Opening Logo and Credits

  • Warner Bros. Pictures
  • A Mel Brooks Film
  • "Blazing Saddles"
  • Starring: Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder
  • Co-Starring: Slim Pickens, David Huddleston, Liam Dunn, Alex Karras, John Hillerman, George Furth, Claude Ennis Starett, Jr.
  • Also Starring: Mel Brooks, Harvey Korman and Madeline Kahn
  • Featuring: Carol Arthur, Richard Collier, Charles McGregor, Don Megawon, Robyn Hilton, Karl Lucas and Dom DeLuise
  • Director of Photography: Joseph Biroc, A.S.C.
  • Filmed in: Panavision® and Technicolor®
  • Approved No. 23752 Motion Picture Association of America
  • This picture made under the jurisdiction of I.A.T.S.E., affiliated with A.F.L.-C.I.O.
  • © Copyright MCMLXXIV Warner Bros., Inc. All Rights Reserved
  • Production Designer: Peter Wooley
  • Choreography by: Alan Johnson
  • Original Songs:
    • "I'm Tired", "The French Mistake", The Ballad of Rock Ridge"
      Music and Lyrics by: Mel Brooks
    • "Blazing Saddles"
      Music by: John Morris
      Lyrics by: Mel Brooks
      Sung by: Frankie Laine
  • Music Composed and Conducted by: John Morris
  • Screenplay by: Mel Brooks, Norman Steinberg, Andrew Bergman, Richard Pryor, Alan Uger
  • Story by: Andrew Bergman
  • Produced by: Michael Hertzberg
  • Directed by: Mel Brooks

  • The End
  • Bart - Cleavon Little
    Jim - Gene Wilder
    Taggart - Slim Pickens
    Hedley Lamarr - Harvey Korman
    Lili Von Shtüpp - Madeline Kahn
    Governor Lepetomane, Indian Chief - Mel Brooks
    Lyle - Burton Gilliam
    Mongo - Alex Karras
    Olson Johnson - David Huddleston
    Rev. Johnson - Liam Dunn
    Howard Johnson - John Hillerman
    Van Johnson - George Furth
    Gabby Johnson - Claude Ennis Starrett Jr.
    Harriett Johnson - Carol Arthur
    Dr. Sam Johnson - Richard Collier
    Charlie - Charles McGregor
    Miss Stein - Robyn Hilton
    Gum Chewer - Don Megowan
    Buddy Bizarre - Dom DeLuise
    Count Basie - Himself
  • Film Editors: John C. Howard, Danford Greene
  • Title Design: Anthony Goldschmidt
  • Sound: Gene S. Cantamessa
  • Rerecording: Arthur Piantadosi, Richard Tyler, Les Fresholtz
  • Set Decorator: Morey Hoffman
  • Property Master: Sam Gordon
  • Casting: Nessa Hyams
  • Unit Production Manager: William P. Owens
  • Special Costume Designed by: Nino Novarese
  • Wardrobe: Tom Dawson
  • Dialogue Coach: Herbert Winters
  • Makeup: Al Fama, Terry Miles
  • Hairdresser: Lola 'Skip' McNally
  • Script Supervisor: Julie Pitkanen
  • 1st Assistant Director: John C. Chulay
  • Special Effects: Douglas Pettibone
  • Music Editor: Gene Marks
  • Assistant Editors: C. Timothy O'Meara, Stephen Potter
  • 2nd Assistant Director: Leonard Smith Jr.
  • Orchestrations: Jonathan Tunick and John Morris
  • A Crossbow Production
  • Filmed at: The Burbank Studios, Burbank, California
  • Distributed by Warner Bros. • A Warner Communications Company