Ace High is a 1968 spaghetti Western directed by Giuseppe Colizzi and starring Eli Wallach.


A couple of bandits, Cat and Hutch, rob a bank. The bank's president then frees condemned outlaw Cacopoulous from hanging and hires him to go catch the thieves and get his money back.

The scheme backfires because the bank president is one of the men who double-crossed him several years before, causing him to be sentenced to prison for 15 years in the first place. Cacopoulos searches for the missing money, finds it, then loses it gambling. He also hunts for Drake, another of the men who sent him to jail. Drake is now the operator of a casino that cheats its patrons by means of a rigged roulette wheel.

Cat and Hutch turn up and form a partnership with Cacopoulos, along with a black acrobatic street performer named Thomas, whom they assisted earlier in the film. They agree to work together to get the money back from the casino. Cat, Hutch and Thomas break in under the cover of night and wait until the next day to overpower Drake's henchmen and manipulate the rigged roulette game themselves. Cacopoulos finally has his showdown with Drake.