American International Pictures was a production and distribution company.



Release date Title Genre Director
as American Releasing Corporation
1955 Operation Malaya Documentary David MacDonald
February 15, 1955 The Fast and the Furious Crime John Ireland
April 15, 1955 Five Guns West Western Roger Corman
May 15, 1955 Outlaw Treasure Western Oliver Drake
June 15, 1955 The Beast with a Million Eyes Sci-fi David Kramarsky
Lou Place
Roger Corman
September 15, 1955 Apache Woman Western Roger Corman
December 1955 Day the World Ended Sci-fi Roger Corman
December 1955 The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues Sci-fi Dan Milner
June 15, 1956 The Oklahoma Woman Western Roger Corman
June 15, 1956 Female Jungle Crime Bruno VeSota
June 1956 Gunslinger Western Roger Corman
as American International Pictures
July 15, 1956 It Conquered the World Sci-fi Roger Corman
July 1956 Girls in Prison Crime Edward L. Cahn
July 1956 Hot Rod Girl Action Lew Landers
August 1956 The She-Creature Horror Edward L. Cahn
September 25, 1956 Flesh and the Spur Western Edward L. Cahn
November 1956 Runaway Daughters Crime Edward L. Cahn
November 1956 Shake, Rattle & Rock! Musical Edward L. Cahn
1957 The Astounding She-Monster Sci-fi horror Ronald V. Ashcroft
January 1957 Naked Paradise Crime Roger Corman
March 1, 1957 Voodoo Woman Horror Edward L. Cahn
April 24, 1957 Dragstrip Girl Action Edward L. Cahn
April 1957 Rock All Night Crime Roger Corman
March 1957 The Undead Horror Roger Corman
June 19, 1957 I Was a Teenage Werewolf Horror Gene Fowler Jr.
June 19, 1957 Invasion of the Saucer Men Sci-fi Edward L. Cahn
August 1957 Naked Africa Documentary Ray Phoenix
August 1957 Reform School Girl Crime Edward Bernds
August 1957 Rock Around the World Musical Gerard Bryant
August 1957 The White Huntress Adventure George P. Breakston
September 1957 Cat Girl Horror Alfred Shaughnessy
October 22, 1957 Motorcycle Gang Outlaw biker Edward L. Cahn
October 25, 1957 The Amazing Colossal Man Sci-fi Bert I. Gordon
October 1957 Sorority Girl Drama Roger Corman
November 23, 1957 I Was a Teenage Frankenstein Horror Herbert L. Strock
November 23, 1957 Blood of Dracula Horror Herbert L. Strock
December 1957 The Saga of the Viking Women and Their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent Adventure Roger Corman
January 1958 The Screaming Skull Horror Alex Nicol
January 1958 Terror from the Year 5000 Sci-fi Robert J. Gurney Jr.
February 1958 Jet Attack War Edward L. Cahn
February 1958 Suicide Battalion War Edward L. Cahn
March 1958 The Cool and the Crazy Drama William Witney
March 1958 Daddy-O Crime Lou Place
March 1958 Dragstrip Riot Drama David Bradley
April 1958 Attack of the Puppet People Sci-fi Bert I. Gordon
May 28, 1958 The Bonnie Parker Story Crime William Witney
May 1958 Machine-Gun Kelly Action Roger Corman
June 1958 High School Hellcats Crime Edward Bernds
June 1958 Hot Rod Gang Drama Lew Landers
July 1, 1958 How to Make a Monster Horror Herbert L. Strock
July 1, 1958 Teenage Caveman Sci-fi Roger Corman
July 30, 1958 War of the Colossal Beast Sci-fi Bert I. Gordon
July 1958 Hell Squad War Burt Topper
July 1958 Tank Battalion War Sherman A. Rose
August 1958 Night of the Blood Beast Sci-fi horror Bernard L. Kowalski
August 1958 She Gods of Shark Reef Adventure Roger Corman
September 1958 The Brain Eaters Sci-fi horror Bruno VeSota
September 1958 Earth vs. the Spider Sci-fi Bert I. Gordon
December 1958 Submarine Seahawk War Spencer Gordon Bennet
February 1959 Paratroop Command War William Witney
March 1959 Operation Dames War Louis Clyde Stoumen
March 1959 Roadracers Action Arthur Swerdloff
March 1959 Tank Commandos War Burt Topper
April 29, 1959 The Headless Ghost Horror Peter Graham Scott
April 29, 1959 Horrors of the Black Museum Horror Arthur Crabtree
July 1959 Diary of a High School Bride Romance Burt Topper
July 1959 Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow Horror William J. Hole Jr.
September 23, 1959 Sheba and the Gladiator Sword-and-sandal Guido Brignone
October 21, 1959 A Bucket of Blood Horror Roger Corman
October 1959 Attack of the Giant Leeches Sci-fi horror Bernard L. Kowalski
November 23, 1959 The Angry Red Planet Sci-fi Sidney W. Pink
November 1959 Goliath and the Barbarians Sword-and-sandal Carlo Campogalliani


Release date Title Genre Director
June 22, 1960 House of Usher Horror Roger Corman
June 1960 The Jailbreakers Crime Alexander Grasshoff
June 1960 Why Must I Die? Crime Roy Del Ruth
July 1960 The Amazing Transparent Man Sci-fi Edgar G. Ulmer
July 1960 Beyond the Time Barrier Sci-fi Edgar G. Ulmer
August 31, 1960 Circus of Horrors Horror Sidney Hayers
October 1960 The Indian Tomb Adventure Fritz Lang
October 1960 The Tiger of Eschnapur Adventure Fritz Lang
November 1960 Goliath and the Dragon Sword-and-sandal Vittorio Cottafavi
February 15, 1961 Black Sunday Horror Mario Bava
March 22, 1961 The Hand Crime Henry Cass
April 1961 Beware of Children Comedy Gerald Thomas
May 3, 1961 Konga Horror John Lemont
May 1961 Master of the World Sci-fi William Witney
July 14, 1961 Alakazam the Great Anime Taiji Yabushita
Daisaku Shirakawa
August 12, 1961 The Pit and the Pendulum Horror Roger Corman
December 6, 1961 Portrait of a Sinner Drama Robert Siodmak
December 12, 1961 The Continental Twist Musical William J. Hole
December 13, 1961 Assignment Outer Space Sci-fi Antonio Margheriti
December 13, 1961 The Phantom Planet Sci-fi William Marshall
December 28, 1961 Flight of the Lost Balloon Sci-fi adventure Nathan Juran
December 1961 Guns of the Black Witch Adventure Domenico Paolella
1962 Battle Beyond the Sun Sci-fi Mikhail Karyukov
Aleksandr Kozyr
1962 A House of Sand Drama Robert Darwin
1962 Duel of Fire Adventure Umberto Lenzi
March 7, 1962 The Premature Burial Horror Roger Corman
March 10, 1962 Journey to the Seventh Planet Sci-fi Sidney W. Pink
April 25, 1962 Burn, Witch, Burn Horror Sidney Hayers
May 20, 1962 Invasion of the Star Creatures Sci-fi comedy Bruno VeSota
June 1962 The Prisoner of the Iron Mask Adventure Francesco De Feo
July 4, 1962 Tales of Terror Horror Roger Corman
July 5, 1962 Panic in Year Zero! Nuclear war thriller Ray Milland
August 10, 1962 The Brain That Wouldn't Die Sci-fi Joseph Green
August 1962 Marco Polo Adventure Piero Pierotti
September 1962 White Slave Ship Adventure Silvio Amadio
November 18, 1962 A Story of David Biblical Bob McNaught
December 1962 Samson and the Seven Miracles of the World Sword-and-sandal Riccardo Freda
December 1962 Warriors Five! War Leopoldo Savona
January 20, 1963 Reptilicus Sci-fi horror Sidney W. Pink
January 25, 1963 The Raven Horror Roger Corman
March 3, 1963 California Western Hamil Petroff
March 26, 1963 Operation Bikini War Anthony Carras
April 24, 1963 Free, White and 21 Drama Larry Buchanan
May 1, 1963 The Mind Benders Spy Basil Dearden
June 6, 1963 Night Tide Horror Curtis Harrington
June 12, 1963 Erik the Conqueror Adventure Mario Bava
June 17, 1963 The Terror Horror Roger Corman
August 7, 1963 Beach Party Beach party William Asher
August 28, 1963 The Haunted Palace Horror Roger Corman
September 18, 1963 X: The Man with the X-ray Eyes Horror Roger Corman
September 25, 1963 Dementia 13 Horror Francis Coppola
December 18, 1963 Samson and the Slave Queen Sword-and-sandal Umberto Lenzi
December 25, 1963 Goliath and the Sins of Babylon Sword-and-sandal Michele Lupo
1964 Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon Sword-and-sandal Domenico Paolella
January 22, 1964 The Comedy of Terrors Comedy horror Jacques Tourneur
January 22, 1964 Pyro... The Thing Without a Face Horror Julio Coll
March 8, 1964 The Last Man on Earth Horror Ubaldo Ragona
Sidney Salkow
March 12, 1964 Summer Holiday Beach party Peter Yates
March 25, 1964 Muscle Beach Party Beach party William Asher
March 1964 Under Age Drama Larry Buchanan
April 1, 1964 Commando War Frank Wisbar
April 1, 1964 Torpedo Bay War Charles Frend
Bruno Vailati
April 1964 Unearthly Stranger Sci-fi John Krish
May 6, 1964 Black Sabbath Giallo Mario Bava
May 20, 1964 The Evil Eye Giallo Mario Bava
June 24, 1964 The Masque of the Red Death Horror Roger Corman
June 1964 Some People Musical Clive Donner
July 2, 1964 Swingers' Paradise Musical Sidney J. Furie
July 22, 1964 Bikini Beach Beach party William Asher
September 17, 1964 Godzilla vs. the Thing Sci-fi Ishirō Honda
September 1964 Diary of a Bachelor Comedy Sandy Howard
October 29, 1964 The Time Travelers Sci-fi Ib Melchior
November 11, 1964 Pajama Party Beach party Don Weis
November 25, 1964 Navajo Run Western Johnny Seven
November 25, 1964 Voyage to the End of the Universe Sci-fi Jindřich Polák
December 29, 1964 T.A.M.I. Show Concert documentary Steve Binder
1965 The Eye Creatures Sci-fi Larry Buchanan
January 20, 1965 The Tomb of Ligeia Horror Roger Corman
January 27, 1965 Operation Snafu War comedy Cyril Frankel
March 3, 1965 The Lost World of Sinbad Adventure Senkichi Taniguchi
March 11, 1965 Atragon J-Horror Ishirō Honda
March 1965 Rome Against Rome Sword-and-sandal Giuseppe Vari
April 14, 1965 Beach Blanket Bingo Beach party William Asher
April 20, 1965 The Pawnbroker Drama Sidney Lumet
April 28, 1965 The Fool Killer Adventure drama Servando González
April 1965 Taboos of the World Shockumentary Romolo Marcellini
May 19, 1965 Go Go Mania Musical Frederic Goode
May 26, 1965 War-Gods of the Deep Horror Jacques Tourneur
June 30, 1965 Ski Party Beach party Alan Rafkin
July 8, 1966 Frankenstein Conquers the World Sci-fi Ishirō Honda
July 14, 1965 How to Stuff a Wild Bikini Beach party William Asher
August 1, 1965 Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet Sci-fi Curtis Harrington
August 18, 1965 Sergeant Deadhead Comedy Norman Taurog
October 27, 1965 Die, Monster, Die! Horror Daniel Haller
October 27, 1965 Planet of the Vampires Sci-fi Mario Bava
November 6, 1965 Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine Comedy Norman Taurog
November 30, 1965 King & Country Drama Joseph Losey
1966 Zontar, the Thing from Venus Sci-fi Larry Buchanan
1966 Curse of the Swamp Creature Sci-fi Larry Buchanan
January 12, 1966 Secret Agent Fireball Eurospy Luciano Martino
January 1966 Conquered City War Joseph Anthony
January 1966 Spy in Your Eye Eurospy Vittorio Sala
March 1966 Queen of Blood Sci-fi Curtis Harrington
March 2, 1966 Blood Bath Horror Jack Hill
April 12, 1966 The Girl-Getters Drama Michael Winner
April 13, 1966 The Dirty Game Eurospy anthology Christian-Jaque
Werner Klingler
Carlo Lizzani
Terence Young
April 1966 Man from Cocody Action Christian-Jaque
April 1966 What's Up, Tiger Lily? Spy comedy film Woody Allen
Senkichi Taniguchi
April 1966 The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini Beach party Don Weis
May 1966 The Great Spy Chase Eurospy Georges Lautner
June 7, 1966 Fireball 500 Car racing film William Asher
July 1966 Tarzan and the Valley of Gold Adventure Robert Day
July 20, 1966 The Wild Angels Outlaw biker Roger Corman
November 9, 1966 Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs Eurospy comedy Mario Bava
November 1966 Door to Door Maniac Crime Bill Karn
December 28, 1966 Trunk to Cairo Spy Menahem Golan
1967 Mars Needs Women Sci-fi Larry Buchanan
1967 In the Year 2889 Sci-fi Larry Buchanan
1967 Creature of Destruction Sci-fi Larry Buchanan
January 18, 1967 War Italian Style War comedy Luigi Scattini
March 18, 1967 Riot on Sunset Strip Drama Arthur Dreifuss
March 22, 1967 Thunder Alley Car racing film Richard Rush
April 1967 Devil's Angels Outlaw biker film Daniel Haller
May 17, 1967 The Million Eyes of Sumuru Action Lindsay Shonteff
August 23, 1967 The Trip Drama Roger Corman
November 22, 1967 The Glory Stompers Outlaw biker Anthony M. Lanza
1968 Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women Sci-fi Peter Bogdanovich
January 18, 1968 The Born Losers Outlaw biker T. C. Frank
January 24, 1968 Maryjane Drama Maury Dexter
January 24, 1968 The Wild Racers Racing car film Daniel Haller
March 28, 1968 The Road Hustlers Action Larry E. Jackson
May 1968 The Mini-Skirt Mob Outlaw biker Maury Dexter
May 1968 The Savage Seven Outlaw biker Richard Rush
May 15, 1968 Witchfinder General Horror Michael Reeves
May 29, 1968 Wild in the Streets Comedy-drama Barry Shear
September 22, 1968 Psych-Out Drama Richard Rush
October 1968 The Young Animals Drama Maury Dexter
November 1968 Killers Three Crime Bruce Kessler
December 20, 1968 Three in the Attic Comedy-drama Richard Wilson
1969 'It's Alive!' Horror Larry Buchanan
March 18, 1969 The Wonderful World of Puss 'n Boots Anime Kimio Yabuki
April 16, 1969 Hell's Belles Outlaw biker Maury Dexter
May 1969 God Forgives... I Don't! Spaghetti Western Giuseppe Colizzi
May 23, 1969 Destroy All Monsters Sci-fi Ishirō Honda
June 11, 1969 The Oblong Box Horror Gordon Hessler
July 23, 1969 Spirits of the Dead Anthology horror Roger Vadim
Louis Malle
Federico Fellini
August 19, 1969 Angel, Angel, Down We Go Crime Robert Thom
August 27, 1969 De Sade Drama Cy Endfield
Roger Corman
Gordon Hessler
September 8, 1969 The Honeymoon Killers Crime Leonard Kastle
September 10, 1969 Hell's Angels '69 Outlaw biker Lee Madden
Conny Van Dyke


Release date Title Genre Director
1970 Strawberries Need Rain Fantasy Larry Buchanan
1970 Pacific Vibrations Documentary John Severson
January 1970 The Savage Wild Documentary Gordon Eastman
January 1970 Scream and Scream Again Sci-fi thriller Gordon Hessler
January 14, 1970 The Dunwich Horror Horror Daniel Haller
March 24, 1970 Bloody Mama Drama Roger Corman
April 15, 1970 The Haunted House of Horror Slasher Michael Armstrong
May 8, 1970 Lola Romantic comedy-drama Richard Donner
June 1970 A Bullet for Pretty Boy Action Larry Buchanan
June 10, 1970 Count Yorga, Vampire Horror Bob Kelljan
July 29, 1970 Cry of the Banshee Horror Gordon Hessler
September 2, 1970 Angel Unchained Outlaw biker Lee Madden
September 9, 1970 Venus in Furs Erotic thriller Jesús Franco
October 22, 1970 The Vampire Lovers Horror Roy Ward Baker
February 17, 1971 Gas-s-s-s Sci-fi comedy-drama Roger Corman
February 18, 1971 Wuthering Heights Romance Robert Fuest
March 17, 1971 Blood and Lace Horror Philip S. Gilbert
April 22, 1971 The Hard Ride Outlaw biker Burt Topper
April 28, 1971 The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant Sci-fi horror Anthony Lanza
May 18, 1971 The Abominable Dr. Phibes Comedy horror Robert Fuest
August 20, 1971 Swedish Fly Girls Drama Jack O'Connell
September 29, 1971 Chrome and Hot Leather Outlaw biker Lee Frost
October 6, 1971 Murders in the Rue Morgue Horror Gordon Hessler
October 13, 1971 A Lizard in a Woman's Skin Giallo Lucio Fulci
October 18, 1971 Bunny O'Hare Comedy Gerd Oswald
October 27, 1971 Some of My Best Friends Are... Drama Mervyn Nelson
October 1971 1000 Convicts and a Woman Drama Ray Austin
December 22, 1971 Kidnapped Adventure Delbert Mann
January 19, 1972 Together Mockumentary Sean S. Cunningham
February 2, 1972 The Return of Count Yorga Horror Bob Kelljan
February 1972 Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster Involuntary comedy Komeru Kuzin
March 10, 1972 Frogs Horror George McCowan
March 15, 1972 Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? Horror Curtis Harrington
April 1972 Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde Sci-fi horror Roy Ward Baker
May 17, 1972 Blood from the Mummy's Tomb Horror Seth Holt
May 1972 Pickup on 101 Drama John Florea
Wild in the Sky Action comedy William T. Naud
The Bloody Judge Horror Jesús Franco
June 14, 1972 Boxcar Bertha Crime Martin Scorsese
July 19, 1972 The Thing with Two Heads Sci-fi Lee Frost
July 21, 1972 F.T.A. Documentary Francine Parker
July 1972 Dr. Phibes Rises Again Horror Robert Fuest
August 16, 1972 Slaughter Blaxploitation Jack Starrett
August 25, 1972 Blacula Blaxploitation William Crain
August 1972 Deathmaster Horror Ray Danton
The Sandpit Generals Drama Hall Bartlett
September 1972 Tam-Lin Horror Roddy McDowall
October 10, 1972 Baron Blood Horror Mario Bava
November 1972 The Dirt Gang Action drama Jerry Jameson
November 10, 1972 Unholy Rollers Action comedy Vernon Zimmerman
November 22, 1972 Prison Girls Crime Thomas De Simone
January 19, 1973 Black Mama White Mama Women in prison Eddie Romero
January 1973 Manson Documentary Robert Hendrickson and Laurence Merrick
February 7, 1973 Black Caesar Blaxploitation Larry Cohen
March 27, 1973 Sisters Horror Brian De Palma
April 1973 Cannibal Girls Comedy horror Ivan Reitman
May 4, 1973 Deep Thrust Action Huang Feng
June 13, 1973 Coffy Blaxploitation Jack Hill
June 27, 1973 Scream, Blacula, Scream Blaxploitation Bob Kelljan
June 1973 Little Cigars Crime comedy Chris Christenberry
July 20, 1973 Dillinger Crime John Milius
August 8, 1973 Heavy Traffic Animated comedy-drama Ralph Bakshi
August 31, 1973 Slaughter's Big Rip-Off Blaxploitation Gordon Douglas
September 1973 Death Line Horror Gary Sherman
October 31, 1973 The Italian Connection Action Fernando di Leo
October 1973 The Screaming Tiger Action Lung Chien
November 21, 1973 Battle of the Amazons Sword-and-sandal Alfonso Brescia
December 1973 Hell Up in Harlem Blaxploitation Larry Cohen
January 30, 1974 The Bat People Horror Jerry Jameson
February 13, 1974 Bamboo Gods and Iron Men Blaxploitation comedy Cesar Gallardo
February 1974 Secret Life of a Schoolgirl Wife Comedy-drama Leon Capetanos
March 6, 1974 Deranged Horror Alan Ormsby
March 20, 1974 Sugar Hill Blaxploitation horror Paul Maslansky
April 5, 1974 Foxy Brown Blaxploitation Jack Hill
May 15, 1974 Truck Stop Women Action Mark L. Lester
May 22, 1974 Madhouse Horror Jim Clark
June 5, 1974 Thriller: A Cruel Picture Rape and revenge Alex Fridolinski
Dirty O'Neil Crime thriller Leon Capetanos
Lewis Teague
June 26, 1974 The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat Animated comedy Robert Taylor
Truck Turner Blaxploitation Jonathan Kaplan
July 17, 1974 Golden Needles Action Robert Clouse
July 1974 Savage Sisters Women in prison Eddie Romero
August 8, 1974 Macon County Line Action Richard Compton
August 18, 1974 Act of Vengeance Horror Bob Kelljan
October 1974 Hangup Action Henry Hathaway
November 22, 1974 Sunday in the Country Crime thriller John Trent
December 25, 1974 Abby Blaxploitation horror William Girdler
1975 Vampira Comedy horror Clive Donner
February 1975 Super Stooges vs. the Wonder Women Superhero comedy Alfonso Brescia
March 26, 1975 Sheba, Baby Blaxploitation William Girdler
March 1975 House of Whipcord Horror Pete Walker
War Goddess Adventure Terence Young
The Wild Party Comedy-drama James Ivory
April 25, 1975 The Reincarnation of Peter Proud Mystery horror J. Lee Thompson
May 21, 1975 Cornbread, Earl and Me Drama Joseph Manduke
The Wild McCullochs Drama Max Baer Jr.
May 1975 What Have You Done to Solange? Giallo Massimo Dallamano
June 11, 1975 Murph the Surf Biographical crime comedy Marvin J. Chomsky
June 25, 1975 Cooley High Comedy-drama Michael Schultz
July 2, 1975 Bucktown Blaxploitation Arthur Marks
July 31, 1975 Hennessy Thriller Don Sharp
August 13, 1975 The Land That Time Forgot Adventure fantasy Kevin Connor
September 3, 1975 Return to Macon County Drama Richard Compton
September 28, 1975 Walking Tall Part 2 Crime Earl Bellamy
December 17, 1975 Sixpack Annie Action comedy Graydon F. David
December 25, 1975 Friday Foster Blaxploitation Arthur Marks
January 14, 1976 Killer Force Thriller Val Guest
March 1976 Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw Crime drama Mark L. Lester
One Summer Love Romantic drama Gilbert Cates
April 21, 1976 Crime and Passion Crime Ivan Passer
May 1976 Annie Drama Massimo Dallamano
June 18, 1976 The Food of the Gods Sci-fi thriller Bert I. Gordon
June 23, 1976 The Great Scout & Cathouse Thursday Comedy Don Taylor
I Don't Want to Be Born Horror Peter Sasdy
July 9, 1976 A Small Town in Texas Crime Jack Starrett
July 30, 1976 Squirm Horror Jeff Lieberman
July 1976 At the Earth's Core Sci-fi fantasy Kevin Connor
Special Delivery Crime comedy Paul Wendkos
August 13, 1976 Futureworld Sci-fi thriller Richard T. Heffron
August 25, 1976 J.D.'s Revenge Blaxploitation Arthur Marks
September 17, 1976 Street People Action Maurizio Lucidi
October 7, 1976 A Matter of Time Musical Vincente Minnelli
October 8, 1976 Scorchy Crime Howard Avedis
November 24, 1976 Shout at the Devil War Peter R. Hunt
December 24, 1976 The Monkey Hustle Blaxploitation Arthur Marks
The Town That Dreaded Sundown Horror Charles B. Pierce
December 1976 Escape from Angola Adventure Leslie H. Martinson
January 23, 1977 The Day That Shook the World Historical drama Veljko Bulajić
February 2, 1977 Chatterbox Sex comedy Tom DeSimone
February 11, 1977 Strange Shadows in an Empty Room Crime Alberto De Martino
March 4, 1977 Death Weekend Horror William Fruet
April 1, 1977 Breaker! Breaker! Action Don Hulette
June 15, 1977 Tentacles Horror Ovidio G. Assonitis
June 29, 1977 Empire of the Ants Sci-fi horror Bert I. Gordon
July 6, 1977 The People That Time Forgot Adventure fantasy Kevin Connor
July 13, 1977 The Island of Dr. Moreau Sci-fi fantasy horror Don Taylor
August 10, 1977 The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane Mystery thriller Nicolas Gessner
August 17, 1977 Joyride Adventure crime comedy Joseph Ruben
August 31, 1977 Walking Tall: Final Chapter Crime Jack Starrett
October 14, 1977 Rolling Thunder Neo-noir John Flynn
December 28, 1977 Grayeagle Western adventure Charles B. Pierce
December 1977 The Incredible Melting Man Sci-fi horror William Sachs
The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover Biographical drama Larry Cohen
February 1978 Record City Comedy Dennis Steinmetz
March 1978 Last Cannibal World Horror Ruggero Deodato
April 19, 1978 Holocaust 2000 Horror Alberto De Martino
May 13, 1978 Jennifer Horror Brice Mack
May 24, 1978 Youngblood Action Noel Nosseck
May 26, 1978 Here Come the Tigers Sports comedy Sean S. Cunningham
High-Ballin' Action comedy Peter Carter
May 1978 Our Winning Season Drama Joseph Ruben
June 6, 1978 Cracking Up Comedy Rowby Goren
Chuck Staley
June 22, 1978 Matilda Comedy Daniel Mann
June 1978 Who Can Kill a Child? Spanish horror Narciso Ibáñez Serrador
July 14, 1978 Mean Dog Blues Drama Mel Stuart
October 5, 1978 The Norsemen Adventure Charles B. Pierce
December 8, 1978 Force 10 from Navarone War Guy Hamilton
April 18, 1979 The Evictors Crime horror Charles B. Pierce
April 27, 1979 Love at First Bite Comedy horror Stan Dragoti
June 1, 1979 Sunnyside Action Timothy Galfas
July 27, 1979 The Amityville Horror Horror Stuart Rosenberg
September 14, 1979 California Dreaming Comedy-drama John D. Hancock
September 1979 Seven Action crime Andy Sidaris
October 5, 1979 Something Short of Paradise Romantic comedy David Helpern
October 19, 1979 Meteor Disaster Ronald Neame
November 1979 Jaguar Lives! Action Ernest Pintoff
December 21, 1979 C.H.O.M.P.S. Sci-fi comedy Don Chaffey


Release date Title Genre Director Notes
February 15, 1980 Mad Max Action George Miller Australian sci-fi dystopian film dubbed in American English
March 14, 1980 Defiance Action John Flynn
March 14, 1980 The Visitor Sci-fi horror Michael J. Paradise Initially planned for AIP release, but sold off to independent distributor The International Picture Show
March 28, 1980 Nothing Personal Romantic comedy George Bloomfield
May 1, 1980 Gorp Sex comedy Joseph Ruben
July 11, 1980 How to Beat the High Cost of Living Crime comedy Robert Scheerer


Release date Title Genre Director Notes
January 29, 2021 Breaking News in Yuba County Comedy-drama Tate Taylor First film following relaunch.
February 5, 2021 Minamata Drama Andrew Levitas