Alphabet City is a 1984 American crime drama film, directed by Amos Poe, starring Vincent Spano, Michael Winslow, Jami Gertz, Zohra Lampert, Kenny Marino and Kate Vernon.


Set in New York City, the film is about a young Italian drug dealer named Johnny (Vincent Spano) who has been given control over his neighborhood by the Mob, but when he wants out of the business, he has to not only flee from the mobsters, but save the lives of his mother, sister, girlfriend and newborn child.


  • Vincent Spano as Johnny
  • Michael Winslow as Lippy
  • Kate Vernon as Angie
  • Jami Gertz as Sophia
  • Zohra Lampbert as Mama
  • Raymond Sierra as Gino
  • Kenny Marino as Tony


The movie was shot in 20 nights.

Director Amos Poe had a different ending in mind for the movie, but he was not alllowed to shoot it because the producers deemed it too political.

Box OfficeEdit

"Alphabet City" debuted at #12 at the box office, grossing $1,172,292 during its opening weekend. Domestically, it grossed $7,035,585.

Critical ReceptionEdit

On Rotten Tomatoes, the movie was given an audience score of 28% based on 754 user ratings with an average rating of 2.9.\5.

The movie was given negative reviews by critics.

Roger Ebert gave the movie one star, calling it "one of the silliest movies of the year".

Lawrence Van Gelder from the New York Times said it was "too pretty to be real and too real to be pretty".

TV Guide gave the movie one star, saying, "Although visually very slick, the plot and characters are dull and insipid. The audience is given no reason whatsoever even to watch these."

Theatrical TrailerEdit

Alphabet City (1984) Trailer

Alphabet City (1984) Trailer

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