by DreamWorks Animation and Pearl Studio. It will be directed by Jill Culton and Todd Wilderman, with William Davies as the writer. It was released in September 27, 2019 in the United States, and in October 1, 2019 in China.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Taking place in China, a yeti named Everest was trying to escape from Burish, and Dr. Zara so its up to Yi to save the day.

Cast[edit | edit source]

  • Chole Bennet as Yi, a violin tennegar.
  • Albert Tsai as Peng, a friend of Yi and Jin's cousin.
  • Tenzing Norgay Tranior as Jin, a friend of Yi, and Peng's cousin.
  • Eddie Izzard as Burnish, a wealthy man who wants to prove that yetis exist.
  • Sarah Paulson as Dr. Zara, a greedy, and evil woman who is a poacher.
  • Joesph Izzo and Rupert Gregson Williams as Everest, a yeti.
  • Tsai Chin as Nai Nai 
  • Rich Dietl as Goon Leader  

Additional Voices[edit | edit source]

  • Michelle Yong - Yi's Mother 
  • Christine Lin - Teenage Girl #1, Boy's Mother, and Female Costumer  
  • James Hong - Yak leader 
  • Kym Miller - Teenage Girl #2 
  • Jason Ko - Teenegar Boy 
  • Karen Huie - Dog lady and Doc Worker 
  • Vic Chalo  as Jin Impersonator  
  • Fernando Chien - Merchant

Production[edit | edit source]

The movie was in production in 2010 the movie was going to be called Everest however, In May 2018, the name is changed to Abominable to avoid being confused with the movie of the same name.

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