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Ben and Me was a two-reel short subject produced by Disney and released theatrically on November 10, 1953. It was adapted from the children's book written by author/illustrator Robert Lawson and first published in 1939. Though both book and film deal with the relationship between a mouse and Benjamin Franklin, the book, with illustrations by Lawson, focused more heavily on actual historical events and personages. The short received an Academy Award nomination for Best Short Subject.

Plot summaryEdit

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Framed by a tour group visiting a statue of Ben Franklin, the story reveals the contributions of a mouse, Amos, to Franklin's career. Narrated by Amos, through his memoirs, the mouse recalls how he first met and befriended Benjamin Franklin, eventually aiding in his publishing, inventions, and political career. Amongst Amos' contributions were bifocals, inspiring Franklin to build the stove, and changing the format of Poor Richard's Almanac to an event-oriented newspaper. After Ben's experiments with electricity endanger Amos' life, Amos and Franklin part ways, finally reuniting in the midst of the American Revolution, and assisting Thomas Jefferson with the invention of the Declaration of Independence.

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