Alpha is a 2018 American historical adventure film directed by Albert Hughes, and stars Kodi Smit-McPhee, Leonor Varela, and Jens Hultén.


Young Keda tries to survive alone in the wilderness after he's left for dead during his first hunt with his Cro-Magnon tribe. He soon forms an unlikely alliance with a lone wolf that was abandoned by its pack. Facing overwhelming odds and nonstop danger, Keda and the wolf must now trek through a harsh and unforgiving landscape to make it home before winter.



Natassia Malthe as Rho

Leonor Varela as Shaman

Jens Hultén as Xi

Mercedes de la Zerda as Nu

Spencer Bogaert as Kappa

Chuck as Alpha

Morgan Freeman as Narrator



ALPHA - Official Trailer (HD)

ALPHA - Official Trailer (HD)

Official Trailer

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