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(The Movie begins as Carface is at the Telephone booth)

  • Carface: Boss, I have...
  • Voice: Something happened! What's wrong?
  • Carface: You'll have the item today, just like we agreed. It's as good as in your hands. Nothing can go wrong.
  • Voice: You contemptible canine!
  • Carface: Don't call me canine! Do you know the meaning of patience?
  • Voice: (angry) Silence! As long as dogs are involved, anything can go wrong!

(The phone gets very hot and Carface's paw feels the burn and he hangs up the phone as it cools off)

  • Carface: I'll take that as a "no." Jeez, what a hothead!

(He looks in the slot for the quarter)

  • Carface: Ah... keep the quarter.

(As The phone gets very hot as Red Smoke appears and change into beautiful clouds Then Titles appear "All Dogs Go to Heaven 2, Now we go to Dog Heaven)

  • Annabelle: I am proud to present this special token...
  • Charlie: Only in heaven can a bunch of squeaky-clean angels get awards for being extra squeaky-clean.

(As she handed to a special token to him)

  • Annabelle: And now, our final honoree, voted most-rehabilitated by our heavenly jury...
  • Charlie: I wouldn't be caught dead wearing one of those merit badges, eh, Carface?
  • Carface: Hey... shh!
  • Annabelle: A dog who's lifted himself up from the depths of depravity, who proves that every dog deserves a second chance...
  • Charlie: Now I know why they call it eternity. Everything here takes forever.
  • All Dogs: Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh!
  • Carface: Charlie, show some respect.
  • Annabelle: ...for making the most of what he's had to work with, this first-class, diamond-studded angel wing pin goes to... Carface Carruthers!

(Much to Charlie's Shock)

  • Carface: What an honor! Ha. You're too kind. I don't know what to say! Thank you. Thank you very much. Bless you!

(She gives Carface the wing pin)

  • Annabelle: I only hope that our other angels...Who have yet to distinguish themselves... Soon follow your shining example.

(She leaves with other angels)

  • Carface: Hey, remember, Charlie, it never hurts to play the game.
  • Charlie: Halo polisher.

(As the horn plays, As Sparkly path appears)

  • Charlie: Whoa! I'm late!

(As he runs off, Carface sneaks away, As the horn plays, a magic gate appears, As Charlie runs to the Spa resort, He hops on three big dogs and a huge dog)

  • Huge Angel Dog: That feels good.

(As the angels dogs and Charlie arrived at the gate, As the blue angel dog arrives and opens the gate, But Charlie arrived quickly knocking the angel dogs away and knocks the blue angel dog right off into the hole)

  • Charlie: Sorry. Lousy brake pads. (He drops the Halo) Have the newcomers touched down yet?
  • Yellow Angel Dog: Uh, no, not yet.

(Then Suddenly, A Huge Pink Dog appears and lands on Yellow Angel Dog and gives him a Smooch)

  • Yellow Angel Dog: Put on some weight, huh, fluffy?
  • Supporter Angel Dog: Check. Check. Move along. Sorry, sir! (He grabs the vacuum cleaner as another dogs arrived) Check. Check. Check. Move along. That's it. That's all dogs.
  • Charlie: Hold it. Let me see that list. There has to be more. I'm expecting company.

(Then suddenly Itchy pops up out of the clouds)

  • Supporter Angel Dog: Uh... Asta, Bandit, Bowser, Fido, Fifi, Hound of Baskerville, Pavlov Dog, Rex, Rover, Rufus, Shatzi, Spot, and...
  • Charlie: Itchy! Ho ho!

(He catches him but ends up getting knocked out)

  • Supporter Angel Dog: Oh, yeah. Right. He's right here on the list.
  • Itchy Itchiford: Where am I?
  • Charlie Barkin: You old fleabag, you.
  • Itchy Itchiford: Charlie, is that you? Charlie, it is you!
  • Charlie Barkin: Ha!
  • Itchy Itchiford: Charlie!
  • Charlie Barkin: Gee, Itch, you shouldn't have.

(As Charlie try to eat a Chicken stick, but the Angel Dog takes it)

  • Angel Dog: Sorry, sir. You can't take it with you.

(He throws a halo onto Itchy's head)

  • Itchy Itchiford: Wait a minute. Ain't you, uh... dead?
  • Charlie Barkin: Oh, yeah... as a dog that eats chicken bones.
  • Itchy Itchiford: Oh, so that means...

(As the Halo glows, The Blue Angel Shirt and Wings appear on Itchy's Back)

  • Charlie Barkin: Welcome to paradise, Itch. Come on. I'll show you around.

(As the Mystical man places the Horn and the Magic Glass places it to keep it safe as the Heaven Gate vanishes)

  • Itchy Itchiford: Well, I never would have... Imagine... ha ha ha! Look at this!

(Bones fly up out of the whole)

  • Itchy Itchiford: Hey, Charlie, wait a minute. I'm not itchy.
  • Charlie Barkin: That's funny. You sure look like him.
  • Itchy Itchiford: No, I mean... For the first time in my life, I don't need to scratch!
  • Charlie Barkin: This is heaven, Itch. Fleas go to the other place.
  • Dog Angel: Hey, Bubba, how 'bout we go down to hog heaven and get us some ribs?
  • Itchy Itchiford: Ha ha ha! Everybody's flyin'. Uh, d-does that mean... Me, too?

(Then Itchy is now flying)

  • Itchy Itchiford: Ha ha ha.
  • Charlie Barkin: Oh, yeah. It's all part of the basic package.
  • Itchy Itchiford: I'm going to like it here, Charlie.
  • Charlie Barkin: Believe me, it gets old fast.
  • Itchy Itchiford: Yeah, sure. Ha-ha-ha.

(Then, the floor pushes Itchy forward)

  • Itchy Itchiford: What do you mean?
  • Charlie Barkin: It's hard to explain, Itch. This joint is supposed to have everything; to be the best. But it's just too, I don't know, it's...It's too...
[Charlie Barkin]
It's too heavenly here
It's too peaceful and paradise-like
Straight and narrow, and much too nice-like
Endlessly sunny and clear!
It's too heavenly here!
It's too blissful to bear
Calm and quiet and much too mellow
All my brain cells have turned to Jell-O!
Everyday feels like a year!
It's too heavenly here!
I need some action!
I need some juice
That crazy kind of feeling
Of playing fast and loose
Some razzle dazzle
And a little stress and strife
I gotta get some life in my life!
But it's too heavenly here
There's no way you can be a sinner
Roll the dice; everyone's a winner!
It's so legit and sincere
It's too heavenly here
What good's a hustler...
Without a scam? (Angel Choir:Hey! Hey! Hey! HEY! Hey!)
I'm wasted talent
That's all that I am!
But this operator
Is at the wrong address

'Cause there's nothing to finagle

And no one to finesse!

Angel Choir: It's so heavenly here

Pure and perfect

Sublime and shining

Every cloud has a silver lining

Everyone's full of good cheer

It's so heavenly here!

Charlie: They're all so saintly!

I just can't relate!

There's gotta be an exit

Through that pearly gate

Behold, the canine who's been cut down in his prime

I may have done the crime,

But I can't do the time!

'Cause it's too heavenly here!

All "Hallelujah's" and "Hosanna's"

It could drive anyone bananas!

I'm going out of my head!

This joint is deader than dead!

I'll give you 8 to 3

Charlie (Angel Choir): It's too heavenly...(Alleluia, Alleluia, ALLELUIA!)

Charlie: Too heavenly here!

(Fireworks start as the angels and heroes watch in amazement)

  • Itchy: Charlie, you gotta see a doctor.

(Carface snickers and then sneaks to the horn and he tries to open the glass container but fails many times to get it, however, He uses his angel medal to slice through the glass and takes the horn, and head toward the exit and then he tries to blow the horn to get the gate open but it gets crooked then he tries again and it then opens slowly but bearly closes then he tries again as the gate opens and closes but he tries again, as he struggles to get the gate out, but he uses a halo, then he pops out of the gate)

  • Carface: (Chuckles) You're my ticket to fame and fortune!

(He puts down the horn and he tries to take off his angel suit, until he bumps into the horn causing it to fall of the cloud)

  • Carface: This is not good!

(As he jumps into the hole and flies through the skies trying to get the horn and catches it with his mouth, but then the airplane appears and he gets hit and gets caught in the engine and the horn continues to fall towards San Francisco, and Carface get sprung out covered in black dust, but then he realizes he lost the horn and flies down to find it) 

(Back in Heaven, The Angel dogs are enjoying bones, and we go to Charlie, Itchy, and the others)

  • Itchy Itchiford: Charlie, you're wrong about this place. The flying alone is worth the price of admission.
  • Charlie Barkin: That's perfect for you. But for me, there's still something missing.
  • Itchy Itchiford: Ooh! Charlie, look. Look!

(Annabelle appears)

  • Annabelle: Quiet, quiet, quiet, everyone! I've got terrible news!
  • Charlie Barkin: Oh, yeah, the flying nun.
  • Annabelle: Gabriel's horn has fallen from heaven and landed on Earth in the heart of San Francisco.
  • Angel Dogs: Oh! no! This is terrible!
  • Male Angel Dog 1: But without the horn, the pearly gates can't be opened.
  • Male Angel Dog 2: And no more dogs would get into heaven!
  • Charlie Barkin: Lucky dogs.
  • Annabelle: Reginald, you're our most-decorated angel. I need you to go back to earth go back! To retrieve it.
  • Reginald: Annabelle, I would consider it a great--
  • Charlie Barkin: Whoa, time out! You can't send Reggie. Look at him, for heaven's sake! They got rats down there bigger than this.
  • Male Angel Dog 1: He's right! I'll go!

(Charlie put Reggie into the Male Angel Dog 1's Mouth)

  • Charlie Barkin: We are talking the mean streets of Frisco here, ace, not mount happy-go-lucky.
  • Male Angel Dog 2: Send me, ana--

(Charlie takes a halo to his mouth)

  • Charlie Barkin: Annabelle, you'll need someone who can zip there and back before big gabe finds his horn missing-- someone who knows the ropes and the dopes, someone--
  • Annabelle: Just like you.
  • Charlie Barkin: Me? well, I don't know. I'd have to check with my people and get back to you. Oh, what the heck? I'll do it.
  • Annabelle: Maybe you can do something besides make a nuisance of yourself.
  • Charlie Barkin: Right, right. I'll be in touch.
  • Annabelle: Hold it! To find the horn, follow your ears. Steady, heavenly tone that only angels can hear.
  • Charlie Barkin: Only angels. Got it.
  • Annabelle: Wait, wait, wait! You're on your own. I can give you one miracle to be used only in an emergency.  

(She uses a magic power on Charlie to make it a Miracle)  

  • Charlie: Ooh! One per customer. Got it.

(He walks off)

  • Annabelle: Charles, Charles, Charles! This is serious! If the horn falls into the wrong hands, it could mean disaster for us all!
  • Charlie: You can count on Charles.
  • Chase: You heard the king, let's move!
  • Annabelle: Oh, just to make sure, I'm sending Itchy along with you.
  • Itchy Itchiford: Oh, no! But, I just got here! Wait just a sec-- i--i still have death lag!

(Charlie takes off his angel outfit. and jumps to the hole)

  • Itchy Itchiford: I just remembered-- I have flying lessons after lunch!

(He goes to the hole along with them)

  • Annabelle: Bring back the horn, Charles! Otherwise, there'll be heaven to pay!
  • Charlie: Got it!

Unfinished[edit | edit source]

(Then a Bright Yellow Light appears and the heroes land on San Fransisco)

  • Charlie Barkin: Look at this mess, Itch. Trash, exhaust fumes, graffiti! We are home!

(Then they move out of the way, for the bus goes through)

  • Itchy Itchiford: You're tellin' me!

(Charlie sniffs something good)

  • Charlie Barkin: Ha-lo! Double chili cheeseburger with onions and pickles!
  • Itchy Itchiford: Charlie! Stay!  Look, we find briel's horn and then it's straight back to heaven. ok?
  • Charlie Barkin: What's the hurry, guys? Let's have some fun.

(As Charlie runs off)

  • Itchy Itchiford: Charlie, wait! Wiener dog, here. Oh, my legs are short!
  • Rocky: Good idea.

(At the Dog Music Bar)

  • Labrador MC: So let's hear it for kiko and his jazz mongrels.

(A Small dog walks to the Bar, But the Guard dogs stop him)

  • Guard Dog 1: I.D.?
  • Small Dog: I don't need no stinking' dog tags!

(As Guard Dog 2 sniffs it and throws it away)

  • Charlie Barkin: Classy place. They check for worms.  Nice toss, big guy.
  • (They went into the Dog music bar)

[Jingles] But fate throwed me a bone ♪ 00:09:19 ♪ she walked into my life ♪ 00:09:21 ♪ like the princess she was ♪ 00:09:23 ♪ and she didn't have even ♪ 00:09:26 ♪ a half inch of fuzz ♪ 00:09:28 ♪ my pals call me crazy ♪ 00:09:30 ♪ but I couldn't care less ♪ 00:09:32 'cause I'd fallen hard .. ♪ 00:09:37

(We cut to Charlie, Flicker and their friends to see gangster dogs playing Poker)

  • Gangster Dog 1: full house!
  • Gangster Dog 2: Ho ho ho! Guess that's why they call me lucky.
  • Charlie Barkin: All right, boys. Name your game. Poker, double deuce, 52-card pickup? I'm just yanking your leash. (Then he saw a Waiter Rat holding 2 cream sodas) Hold that thought.

[Jingles] ♪ How her skin glistened ♪ 00:09:53 ♪ in the moonlight ♪ 00:09:55 ♪ and she loved my singin' ♪ 00:09:57 ♪ said it sounded just ♪ 00:09:57 pretty good. 00:09:59 .. ♪♪

  • Charlie Barkin: hey, bartender. 00:10:02 How about a frosty one for the chuckmeister? Root beer, Itchy?

(As the Dog Bartender slides the Root Beer Mug and Charlie tries to catch it but to no anvil, Another Dog grabs the root beer and drink it)

  • Charlie Barkin: Yo, barkeep!
  • Charlie Barkin: Hey, what am i, invisible? I'll just help myself!

(As Charlie slides to taste the root beer, but it didn't work as he tries again but fail)

  • Charlie Barkin: What?
  • Itchy Itchiford: Charlie, look! We ain't--ooh! We're ghosts!
  • Carmen: Natalie's right. I'm sure we'll go through it.
  • Charlie Barkin: Anabelle! Of all the rotten tricks!

(Then Anabelle appears in the mug)

  • Annabelle: You've been down there for almost half an hour. We're waiting!

(He the blow the bubbles away covering Annabelle)

  • [Jingles] ♪ deedle dee hoo ♪ 00:10:56 ♪ deedle dodle deedle ♪ 00:10:57 ♪ deedle dee hoo ♪♪ (Then the cane appears and take him away) 
  • Labrador MC: thanks, jingles! Really knocked 'em dead.

(As a small dog Claps trying to swat the fly and succeed)

  • Labrador MC: And now, Let's have a warm round applause for our next contestant... Miss sasha la fleur. (As the rat powered the battery and gets zapped, and the dog turn on the motorcycle light) [Scattered applause] [piano opening music]
  • [Sasha] 
  • ♪ if you got romance ♪ 00:15:22 ♪ on your mind ♪ 00:15:24 ♪ if you'd like to stroll ♪ 00:15:27 ♪ hand in hand ♪ 00:15:29 ♪ if you want to cuddle ♪ 00:15:32 ♪ in the moonlight ♪ 00:15:36 ♪ and whisper ♪ 00:15:37 " ♪ 00:15:40 ♪ if you want someone ♪ 00:15:42 ♪ to buy that sweet talk ♪ 00:15:45 ♪ that you guys all love to spout ♪ 00:15:50 [audience howling] ♪ baby ♪ 00:15:55 ♪ count me out ♪ 00:16:00 ♪ if you want to dance ♪ 00:16:03 ♪ cheek to cheek ♪ 00:16:05 ♪ then go home and talk ♪ 00:16:08 ♪ all night long ♪ 00:16:10 ♪ if you want to send somebody flowers ♪ 00:16:17 ♪ and share a stupid song ♪ 00:16:20 ♪ if you want a woman ♪ 00:16:24 ♪ who believes that ♪ 00:16:26 ♪ you're what her life's all about ♪ 00:16:33 ♪ baby ♪ 00:16:36 .. ♪ 00:16:39 ohhh. 00:16:42 ♪ I been there ♪ 00:16:45 ♪ I've done that ♪ 00:16:47 ♪ it's nowhere ♪ 00:16:51 ♪ it's old hat ♪ 00:16:53 ♪ forget those thoughts ♪ 00:16:55 ♪ you're thinking, mister ♪ 00:16:57 ♪ and just regard me ♪ 00:17:00 ♪ as your sister ♪ 00:17:04 ♪ if you want to send ♪ 00:17:07 ♪ valentines ♪ 00:17:09 ♪ if you want to write ♪ 00:17:13 ♪ poetry ♪ 00:17:15 ♪ here's a little change ♪ 00:17:17 ♪ go call somebody ♪ 00:17:21 ♪ who doesn't look like me ♪ 00:17:25 ♪ and if you've got plans ♪ 00:17:27 ♪ to fall in love ♪ 00:17:30 ♪ without a shadow ♪ 00:17:33 ♪ of a doubt ♪ 00:17:36 ♪ baby ♪ 00:17:40 ♪ count me out ♪ 00:17:42 ♪ that's what I said ♪ 00:17:44 ♪ I said ♪ 00:17:46 ♪ baby ♪ 00:17:49 ♪ count me out ♪ 00:17:53 ♪ hound dog ♪♪ 00:17:57
  • Charlie Barkin: [cheering and whistling] Itch, my heart is beating a million miles an hour. I can hardly breathe.
  • Itchy Itchiford: As the change in altitude. Ooh. my ears popped. Did your ears pop?
  • Charlie Barkin: Now I know what I was missing in heaven. I got to meet her.
  • Itchy Itchiford: She can't even see you. You're an angel.
  • Charlie Barkin: Quit reminding me.

(They are unaware that Carface is behind them)

  • Carface: You're back in circulation, huh, Charlie?
  • Charlie Barkin: Oh, yeah. My circulation's fine.
  • Itchy Itchiford: Hello, carface. Carface!

(They turned and see Carface)

  • Carface: Ha ha ha. I heard you was in the neighborhood. I got time off for good behavior.
  • Charlie Barkin: What are you doing here?
  • Carface: Missionary work. I'll take one of them.
  • Charlie Barkin: Ha ha ha. She can't hear you.
  • Waiter: That'll be 2 bits, Carface.
  • Carface: Put it on my tab.
  • Charlie Barkin: Huh?

(Carface chuckles)

  • Carface: As long as I'm wearing this baby I'm flesh and blood.
  • Charlie Barkin: Where'd you get it?
  • Carface: A buddy of mine has them.
  • Charlie Barkin: So, introduce us.
  • Itchy Itchiford: Charlie, you can't trust Carface. He shouldn't have got into heaven in the first place.

(Carface blows cigarette cloud at Itchy and made him coughs)

  • Carface: my mistake. I just thought you'd like to meet the lovely lady.

(He's about to walk away)

  • Charlie Barkin: Hold it, Carface. Hold on.
  • Itchy:
  • Charlie Barkin: Hey, we'll get it later. Lead on, guys.

(He goes to follow Carface)

  • Itchy Itchiford: Charlie! Wait! Short legs, short legs.

(The heroes are following Carface to an unknown place)

  • Itchy Itchiford: Charlie. Wait for me.

(as the Heroes keep following Carface)

  • Charlie Barkin: How much further here, Carface?

(As Carface tries to get the electric fence out)

  • Carface: We're-- we're almost there. [Grunting]
  • Itchy Itchiford: Charlie? charlie.
  • Charlie Barkin: Itchy, you're out of breath and the fun hasn't even started yet.
  • Itchy Itchiford: Charlie, I got a bad feeling about this.
  • Charlie Barkin: Relax. I got it under control.
  • Carface: Boys, we're here.

(They enter a building and Carface begins to call on someone)

  • Carface: Hey, red! He must be in the back. Have a look around.

(As the door closes loudly Itchy runs off with a fright, then he sees a toy cat, then a monster Piranha fish pops outs of it's mouth scaring him off, The Carface with a Voodoo Mask on scars Itchy, But it was revealed it was a trick)

  • Itchy Itchiford: you trying to scare me to death?
  • Carface: Don't sweat it, pal. You're already dead.

[Carface laughing]

  • Charlie Barkin: Come here. I want to read your fortune. I see you going for a long walk. 
  • Carface: Yeah ...on a short leash. You're in the wrong seat. Move it.
  • ???: Carface. That's no way to treat customers.
  • Gabumon: Who is he?
  • Carface: [Panting] Red, I'd like you to meet a couple friends of mine.
  • Red: Charlie Barkin. Itchy Itchiford. Welcome.
  • Charlie Barkin: Wait, wait. 00:21:28 How can he--
  • Carface: Red sees all and knows all.
  • Itchy Itchiford: ..ahh...ah-choo. 00:21:34 You got cats around here or what?
  • Red: Cats! Oh, good heavens, no.
  • Carface: The boys have come to do some shopping.
  • Charlie Barkin: Carface tells us you've got special collars.
  • Red: Collars. Oh, yes. They're going to be the next big thing. (gets the collars) Here. Enjoy.
  • Itchy Itchiford: (Sniffs at the collars) What's the catch, old man?
  • Red: No catch. Any friend of Carface is a friend of mine. There is one small thing.
  • Itchy Itchiford: I knew it! We're out of here, right, Charlie?
  • Red: The collars are only good until sundown tomorrow. After that, you'll be-- shall we say-- insubstantial again. 
  • Charlie Barkin: By then I'll have Sasha begging for me.

(He puts on a Collar and making himself Flesh and blood again, Then Carface puts the Collar on Itchy making him Flesh and Blood again and slides him down into the mirror)

  • Charlie Barkin: Ah. perfect fit.

(Itchy sneezes at the mirror)

  • Charlie Barkin: Feels great to be back in the flesh.
  • Itchy Itchiford: (sneezes) How many? (sneezes again) Infested again. yeow. Ooh, get off. Everybody off!
  • Carface: Don't forget. Sundown tomorrow.

(Itchy sneezes on Carface)

  • Carface: Jeez.

(Carfaces opens the door for Itchy and wack his head)

  • Charlie Barkin: Hey Red! I owe you one.
  • Red: [Claws scratching crystal ball] you'll owe me one, all right.
  • Carface: They felt for it! (laughs) When we get that horn, we can open any safe or bank vault in the world. Ha ha!
  • Red: Silence!

(Carface gets scared)

  • Red: I didn't recruit you for such entry-level wickedness. You have so much to learn.
Now I know you've been malicious spiteful, and a trifle vicious
It's no secret that you've cheated and you've lied
And you've done some double-dealing
Scheming, swindling, and stealing
You're an amateur but heaven knows tries 
  • Carface I answered your ad, didn't i? Money, power, stature. Call 1-800-brimstone.
  • Red: Good boy. And very soon your efforts will be rewarded.
You'll develop so much faster now you're working with a master
who will help you cultivate your darker side
you'll discover wicked ways you've never known before
And you'll find that when you're really rotten to the core
it feels so good to be bad
so delicious to be a despicable cad
it's just so thrillingand so fulfilling
to give somebody the worst time they've ever had
it feels so good to be bad!
Case in point, Charlie doesn't know it
but he's in my power he's gonna wish that he was never born
I promise you that by the sunset hour I'll have Gabriel's Horn!
  • Carface: Boss, why can't I get it for you?
Cause you had your chance and blew it
I entrusted you to do it but you bungled it
and threw your chance away
it's a problem you created
if the horn can't be located
I'm not naming names but someone has to pay!


  • Carface: I could try again, boss!
  • Red: You'll never find it! Only angels can hear it's heavenly tone.
  • Carface: But I'm an angel.
  • Red: Not anymore!

(The ride goes to the hole and Carface falls into it)

  • Red: You work for me, now!
Though you gave me cause to doubt you,
There's a loathsomeness about you!
That attracts me to you as a protégé!
And when you've learned every creepy crummy thing I know,
You'll taste the joy that comes when you're the LOWEST OF THE LOW!
It feels so good to be bad!<b
So delightful to be a deplorable cad!
It's so appealing to have the feeling,
That what you're doing gets trouble brewing
And drives everybody MAD!
You've got my guarantee,
It feels so good to be bad!
So exciting!
Ole! So Inviting!
So good to be bad!

bah ha! 00:30:30 ♪ If you got romance ♪ 00:30:31 ♪ on your mind ♪ 00:30:33 ♪ ya da ta da da ♪♪ 00:30:34 you sing pretty good for a stray. 00:30:37 Can I have my prize now? 00:30:42 Oh. what? 00:30:43 You advertised a meal for the winner. 00:30:45 If it's a meal you want, I'm off at 10:00. 00:30:48 Honey, I'd rather eat out of the garbage. 00:30:52 .. 00:30:52 That's what I had in mind. 00:30:54 Huh. bonsfrenchy. 00:30:57 It's your lucky night. 00:30:59 [Lips smacking] Doorman: Pedigree? 00:31:14 You show me yours, and I'll show you mine. 00:31:18 What do you serve with that shake, baby? 00:31:33 Ahhh. 00:31:35 This is going to be fast, right? 00:31:38 We got a horn to find. 00:31:40 Ah. take notes, itch. 00:31:42 [Charlie gargling] ah. 00:31:45 You're about to watch a master. 00:31:50 You must hear this .. 00:31:53 But you sing like an angel. 00:31:56 Excuse me. 00:31:58 .. 00:31:59 Charlie barkin. 00:32:01 And you are? 00:32:02 Not even remotely interested. 00:32:05 Oh. that's a mouthful. 00:32:06 Down boy. 00:32:06 Let me help. 00:32:08 Ah, come on. 00:32:09 Give me that. 00:32:10 No, please. 00:32:10 It's no problem. 00:32:12 Whoops. 00:32:16 Hey, sister. 00:32:19 No free eats. 00:32:20 I'll take care of it. 00:32:22 Put it on carface's tab. 00:32:25 Ok. 00:32:27 .. 00:32:28 Where were-- huh? 00:32:32 Hey, charlie-- [giggles] I noted how you swept the lady off her feet. 00:32:38 So, I'm rusty. 00:32:39 Let's make a little home delivery. 00:32:43 [Groans] I'll never get back to heaven. 00:32:47 Oh-ho, shucks. 00:32:49 [Sighs] something tells me you're forgetting about the horn. 00:32:57 Would you take it easy? 00:32:58 There's plenty of time for that. come on. 00:33:00 Anabelle is not going to like this, charlie. 00:33:17 Hey. 00:33:18 Nice digs, huh, itch? 00:33:21 Grrrrrr! 00:33:23 Wow! 00:33:25 You! what do you want? 00:33:27 You left your doggy bag. 00:33:29 Oh, right. um, thanks. 00:33:32 Thanks a lot. 00:33:34 There's more than enough. 00:33:35 If you want some company, we could stick around. 00:33:38 Sorry, I've got a kid. 00:33:40 Charlie: .. 00:33:43 I'm good with kids. 00:33:51 [Yawns] she's got a "kid" kid. 00:33:57 Thanks, girl

  • Charlie Barkin: What did he do, follow you home?

(The boy gets scared and runs away)

  • Boy: (holding Itchy) You can talk?
  • Itchy Itchiford: Please, don't encourage him.

(He gets scared again, tosses Itchy in the air and runs away)

  • Sasha: He can understand you?!
  • Charlie Barkin: Of course he can.
  • Boy: Holy cow!
  • Charlie Barkin: Holy dogs, actually. I'm Charlie, he's Itchy.

00:34:14 What's going on here? 00:34:15 And I want the truth. 00:34:17 The truth? 00:34:18 .. 00:34:20 .. 00:34:21 Angel. 00:34:22 Oh, boy. 00:34:23 Come on. 00:34:24 Somebody's playing a trick. 00:34:26 Ok. ok. 00:34:27 If I'm not an angel, how can I do this! 00:34:33 [Charlie grunts] whew. wait a minute. 00:34:39 Run, jump, fly? 00:34:41 What did I forget? 00:34:46 Of course. 00:34:47 Watch this, kid. 00:34:51 Aah! 00:34:51 .. 00:34:54 Hold your applause. 00:34:59 Ta-da! 00:34:59 that was the best trick I've ever seen. 00:35:03 Trick? 00:35:04 I do magic, too. 00:35:09 Give me the ball, boy. 00:35:14 that was-- that was-- real--i can't--more. 00:35:18 More. 00:35:19 The kid's good. 00:35:21 .. 00:35:21 I could help his technique. 00:35:23 Houdini. 00:35:24 That little boy is lost. 00:35:25 If you want to help, ask him where he lives. 00:35:29 [Itchy laughing] charlie, look. 00:35:32 It's a miracle. 00:35:33 Why not ask him yourself? 00:35:35 Now, thatwouldbe a miracle. 00:35:37 One miracle, coming up. 00:35:45 Of all the arrogant, presumptuous, egotistical mutts I've ever met. 00:35:49 Nowyoutalk. 00:35:51 [Gasps] youmustbe an angel. 00:35:53 Hey, charlie, you used up your miracle, and that was for an emergency. 00:35:59 It seemed like an emergency. 00:36:00 You must be my guardian angel. 00:36:03 Your what? 00:36:03 Your what? 00:36:04 My mom said everyone has a guardian angel. 00:36:06 You're here becaust? 00:36:09 Uh, sure. right, kid. 00:36:11 We're going to make some team, huh? 00:36:13 You mean, you're not lost? 00:36:14 Not anymore. 00:36:15 I got my guardian angel. 00:36:18 Hold it. 00:36:18 Why'd you run away? 00:36:20 You tell her. 00:36:21 This ought to be good. 00:36:23 .. 00:36:25 .. 00:36:26 You're having, uh-- ha ha-- kid problems? 00:36:29 Yeah, with my stepmom. 00:36:31 Knew it. 00:36:32 Eh, I knew it. 00:36:34 She wants me to call her mom, but she's not. 00:36:37 I'm never going home again. 00:36:39 Do you plan to live on the street? 00:36:42 Yep. 00:36:45 Tourists give you money. 00:36:47 Now, you know that's silly. 00:36:48 tell me where you live. 00:36:51 No! 00:36:52 don't listen to me. 00:36:54 Listen to your guardian angel. 00:36:57 David, cannery square .. 00:36:59 Like a good plan.

  • Sasha: What?

(Sasha goes to David)

  • Sasha: Don't listen to him!
  • Charlie Barkin: He's not ready to go home.
  • Sasha: He's only 8 years old.
  • Charlie Barkin: That's 56 in dog years. David, with your talent, there's no telling where you'll end up..
  • Sasha: Oh, please.
  • Charlie Barkin: No, no. You must have faith. Guardian angels move in mysterious ways.
  • David: So we're off to cannery square?
  • Charlie Barkin: Not cannery square. Easy street. 
  • David: Yes!

(They go through the fence)

  • Charlie Barkin: You with us, Sasha?
  • Sasha: I don't know what you're up to, but I'm watching you.

(She goes through and her tail touche's Charlie)

  • Charlie Barkin: I wouldn't want it any other way.

(Then, Annabelle appears on a garbage can lid)

  • Annabelle: Charles! We've got a traffic jam up here. New arrivals can't get in. We need that horn.
  • Charlie Barkin: Put them on a holding pattern. I'm really onto something here.

(He kicks the can lid)

  • Annabelle: Wha--wha--wha-- what?

(It rolled all the way to the pile)


Carface: You're going to love this place, boss. It's got everything you wanted. Beachfront location, fenced yard, tight security. The joint's been home to some great pedigrees. The bird dog of alcatraz. Oh ho. 00:38:23 [Squeaks] [red growling] .. 00:38:29 And ratatouille, too. 00:38:31 [Squeaks] [crunching]

Carface: Then I did good?

(Red ate the whole mouse and then takes out a bone from his mouth)

  • Red: Have a bone!

(He puts a bone in Carface's mouth)

00:38:45 [Trolley car bell clanging] vid: WHICH WAY To cannery square? 00:38:54 Charlie: Uh, just follow your nose. 00:38:56 [Construction machines making noise] so, is there a mr. sasha? 00:39:00 Nope, and I'm not taking applications. 00:39:03 Ok, ok. 00:39:03 But if you were, .. 00:39:07 What qualities would you be looking for? 00:39:10 Oh, I don't know. 00:39:11 Ah, of course you do. 00:39:15 Hmm. 00:39:16 .. 00:39:18 Loyalty, strength, .. 00:39:21 I'd be good at that. 00:39:23 Humility. 00:39:24 Hmm. 00:39:25 .. 00:39:27 Oh! 00:39:29 And of course, style. 00:39:32 Look out! 00:39:33 Charlie, you ok? 00:39:35 .. 00:39:36 Are my ears ringing. 00:39:38 Yeah, you're right. 00:39:39 Wait a minute. 00:39:39 Wait a minute. 00:39:41 That's not your ears, .. 00:39:43 .. 00:39:45 Charlie: The horn. 00:39:46 Itchy: .. 00:39:48 There it is. 00:39:51 Go get it, itch. 00:39:52 .. 00:39:54 With sasha. 00:39:55 Uh-uh. 00:39:55 That's your job. 00:39:56 I'll stay with sasha. 00:39:59 Hmm. 00:40:00 Ok. 00:40:00 Be back before you can say hallelujah. 00:40:03 Where's he going? 00:40:04 Um, confidential guardian angel business.

(In Alcatraz, Carface is in a cage, and gets out)

  • Red: You dogs have enjoyed a state of grace for far too long. Wouldn't you agree, Carface?
  • Carface: Sure, whatever you say, boss.
  • Red: All these cells filled with dogs. Can you see it?
  • Carface: Yeah, sure.
  • Red: And me playing Gabriel's horn! Can you hear it!?
  • Carface: Yeah, sure. Just, uh, put your lips together and blow.
  • Red: Then, the GRAND FINALE!!!
  • Carface: Oh, um, that ain't, uh, that's not coming in so clear, actually.
  • Red: Oh, it will. And all thanks to Charlie Barkin. (laughs menacingly)
  • Red: Make sure he doesn't disappoint me!
  • Carface: You got it, boss!
It's so, so stirring, I feel like purring!
It's deeply pleasing, to be the richest!
So many will be so SAD!
Three cheers for treachery,
It feels so good to be bad!

Red: Bah! hH! Step through. 00:45:20 Good boy. 00:45:21 Nice little dog there. 00:45:23 [Panting] GET THIS, McDOWELL. 00:45:42 "Man finds genie " last week you believed that scientists created intelligent lunch meat. 00:45:49 That's why everyone's afraid to ride in a car with you. 00:45:53 Hey, sarge, [burps] room 112 through the squad room. 00:45:58 [Clicks tongue] 10-4. 00:45:59 I'm telling you, McDOWELL, There are some mighty weird things in this world. 00:46:13 Any ideas why he ran away? 00:46:16 It could only be one thing. 00:46:18 We're having a baby, and david got very upset when I told him. 00:46:48 [Blows sour note] huh? 00:46:51 Whoo! 00:46:51 [Zip] [chuckling] I can't believe this. 00:47:01 Now, where'd I put that lost-and-found list? 00:47:03 Come to charlie. 00:47:08 Ohh! 00:47:09 Duhh! 00:47:10 Huh? 00:47:11 Oh. 00:47:12 Of course, it couldn't be gabriel's flute or gabriel's kazoo. 00:47:15 No. 00:47:18 [Sniffing] thanks, officer reyes. 00:47:23 we'll find your little boy. 00:47:30 Itchy, where is he, and what's this all about? 00:47:34 Sorry, can't. 00:47:35 Charlie and i are sworn to secrecy. 00:47:37 My lips-- these lips right here-- well, they're sealed. 00:47:42 .. 00:47:43 Mm-mmm miss me? 00:47:46 Charlie! ha ha! 00:47:47 Uhh! 00:47:48 So, where's the you-know-what? 00:47:51 Minor setback, itch. 00:47:53 We're just going to have to bust it out. 00:47:55 It? what it? 00:47:57 Charlie, no. 00:47:59 Well-- [crunch] yeow! 00:48:01 Charlie, don't give away t you ever hear of gabriel's horn? 00:48:06 [Stammering] all right, here's the plan. 00:48:10 [Whispering] heh heh heh heh! 00:48:15 Just keep moving. 00:48:17 Doing great. 00:48:18 Act like you belong here. 00:48:19 Just through the door. 00:48:22 I don't think this is going to work. 00:48:25 Nobody even sees us. 00:48:25 No eye contact. 00:48:28 Am I good, or what? 00:48:31 [Growling] [grr] aah! 00:48:35 Don't you-- what did you do? 00:48:38 [Barking] [officer shouting] uh-oh. 00:48:41 Plan "b," guys. 00:48:43 Doughnuts! 00:48:43 Fresh off the truck! 00:48:47 Doughnuts! 00:48:49 Look out! 00:48:53 Yahoo! 00:48:54 Ohh! oh! 00:48:56 Somebody get that mutt! 00:48:57 Hey! hey! come back here! 00:49:00 Hey! 00:49:01 Whoa! 00:49:02 Get over here! 00:49:03 He's headed for the file--whoa! 00:49:06 Aah! 00:49:09 Oh, no! 00:49:11 Somebody help me! 00:49:13 Ooh! ooh! 00:49:14 File this! 00:49:15 [Ringing] aah! 00:49:22 [Glug glug glug] ooh! 00:49:37 Uhh! 00:49:38 Oof! 00:49:39 Uhh! 00:49:40

  • David: Oops. Sorry officer!
  • Officer #2: Ha! We got you!

(David hid the key behind his back)

  • Officer #3: (gurgling) OK son. Give up the keys.
  • Officer #2: You heard him, little man.
  • David: Nothing up my sleeve, sir.
  • Officers: What?
  • David: Officer, what's that behind your ear? (gets the keys) Thank you. thank you. You've been a great audience.

00:49:59 [Gurgling] come on! 00:50:03 Uhh! 00:50:03 Uhh! 00:50:12 Mission accomplished. 00:50:14 Come on! 00:50:15 ..ohh! 00:50:17 Ooh! 00:50:18 [Speaking spanish] oh, my gosh. 00:50:20 David! 00:50:22 Uh--uh-- david! 00:50:27 Freeze! 00:50:28 Sit! 00:50:29 Stay! 00:50:35 Whoa! 00:50:37 What the-- move! move! move! 00:50:45 Stop that kid! 00:50:46 And those dogs! 00:50:47 Kick it, charlie! 00:50:49 You don't have a license to do that! 00:50:53 Ohh! 00:50:54 Itchy: Hey! 00:50:55 Short legs! 00:50:57 Aah! 00:50:58 It's the dog pound for sure! 00:51:02 [Car starts] whoa! 00:51:06 [Tires squeal] jump, itch. 00:51:15 Aah-aah! 00:51:16 [Tires squealing] aah! 00:51:25 Ooh! ah! ooh! 00:51:27 Yahoo! 00:51:29 aren't guardian angels supposed to protect people? 00:51:33 Hey, it's my first day on the job. 00:51:38 [Grunting] aah! 00:51:44 [Siren] whoa! 00:52:02 [Tires squealing] I'm going to barf. 00:52:05 Yee-ha! 00:52:06 Having fun, are we? 00:52:14 Hah! 00:52:16 Aah! 00:52:22 Aah! 00:52:24 [Air bag hisses] eee, naranja. 00:52:28 Aah! 00:52:30 You finally got your flying lessons, eh, itch? 00:52:33 I'm going to get you for this, charlie. 00:52:49 Aw, what do you mean, we're not going back yet? 00:52:52 We got the horn, don't we? 00:52:54 let's I still need to take care of david. 00:52:59 I am his guardian angel. 00:53:00 and sasha has nothing to do with it. 00:53:04 .. 00:53:05 Charlie, you're making me crazy here. 00:53:08 Just a little more time. 00:53:15 The horn will be safe here. 00:53:19 No! charlie! 00:57:05 You rather now, david? 00:57:06 Not that again. 00:57:08 Going to cannery square. 00:57:10 .. 00:57:11 Easy street? 00:57:13 Yeah. 00:57:13 How far is it? 00:57:15 A lot closer than you think. 00:57:20 [Music playing] you nervous? 00:57:26 A little. 00:57:28 And sweaty. 00:57:29 Well, don't be. 00:57:31 Excited? 00:57:32 You bet. 00:57:36 Now, charlie. 00:57:37 It's ok. 00:57:37 All set. 00:57:40 Let's go. 00:57:41 Whah! 00:57:43 Ha ha ha ha! 00:57:48

Charlie: Outta his way, he’s coming through
The kid’s makin' his show biz debut
You’ll be amazed, amused, enthused and bowled over

David: I got the moves, I got the tricks
Been practicing since I was six

Charlie: His dues are paid, he's got it made

Charlie & David: Soon we’ll be in Clover
Easy Street
Where the sun’s always shinin'
Not a cloud in the sky

David: Clear and sunny

Charlie: Milk and honey

Charlie & David: Life is sweet on Easy Street

David: When you’re a big celebrity
Fans are like a family
Abracadabra, poof! I’ll be a sensation!

Charlie And I’ll be there through thick and thin
Watchin’ the dough come rollin’ in

David: A couple of shows and then we’ll close

Charlie & David: And take our vacation
On Easy Street
Where the sun’s always shining
Not a cloud in the sky

David: Good time livin’

Charlie: It’s a given

Charlie & David: We’ll all meet
On Easy Street
Where we’ll be together
Best friends 'til the end

David: I’ll be applauded and admired

Charlie: There’s easy pickin’s

Itchy: And boneless chickens!

Charlie & David: Wishing is all that’s required
On Easy Street
Where the sun’s always shinin'
Not a cloud in the sky

David: Clear and sunny

Charlie: Milk and honey

David: Good time livin’!

Charlie: It’s a given

David: East Street...
Where the sun’s always shinin'
Not a cloud in the sky
No goodbyes there...

Charlie : No one cries there

David: You can’t beat
Life on Easy Street

  • Charlie Barkin: Let's get you out of the rain. 01:00:55 [Sniffles] one, please. 01:00:59 [Mom chuckles] thank you. 01:01:03 I'm so hungry, I could eat a shoe. 01:01:06 How about you? 01:01:09 I thought so. 01:01:09 I'll be right my mom used to do that. 01:01:17 .. 01:01:19 Can she see me from heaven? 01:01:21 Of course she can, kiddo. 01:01:23 David, remember, you still have your dad and stepmom. 01:01:27 My stepmom doesn't want me. 01:01:29 She's having her own kid. 01:01:32 Parents can love more than one pup. 01:01:34 Maybe she just didn't know how to tell you that.
  • Charlie Barkin: Maybe you should give her another chance. I ran away from home when I was little.
  • David: That made your parents sorry?
  • Charlie Barkin: I dunno. I never saw them after that. (sighs) Guess I could use a guardian angel, huh?
  • David: Charlie, I'll go home. If you promise to take me.
  • Charlie Barkin: I promise.
  • David: Really? That would be great. You can sleep on my bed, and we'll play in the yard. We'll be one big family.
  • Charlie Barkin: David, hold on. I can't promise that.
  • Itchy Itchiford: We struck gold! Egg foo yung, mu shu pork, wonton, and I hope you like potstickers. Ha ha! napkins?
  • [Birdsawing] get--what--


  • Sasha: nice work, Charlie Barkin. You really are an angel.
  • Charlie Barkin: No, I'm not. Not a guardian angel, anyway.
  • Sasha: What you did for David was wonderful.
  • Charlie Barkin: I'm not his angel. I'm just an errand boy sent to fetch Gabriel's horn. Sasha, my whole life had been about making and breaking promises. And now I'm going to do it again.
  • Sasha: You can't take him home?
  • Charlie Barkin: I have to go back. Just when I finally found someone special.
  • Sasha: Oh, charlie.
I will always be with you
Makes no difference where your road takes you to
Even if we're apart
Now we're joined at the heart
Though our moments may be gone
You and I will still live on
I will always be with you
I'll be by your side whatever you do
All the memories may fade
But the ones that we made
Are eternal as a star
Now I'm part of who you are
And I'll be there with you in the sound of your laughter
I'll be in the tears you cry
'Cause the way you and I have touched one and other
Doesn't end with goodbye
I will always be with you
Like a guardian-angel constant and true
When you're lost in the night (Lost in the night)
And you can't see the light
My love will see you through
I will always be there
You'll have me there
I will always be with you

charlie? 01:05:34 Oh, no, no. 01:05:36 Not now. 01:05:37 Sasha! 01:05:38 I can't find itchy. 01:05:38 Where's charlie? 01:05:41 David, I'm here. 01:05:43 Right here. 01:05:44 He's gone. 01:05:45 He wouldn't leave. 01:05:47 He's my guardian angel. 01:05:49 We got to do something. 01:05:51 They'll be fine, charlie. 01:05:52 I promised david I'd get him home. 01:05:57 Short legs. ooh. 01:05:59 I guess I'm short. 01:06:01 Charlie! 01:09:20 We're looking money on our car insurance. 01:09:22 at progressive, you can compare rates side by side, so you get the same coverage, often for less. 01:09:28 Wow! 01:09:28 That is huge! 01:09:31 [ Disco playing ] and this is to remind you that you could save hundreds! 01:09:36 Yeah, that'll certainly stick with me. 01:09:40 We'll take it. 01:09:41 Go, big money! 01:09:42 I mean, go. 01:09:43 It's your break, honey. 01:09:45 Same coverage, more savings. 01:09:46 Now, that's progressive. 01:09:46 Call or click today. 01:10:18 Hey, you got ANY 6's? 01:10:23 Go fish. 01:10:25 [Humming] [ticking] [ticking] red. 01:10:41 Gah-ha! 01:10:44 Red. ha. 01:10:46 .. 01:10:48 I gotta ask a favor. 01:10:49 Anything, charlie. 01:10:51 Just name it. 01:10:53 I need a new collar. 01:10:55 You enjoyed it. 01:10:55 Knew you would. 01:10:59 Oh, thanks. 01:11:00 You're a pal. 01:11:01 Can I have it now? 01:11:03 Oh, I am sorry. 01:11:05 You misunderstood me. 01:11:07 If you want another collar, you must pay. 01:11:11 you caught me a little short. 01:11:15 How about an iou? 01:11:17 I don't think so. 01:11:19 Carface will show you out. 01:11:22 There must be some way to make a deal. 01:11:25 Uh, charlie, he, uh, he might take a trade. 01:11:30 Wait, wait! 01:11:31 Good-bye. 01:11:32 .. 01:11:36 This horn. 01:11:39 Sorry. 01:11:40 I'm not musical. 01:11:41 No, this is much more than a horn, red. 01:11:44 There's nothing like it in the whole world. 01:11:48 Let me sleep on it. 01:11:52 I don't have that kind of time! 01:11:54 I like your spirit, charlie. 01:11:58 Bring me this horn and you can have the collar. 01:12:01 Great. 01:12:02 Uh, I need the collar to get it. 01:12:07 Oh, really? 01:12:09 [Panting] come on, red, you can trust me. 01:12:13 This isn't about trust. 01:12:15 A deal with me is binding. 01:12:19 Itchy: Charlie! 01:12:21 No! 01:12:22 Deal? 01:12:25 [Evil laughter] huh? huh? ah! 01:12:37 [Growls] aah! 01:12:39 Guess the cat's out of the bag, hey? 01:12:43 [Evil laughter] you tricked me. 01:12:51 Uhh! 01:12:54 Now be a good little bow-wow and fetch me my horn! 01:13:01 Oh! 01:13:02 Charlie! 01:13:06 Follow him. 01:13:24 [Sniffing] [train approaches] where you goin', charlie? 01:13:39 The train station! 01:13:44 Oh! charlie! 01:13:44 Are you nuts? 01:13:47 You gave away the horn! 01:13:47 Get outta my way. 01:13:50 You shook on it. 01:13:50 You made a deal with him. 01:13:53 You promised anabelle. 01:13:53 And you promised me, charlie. 01:13:58 Itch, I know that. 01:13:59 But right now I've got to find david. 01:14:01 Move! 01:14:07 Come on, david. 01:14:08 Which train? 01:14:09 Where's charlie? 01:14:11 He wouldn't leave me. 01:14:13 Huh? 01:14:17 David? david? 01:14:19 Yah! heh heh heh. 01:14:30 Bring the item to alcatraz in one hour, or junior here doesn't have a prayer. 01:14:38 Ha ha! 01:14:41 Charlie! 01:14:47 [Panting] where is he? 01:15:00 The hour's up! 01:15:03 Ah, you know what they say, boss-- patience is-- [yells] aah! aah! 01:15:11 Uh, maybe he's stuck in traffic. 01:15:14 What kind of dog are you? 01:15:17 Selling out to some mangy old- 01:15:19 Quiet. 01:15:20 Or I'll have your tongue, boy. 01:15:24 Red! 01:15:26 Charlie! 01:15:31 The horn. 01:15:33 Let me, boss. 01:15:35 I'll fetch it for ya. 01:15:37 Yaah! 01:15:42 Gabriel's horn is finally mine! 01:15:47 Boss, they're hitting the bricks. 01:15:52 Let them! I have what I wanted [Horn plays] [carface laughing] arrgh! 01:16:02 [Laughing] Silence! 01:16:09 What? 01:16:10 [Howling] ♪♪♪♪ 01:16:16 [rumbling] [laughing] ♪♪♪♪ 01:16:24 charlie! 01:16:24 What's happening? 01:16:26 Don't worry about it. 01:16:26 Let's get outta here. 01:16:36 ♪ Ah, ah, ah ♪ 01:16:43 hmm? 01:16:46 [Roars] help! 01:16:55 [Screaming] [evil laughter] come on. 01:17:14 Jump! 01:17:15 Whoa! 01:17:18 Charles, what have you done? 01:17:21 Charlie, we gotta do something! 01:17:23 No, itch, it's my fault. 01:17:25 I'm the one who's gotta do something. 01:17:27 Get david home safely. 01:17:30 Charlie! no! 01:17:37 Huh? 01:17:40 [Growling] [angelic singing] charlie's coming back! 01:18:05 Heh heh heh. 01:18:08 That puppy's into punishment. 01:18:11 Arr! 01:18:12 It's a cat's world now. 01:18:14 [Screams] [roars] let him go! 01:18:22 Run, david! 01:18:27 Raar! 01:18:28 Huh? 01:18:31 No! 01:18:33 David! 01:18:36 God, you're-- all right, you, I'm coming. 01:18:38 Arr! 01:18:39 Huh? 01:18:42 Which do you want? 01:18:44 The horn or your friends? 01:18:48 David: Itchy! 01:18:48 Help us! 01:18:52 [Growling] huh? 01:19:01 Everyone, scatter! 01:19:04 Come back here! 01:19:05 [Growls] play the horn, charles. 01:19:09 The horn. 01:19:17 Charlie! 01:19:19 Whoa! 01:22:25 [Roaring] [grunting] this should cool him off. 01:22:47 [Straining] take a bath! 01:22:59 Enough stupid pet tricks. 01:23:05 Uhh! 01:23:10 [Growls] [creaking] [growls] huh? 01:23:19 Here, kitty, kitty. 01:23:21 [Growls] I like your spirit. 01:23:24 Oops. 01:23:27 Ha ha ha. 01:23:28 Hope you can dog-paddle! 01:23:30 Charlie! 01:23:37 Aah! 01:23:43 Aah! 01:23:55 Aah! 01:23:58 Aah! aah! 01:24:01 ♪♪♪♪ 01:24:06 ♪♪♪♪ 01:24:14 ♪♪♪ 01:24:16 [growls] [growling] ♪♪♪♪ 01:24:34 aah! 01:24:41 Aah! 01:24:56 Ha-lo. 01:24:57 [Sniffs] double chili catburger with onions and pickles. 01:25:02 Everyone ok? 01:25:03 Think so. 01:25:04 I'm fine. 01:25:05 I'm good. 01:25:07 Me too. 01:25:08 [Grunting] ahh. 01:25:13 Where's red? 01:25:13 His boss yanked his leash. 01:25:16 Ah, good riddance. 01:25:18 [Coughs] pooey. 01:25:21 Charlie, I hope you didn't take any of that personally. 01:25:24 I was just, you know, playing the game. 01:25:28 Sure, carface. 01:25:29 Say, what did you trade red foryourcollar? 01:25:31 He wanted the bottom of my shoes or something. 01:25:34 Ha ha ha! 01:25:35 I don't even wear shoes. 01:25:37 The stupid cat. 01:25:37 Ha ha ha. 01:25:39 Stupid dog! 01:25:41 It was your soul! 01:25:44 Let me go! 01:25:46 This is not good! 01:25:49 Hey! 01:25:50 [Yelling] ooh, hoo-hoo. 01:25:55 What do you know? 01:25:57 And I thought all dogs go to heaven. 01:26:03 Anabelle? 01:26:06 Come on, charlie, time to go. 01:26:10 Already? 01:26:12 David, can sasha take you home? 01:26:15 Charlie, don't go. 01:26:19 Hey, I'll always be your guardian angel. 01:26:23 [Sniffles] okay. 01:26:34 [Sighs] sasha, I love you. 01:26:38 I love you, too, charlie. 01:26:50 Hey. 01:26:51 What's wrong? 01:26:51 Is this thing stuck between floors? 01:26:54 I'll take the horn from here, charles. 01:26:57 What, you afraid I'll drop it? 01:26:59 [Gasps] wha--whoa! 01:27:02 Whoa! ah. 01:27:04 [Sighs] there's someone who still needs to go back where he belongs. 01:27:10 I already took care of david. 01:27:12 Not david. 01:27:12 You, charlie. 01:27:15 For what you've done, you deserve a second chance. 01:27:19 Claim this in, oh, say, 20 years? 01:27:23 .. 01:27:25 Mm-hmm. 01:27:26 Itchy, you hear that? 01:27:28 We're going back! 01:27:30 Nah, not this weiner dog. 01:27:33 .. 01:27:40 Short legs don't matter. 01:27:42 I'm gonna miss you, pal. 01:27:45 I couldn't have done it without you. 01:27:48 [Sniffles] take care of yourself, buddy. 01:28:09 What-- what is it, girl? 01:28:24 Can you believe it? 01:28:26 Why, charlie! 01:28:26 Charlie? 01:28:29 I got a weekend pass for the rest of my life. 01:28:34 Oh, charlie. 01:28:35 David? 01:28:37 Tom, it's david! 01:28:41 David! 01:28:43 Oh, david! 01:28:47 You're all right! 01:28:52 I've been worried sick about you. 01:28:55 You worried about me? 01:28:56 Of course. 01:28:56 Having this baby doesn't mean I don't love you. 01:29:02 .. 01:29:02 Mom. 01:29:05 Honey, we're a family. 01:29:06 That's right. 01:29:06 Just a bigger one. 01:29:11 Dad, mom, speaking of bigger families, do you think we have room for a pet or two? 01:29:18 Tell me the truth. 01:29:18 Why'd you really come back? 01:29:21 And don't you con me. 01:29:24 Actually, I kind of liked the idea of being mr. sasha. 01:29:32</nowiki>

  • David: Hey, guys! I worked a little magic.

01:29:39 ♪ Now that you're lovin' me ♪ 01:29:42 ♪ it's so heavenly ♪ 01:29:45 ♪ hallelujah, hallelujah ♪ 01:29:48 ♪ hallelujah ♪ 01:29:49 ♪ so heavenly ♪ 01:29:53 ♪ here ♪ 01:29:55 ♪ hallelujah ♪♪

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