Bambi is a Disney franchise and film series based on the 1939 book Bambi, A Life in the Woods by Austrian author Felix Salten.



Characters Films
Bambi (1942) Bambi II (2006)
Bambi Bobby Stewart (baby)
Donnie Dunagan (child)
Hardie Albright (adolescent)
John Sutherland (adult)
Alexander Gould
Thumper Peter Behn (child)
Tim Davis (adolescent)
Sam Edwards (adult)
Brendon Baerg
Flower Stan Alexander (child)
Tim Davis (adolescent)
Sterling Holloway (adult)
Nicky Jones
Faline Cammie King (child)
Ann Gillis (adult)
Andrea Bowen
Friend Owl Will Wright Keith Ferguson
Great Prince of the Forest Fred Shields Patrick Stewart
Bambi's Mother Paula Winslowe Carolyn Hennesy
Aunt Ena Mary Lansing character is mute.
Ronno character is mute. Anthony Ghannam
Thumper's sisters TBA Makenna Cowgill
Emma Rose Lima
Ariel Winter
Mrs. Rabbit Margaret Lee Kath Soucie
Hunter Dogs Clarence Nash Frank Welker
Mrs. Possum Mary Lansing
Pheasant Paula Winslowe
Mr. Mole Perce Pearce
Female Pheasant Thelma Boardman
Girl Bunny Thelma Boardman
Quail Mother Thelma Boardman
Bullfrog Clarence Nash
Groundhog Brian Pimental
Porcupine Brian Pimental
Mena Cree Summer