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Can you describe its form?


Start from the beginning.

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What do you think I do when you're away?

You think I'm out in the garden pining, looking up at the sky?

Why aren't you here?

I gotta leave a day early.

Text on screen: From The Writer & Director Of Ex Machina

Your husband's here.

Text on screen: Based On The Acclaimed Best-Selling Novel

Let me see him.

He's extremely ill.

You have to tell me where he was, what he was doing.

It was his decision to go in. It's something they termed "The Shimmer."

We've sent in drones and teams of people, but nothing comes back.

But something has.

You're a biologist. You served in the military.

If I knew what happened, I could save his life.

The boundary's getting bigger; it's expanding. We're talking cities, states.

You need to know what's inside. So do I.

It's beautiful.

Check this out. It's like they're stuck in a continuous rotation.

Anything interesting in there?


Sharks have teeth like that.

It's not possible. You can't cross-breed a different species.

Text on screen: This February

What is it?

Soldiers on the last expedition.

They went crazy, or something in here killed them.

Something's come through the fence.

Through the fence?

We have to go back.

I can't go back.

We can camp here tonight.

It's destroying everything.

It's not destroying. It's making something new.

Text on screen: Annihilation

Text on screen: In Theatres February

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