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(Silverlake animal rescue opens up. A little white puppy wakes up and begins chewing at a carrot squeaky toy. Somebody comes into the pet shop and all the puppies line up. The puppy hangs upside down to see a young girl. He begins to chase his tail, much to the girl's amusement.)

Penny: That one.

Shop owner: Here, boy. (picks him up and hands him to Penny.

Penny: (holds him) You're heavy. (the puppy licks her) And slobbery. (Penny puts a collar on the puppy that reads Bolt) There. You're a good boy. You're my good boy.

(5 years have passed. Penny's phone starts ringing)

Penny: Hello?

Penny's father: Penny, I don't have much time.

Penny: Daddy? Are you okay?

Penny's father: Something's come up at work, honey. Daddy's not gonna be home for a while.

Penny: I... I don't understand.

Penny's father: You can't go back to the house, Penny. Okay?

Penny: What's happening?!

Penny's father: It's all right. You won't be alone. You have Bolt. I've altered him. (Bolt is being experimented on to make him stronger, faster, and more powerful, unlike any other dog. A lightning bolt appears on his flank.) He can protect you now.

(Penny and Bolt are on top of a building. She spies on the green-eyed man, known as Dr. Calico.)

Dr. Calico: The doctor has been taken care of, which, of course, is wonderful news. Everything is positioning nicely.

Penny: There he is. Dr. Calico.

Bolt: (growls)

Agent: Any luck getting our guest to spill his guts?

Dr. Calico: Oh! His guts will spill, one way or another.

Penny's father: Never! I'll never talk.

Cat: (hisses)

Penny: (gasp) Daddy!

Dr. Calico: You're beginning to irk me, professor.
I am irked, and that will not do. Has the package arrived? I think it might make our dear friend a bit more communicative.

Agent: I'm sending an agent to pick it up.

Dr. Calico: Gorgeous! Have him bring it to me on the first flight.

(The agent leaves the building. Penny and Bolt are spying.)

Penny: Bolt, let's go!

(The two follow the agent into a back ally. They follow him but end up in a dead-end. The agent shows up in a car.)

Dr. Calico: We only need the girl.

(The car charges after them. Bolt runs up and headbutts the car, sending it flying and crashing upside down. Bolt merely scratches it off.)

Agent: What?

Penny: Where's Calico?

Agent: I'm talking to you.

Agent: Bolivia! Calico Bolivia! Near Lake Rogaguado!

Penny: Lake Rogaguado! I should've known. (Sees attack choppers flying in on them) Come on, Bolt. Let's go!

Bolt: (drops the car)

Penny: (grabs her motor scooter and drives off while the choppers fly after them) Bolivia. There's a flight leaving in 10 minutes.

(the attack choppers drop villains that have electrical claws.)

Penny: Bolt! Zoom, zoom!

(Bolt grabs Penny and takes off at high speed, trying to shake off the villains. He runs through traffic in order to lose them. He also runs into a building where two of them fall behind. He headbutts a wall and a few more fall behind. There's only two left, and one of them has a bomb. It sticks to a gas tank.)

Penny: Bolt, fetch!

(Bolt goes after the bomb while Penny tries to shake off the villains. A few attack choppers try to slow him down. Bolt blasts one with his laser eyes.) Another chopper drops off another villain that fires missals. Another chopper appears in front of him, but he super jumps over it and the missal hits the plane. Bolt makes it back to Penny and drops the bomb on top of the villain's head. He panics and throws the bomb to another plane, destroying it. In turn, he electrocutes himself.)

Penny: Good boy. Airport. Uh-oh! (A whole battalion of Calico's minions charge after them both) Bolt, speak.

(Bolt takes position as he super barks the villains away. Destroying everything in his path.)

Bolt: (growls)

Penny: Okay, okay. Good job, buddy. Mission accomplished. (takes a selfie) That's a keeper. (Bolt continues to growl and bark) It's alright, tough guy. You got them all. Don't worry, Bolt. You saved the day again.

(The scene gets cut. Turns out that the "adventure" was actually a movie scene. The crew goes to the viewing room to review the scene.)

Director: Boom mike!?

Crew 1: We've got a boom mike!

Crew 2: It's a boom mike.

Director: That's sloppy. The dog could've seen that. He could've seen that!

Mindy: Uh, who cares if the dog sees a boom mike?

Director: Forgive me for answering a question with a question, but who are you?

Mindy: Mindy Parker, from the network.

Director: Of course. Let me ask you, Mindy from the network, what do you see here?

Mindy: Uh... the dog?

Director: "The dog," she says. Oh, Mindy. Poor, poor, Mindy.

Mindy: Am I missing something here?

Director: You're missing everything, Mindy. You see a dog. I see an animal who believes with every fiber of his being, every fiber, that the girl he loves is in mortal danger. I see a depth of emotion on the face of that canine the likes of which has never been captured on screen before! Never, Mindy from the network! We jump through hoops to make sure that Bolt believes everything is real. It's why we don't miss marks. It's why we don't reshoot, and it's why we most certainly do not let the dog see boom mikes! Because, Mindy from the network, if the dog believes it, the audience believes it.

Mindy: Wow. Okay.

You want reality? Here you go, chief. The show's too predictable. The girl's in danger, the dog saves her from the creepy English guy, we get it. There's always a happy ending. And our focus groups tell us 18-to-35-year-olds are unhappy. They're not happy with happy. So maybe you should, I don't know, spend a little less time worrying about the dog's Method acting and more time figuring out how to stop 20-year-olds in Topeka from changing the channel. Because if you lose so much as half a rating point, so help me, I will fire everyone in this room, starting with you! How's that for real?

(Cut to a scene with Penny and Bolt. She hangs a picture on the wall.)

Penny: There. Perfect. You saved me again, Bolt.

Bolt: (There's banging outside and Bolt growls)

Penny: It's okay. It's nothing. No more bad guys. Do you want some food, Bolty? Are you hungry? (Puts some dog food in a bowl while accidentally dropping the cup. Bolt jumps) You got them, Bolt. No one's gonna hurt me. Bolt, look at me. I'm fine, see? Come here, buddy. Come here. (Tosses a ball) Go get it, Bolt. Go get it. Yeah, that one's no fun either. Well, what do we have here? Your old buddy, Mr. Carrot! (Squeaks)

Bolt: (shows interest for a moment, but ignores it.)

(Penny's phone rings, indicating that it's time to go. But Bolt has to stay behind. He doesn't want her to go.)

Penny: Bolt. You know I have to go. (Bolt nuzzles into her) Yeah, you're my good boy. (Goes out the door while Bolt whines)

Agent: There she is. My little superstar. Let's get to that Teen Vogue cover shoot.

Penny: Mom, I wanna take Bolt home this weekend.

Penny's mom: Well, I... That would be...

Agent: That'd be nice. That'd be great. That would. A little girl and her dog. Nothing better than that.

Penny: So I can bring Bolt home?

Agent: As your friend, I say, "Yes, absolutely," but as your agent, I have to remind you this is Bolt's world. He has to stay right here. Okay, let's go.

Penny: But he never gets to be a real dog, and it would only be for the weekend, and I just want...

Agent: Well, you know what? It's a fair question. Let's do this, let's put a pin in it. Boop! Pin in. There you go. Now, let's let that hang there a bit, and then we'll address that when we've thought things through. Okay? Good enough for everybody? Smiles all around? Let's get out of here. Come on.

Penny: I don't need to think it through. I wanna take Bolt home.

Agent: Look at this face. I have a little girl at home, love of my life. I would do anything for her, and I would trade her for you in a heartbeat. True story. That reminds me, we need to be getting over to wardrobe.

(Penny gets dragged away by the crew. The doors slam shut. Meanwhile, the cats are snooping around.)

Siamese cat: So the dog thinks this is all real?

Black cat: Oh, yeah, you're new. Guy never leaves the set. It's unbelievable. Whenever I get the chance, this is the perfect way to unwind. I like to start with an evil laugh. (looks down at Bolt and laughs evilly)

Bolt: Hello, hairballs.

Black cat: You may have won today, Bolt, but in the end, we will get your little Penny.

Bolt: Not likely, cat, for you've chosen to follow the path of evil. Ultimately, it will destroy you, along with your fiendish puppet master!

Siamese cat: Wow!

Black cat: I know, right? Okay, watch this. She's a goner, dog. The Green-Eyed Man has a plan, and soon, he will execute it.

Siamese cat: Yeah, and then he will execute her.

Black cat: Nice.

Bolt: I would super bark you both back into the hole you crawled out of, but I need you alive because I've got a little message for you to take back to your Green-Eyed Man. You tell him his old friend Bolt said he better--

Black cat: Is it long?

Bolt: Is... Is what long?

Black cat: The message. Is it a long message? Because I have a horrible memory.

Bolt: Yeah, I'll make it brief, all right? You tell him I said I'm gonna--

Black cat: You know what? Why don't we do this? You remember the first half of the message, and then I'll remember the second, and then we can pass it on to the Green-Eyed Man together.

Bolt: Now, I don't care how the message is translated, all right? Just do it, okay. Tell the Green-Eyed Man that I will not sleep, I will not rest until my Penny is safe from his evil clutches! You tell the Green-Eyed Man that reckoning--

Black cat: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Way too many words. I was like, "What?" And then I was, like, "Huh?" And then, well, I got a little bored and... Something about clutches? Anyway, I'll do my best. Ciao.

Siamese cat: By the way, huge fan. Love it, love you. Gotta go. Thank you.

Bolt: Get back here, you sick, revolting, loathsome little-- (to the cats, it's just barking.)

Black cat: Dogs.

Bolt: Cats... (sits down) I'll never let them get you, Penny.

(Bolt and Penny are filming another scene.)

Penny: Are you ready, Bolt?

Bolt: (growls)

Director: Let's widen out camera three. Ready four. Go four! And driver.

(Penny and Bolt are hiding underneath the van. The guards are ready.)

Gaurd: (gets his helmet wiped clean) Thanks, Larry.

Director: All right, Scooter. Find the grate. Ready on the rubber bars. (Bolt bends through the bars) And track with them.

Penny: The Calico supercomputer. If we can access it, we'll finally learn where they're keeping my father. (Orders Bolt to go take care of the guards. Penny throws a coin to distract one of them while Bolt knocks them out)

Crew 1: The weapon's hot.

Crew 2: Heat vision time.

(the guard aims his gun at Bolt.)

Penny: Bolt, stare!

(Stares at the weapon. The crew uses a remote control to blow it up. Bolt jumps at the guard and attacks him. When they make it to the supercomputer, Bolt strikes the one using the computer.)

Penny: Nice move. (tries hacking into the computer) Come on. Come on.

(Everything shuts down. The roof opens up to reveal a helicopter and Dr. Calico.)

Dr. Calico: Such devotion. It brings tears to my eyes!

Penny: Calico!

Dr. Calico: Your father's discoveries could be of great use to our organization. I'm sure he'll be more accommodating now that I've got his lucky Penny!

Penny: (gets captured) Bolt!

Dr. Calico: World domination is within my grasp! (flies off laughing)

(Bolt tries to charge after her, but gets caught by the dog handler.)

Director: How did your focus groups feel about cliffhangers? You ask for unhappy 18-to-35-year-olds, I give you unhappy 18-to-35-year-olds.

Penny: Bolt! It's okay, Bolt! I'm fine!

Director: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Guards, stop her!

(The guards block her way.)

Penny: Bolt! Listen to him. He needs to know I'm okay.

Agent: Nope, you're not okay. You've been kidnapped by the fiendish Dr. Calico. At least that's what the dog needs to think, but just imagine, close your eyes and imagine how excited he'll be when he saves you tomorrow. Okay?

Penny: But he's gonna be freaking out all night. Please, just let me--

Agent: What... Wait a second, what's that behind your ear? Is that a... Yes, it is, it's a pin. Let's do this. Let's take the pin and put it in this conversation. Boop! And we will not take it down, no, ma'am, until this matter is resolved.

Penny: But I just--

Agent: Do you know what that reminds me of? The DVD release junket. Let's get going.

(The crew drags Penny away. The dog handler drops Bolt off at the trailer. When he lets him out, Bolt is angry.)

Siamese cat: I've been working on my evil laugh. 'Cause everybody has an evil laugh. (Makes an odd noise) Like that.

Black cat: Okay, here's the thing. You're not ready for the evil laugh. You could do a chuckle, like a mildly upset chuckle, after my evil laugh. Listen to mine. (cackles maniacally) Hey, Bolt.

(Bolt charges out of the trailer to look for Penny.)

Bolt: (looks at the supercomputer) I'm too late.

Penny: Bolt, help!

Bolt: I'm coming Penny Hold on, Penny! Hold on!

(Turns out Penny's voice was being looped by the sound guy. Bolt is running through the hallways trying to look for her. He sees the containment unit and charges after it. Only to hit the window and fall into a box. He gets packaged and gets loaded into a truck that ships him across the united states.)

(Bolt gets shipped out all the way to new york in a package. When the box starts moving, the man opens it up to see what's inside. Bolt jumps out and runs out the window.)

Bolt: Okay, Bolty! Okay. Stay cool. You're cool, Bolty. (Runs around town to find Penny until he sees a man that looks like Dr. Calico from behind.) The Green-Eyed Man. (tries headbutting the fence but gets bounced back. He goes through the fence and tries to knock out the man. But it doesn't work. He sees that it's not the green-eyed man.) Penny! Penny! (Runs across town to find her. He tries jumping over sidewalk construction only to fall in. He comes out with a cone on his head. Through the hole, he sees a symbol that looks like the Green-eyed man's) Penny! Target acquired!

(Bolt charges after the truck. He runs into the road, ready to headbutt it.)

Bolt: It ends here.

(The driver panics and slams on the breaks. The containment unit turns out to be a porta-potty.)

Bolt: Penny! Penny? They moved her.

(Bolt tries looking for her, barking like mad. He runs into a dog walker and a group of dogs.)

Bolt: There's no time for formalities, brothers. My person's in danger, and I... (one dog sniffs his butt) Whoa! What are you doing?

Small dog: Oh! I'm sorry. You wanna sniff mine first?

Bolt: What? (another dog sniffs his butt)

Big dog: Not from around here, are you?

Bolt: Hey, stop it! This is serious! (the dog walker puts him on a leash)

Dog walker: Hey there. Are you lost, sweetie? (Bolt runs off) Hey! Wait!

Bolt: (Runs off and gets his head stuck in the bars. He looks up to see he's lost in the city. He tries to pull his head out.) Why can't I bend these stupid bars?

Vinny: Oh, buddy. You got your head stuck pretty good, huh, guy? Hey, guys, come here. Check this out. He's got his melon stuck.

Joey: Yup, that is one stuck melon.

Bolt: (tries yanking himself out)

Vinny: Hey, hey, buddy. Take it easy. Slow down.

Bolt: I will not take it easy, pheasant. I'm missing my person.

Vinny: Hey, buddy, relax. Like this. Turn and pull. Turn and pull. Forget about it. You'll be out, no time.

Bolt: (Twists and pulls his head out) What are these things? They've weakened me.

Vinny: Oh! Those are Styrofoam packing peanuts.

Bolt: Styrofoam? This has the Green-Eyed Man written all over it. Have you seen the man with the green eye?

Vinny: You know, I gotta say something, if I could say something here. You look familiar. Joey, look at this guy's mug.

Joey: Yeah. You know, I could've sworn I've seen this guy before.

Bobby: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Vinny: I gotta tell you, I never forget a face.

Joey: He never does.

Bobby: Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah, he's real good with the faces and such.

Bolt: Listen, listen! The man with the green eye, tell me what you know, birds!

Vinny: I know this dog.

Bobby: Yeah, yeah, me too!

Vinny: I gotta remember. It's gonna kill me. Hold on. (a bus with Bolt's logo drives by.) No, I don't know. I thought I knew.

Bobby: Hey, you ever hang out down on 14th Street with a stray named Kelvin?

Joey: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Kelvin, the Labradoodle.

Bolt: What?

Vinny: You gotta give me something here,
'cause this is ridonculous.

Bobby: Absolutely ridonculous.

Vinny: Capisce, ridonculous. You know what that means?

Bolt: (sighs) You pigeons are useless. I need someone on the inside, someone close to the Green-Eyed Man. A cat.

Vinny: Oh... A cat?

Bolt: Yeah, a cat. And when I find him, ooh, when I find him, I'm gonna make that cat wish he were never born.

Vinny: (Smirks) I think we know just the cat.

(In an alleyway, a skinny black and white cat is seen grooming herself. Pigeons give her food.)

Mittens: Right on time, Saul. Come on in. (Saul lays a bit of hot dog down) Okay, Saul, nice work. Let's find some mustard next time. Okay, babe?

Saul: Yes, Mittens. Thank you, Mittens.

Mitten: Ooh! Is that an everything bagel, Ted? Attaboy.

Ted: Good day, Mittens.

Louie: (lays down a single seed but gets caught)

Mittens: Louie? What is this?

Louie: Well, It was a slow week. That's half of what I got.

Mittens: (Stomach starts growling) You hear this, Louie? I'm starving here. And when the old stomach starts talking, it ain't talking to me. It's talking to the claws.

Louie: Not the claws! Please!

Mittens: I'm holding these bad boys back, best I can, but the thing is, it's not up to me. The stomach's got a direct line to these babies, and I'm picking up a lot of chatter. So, I'll talk to the claws, but in exchange, next week all your food comes to me.

Louie: But that's not our deal. I bring you half, you give me protection. That's our deal.

Mittens: Yeah, well, the deal just expired. Now get lost.

Louie: Mark my words, Mittens. One day someone's gonna stand up to you. Someone's gonna teach you a lesson.

Mittens: Yeah. I'm really scared now. (gets tackled)

Bolt: You should be!

Mittens: (screaming) Okay! Yeah!

Bolt: Where is she?

Mittens: Uh... Who?

Bolt: You know why I'm here. Where is she?!

Mittens: Okay, okay. Look, buddy, I don't know what you're getting at, but--

Bobby: (laughing)

Vinnie: Come on, Mittens. Just tell the guy where she is. Tell the dog, make him happy.

Bobby: Yeah, yeah, come on, Mittens. Tell him!

Joey: (laughs)

Mitten: Joey, Vinnie, Bobby, my boys! Would you tell the crazy canine that he's got the wrong cat?!

Vinnie: ... You got her pal!

Joey: She's the one!

Vinnie: That's her!

Joey: That is definitely the right cat.

Mittens: (looks scared) Heh.

Bolt: Looks like we're gonna do this the hard way.

(Bolt grabs Mittens by the nape of her neck and holds her over the traffic.)

Mittens: (screams) Whoa! Hey, you're crazy, man!

Vinnie: ... Hey, Joey. Did you go too far in this?

Joey: You kidding? This is the best day of my life.

Bolt: You work for the men in black, who work for the man with the green eye. They've taken Penny. Where is she?

Mittens: I don't know what you're talking about.

Bolt: This is becoming tiresome, cat. In fact, I feel a yawn coming on.

Mittens: Okay! Okay! Okay! Okay, I'll talk! I'll talk! I know where Penny is. Yeah. They have her. Yes! The men in black and the guy, the guy with the blue eyes!

Bolt: Blue eyes?

Mittens: Um... Oh! Green! Yes, green! The one green eye!

Bolt: You just can't stop lying, can you, cat? It's in the genes. It's just gross.

Mittens: I know. It's disgusting. I disgust myself. (Sees Bolt's collar) Hollywood. But if you put me down, I'll show you where she is.

(Bolt ties Mittens up to his own leash. She tries searching for a map.)

Mittens: (digging in the trash) You know, I hope you appreciate the risk I'm taking here. Every bone in my evil cat body is telling me not to betray the trust of the Green-Eyed Man. Okay. This is a top, top-secret map of the entire Earth. Now we're over here, by the green lady with the big torch, and my boss has Penny locked up... Uh... Right... Right over... Here, here! By the waffle with the sunglasses. Now all you need to do is get from here to there. Well, I told you where to find her so if you'll just untie me, I'll be on my way.

Bolt: I'll release you, cat, when we find Penny.

Mittens: Excuse me? That wasn't the deal. We had a deal!

Bolt: Your deal just expired.

Louie: She said that to me not 10 minutes ago. (chuckles) The irony.

(Bolt yanks Mittens around. He sees a UHAUL heading to Hollywood.)

Bolt: Ooh! Perfect. (the trunk is locked) Hmm. Padlocked. (stares at it)

Mittens: (keeps yanking) Listen, Cujo, I got some pretty wicked claws under these mitts. Do not, I beg of you, do not make me bring out these bad boys. It gets ugly... What are you doing?

Bolt: Stay back! If I stare at the lock really hard, it'll burst into flames and melt.

Mittens: ... Now I'm concerned on a number of levels.

Bolt: (hears others) Intruders!

Mittens: (gets yanked) Slow down! You're scraping the fur off my-- (faceplants into a mailbox and passes out.)

Guy 1: Oh, boy. This thing is heavy.

Guy 2: Hey, hey. Put it down. I forgot the keys. I'll be right back.

Guy 1: (puts down the sofa and sits down on it. A penny rolls up.) Hey, lucky penny!

Guy 2: (snags it) Thanks! Now move your butt.

(The guys pick up the sofa while Mittens and Bolt are hiding under it. They drive off.)

Vinnie: It's on the tip of my tongue. I know that dog. I'm telling you, Joey. Bobby, you guys are looking at me like, "Heh, I don't know." Telling you, I know this dog. I've seen him somewhere.

Joey: Hey, you'll remember it tonight when you're preening.

Vinnie: Right, that's what'll happen.

(The UHAUL leaves for California. Then jump to a scene back in Hollywood. Penny cries softly, missing her dog.)

Agent: I have got some good news.

Penny: (gasp) Really?!

Agent: Yes, I do. I just booked you on The Tonight Show, lead guest. (Penny sighs sadly) That's right... Which means just absolutely nothing if Bolt is still missing. It's not even good news, like, "Whatever," "So what?" The Tonight Show, who cares? I don't care.

Penny's mom: Aw. It's okay, baby.

Penny: He must be so scared.

Penny's mom: Scared? Well, this is Bolt we're talking about. He's not scared of anything.

Agent: I bet Bolt would want you to do The Tonight Show. (The mother sneers at him) Or maybe not. (squeaks Bolt's carrot squeaky toy.)

Penny's mom: Bolt loves you very much, sweetie, and you're here. He couldn't have gone far.

(Jump to a scene where Bolt and Mittens are now in Ohio. Mittens is rummaging around in the boxes.)

Mittens: So, if you got superpowers, I guess that would make you, what, like, some kind of superdog?

Bolt: That information's classified.

Mittens: Aw, come on. Like, what's your best power? Your go-to move. How about flying? Can you fly?

Bolt: Don't be silly. I can't fly.

Mittens: Okay, okay, fine. If you don't have any powers, you don't have any powers. What's it to me?

Bolt: ... I have a superbark.

Mittens: A superbark? Wow! You're kidding me. (Sees a bat) What exactly does one do with a superbark?

Bolt: I really can't talk about it. It's classified. So I suggest you pipe down and take me to Penny.

Mittens: You're awfully attached to this Penny character, huh, Wags?

Bolt: She's my person.

Mittens: Oh, please. She's a person. And if you ask me, the only good person is a-- (falls backwards while knocking over one of the boxes. It spills styrofoam all over Bolt.)

Bolt: Styrofoam! (opens the door) Tuck and roll!

Mittens: Tuck and what?!

(Bolt jumps out of the truck and lands in a field.)

Bolt: Ow! (looks at his paw) What? What is this red liquid coming from my paw?

Mittens: It's called blood, hero.

Bolt: Do I need it?

Mitten: Yes! So if you wanna keep it inside your body, where it belongs, you should stop jumping off trucks doing 80 on the interstate!

Bolt: Yeah, well, normally, I'm a tad more indestructible. Must've been the... (gasp) Styrofoam! That stuff, it weakens me.

Mittens: (Grabs it) Ah-ha!

Bolt: What are you doing? Put that down!

Mittens: All right, that's it. I've had it with you. Untie me, pooch. Or I'm gonna... I'm gonna... I'm gonna seriously wound you! I'm gonna seriously wound you with this Styrofoam.

Bolt: Are you mad? You don't know the power of Styrofoam!

Mittens: Oh, you bet I'm mad, baby, and I'm about to unleash it. The power of the Styrofoam.

Bolt: Whoa! All right, cat! Okay. You win. I'll untie you... That's a weird place to put a piano. (smacks the styrofoam out of Mittens' paw.) Are we gonna have any more problems, cat?

Mittens: No! No, no. No more problems. I'll take you to Penny.

Bolt: (sniffs the air and his stomach starts to growl.) Ah! What is that?!

Mittens: What?

Bolt: (Stomach growls) That! Okay. You have two seconds to tell me what you've implanted in me, cat! Poison? A parasite? Poison? Oh, no, I just said that, didn't I? See, I'm all discombobulated. I can't think straight.

Mittens: I don't believe this. You're hungry.

Bolt: (Stomach growls) Where is the antidote?!

Mittens: Okay, okay! All right.

(Mittens takes Bolt to an RV park.)

Mittens: There's your antidote. Food. Go on, use the dog face. This is gonna be beautiful... You know, beg... Do the dog face!

Bolt: What... The dog face? What does that mean?

Mittens: Figures I'm tied to the one dog on Earth who doesn't know how to beg. Okay, if you want the... The antidote, you're gonna have to do exactly what I say.

Bolt: No. Not likely. You're a degenerate creature of darkness.

Mittens: Yeah, yeah. Granted. But, that said. All I'm asking you to do is just tilt your head a little. You can do that, can't you? Come on. (Bolt tilts his head) More. (tilts) More.

Bolt: This is stupid!

Mittens: No, no, no, come on. Work with me on this, please. You're almost there.

Bolt: Oh boy. (tilts his head)

Mittens: Okay. Try it the other way... There you go. Tilt up... Down... Now a little smile... Lose the smile... Drop your left ear. Your other left. Okay, the other way was better. Now drop them both. Hold it. Right there. And ever so slightly, look up... Soup is on, baby!

(Bolt goes around doing the dog face everywhere until he and Mittens had their fill.)

(In another RV, hamsters are hanging out. One of them is in a ball flipping through channels on the TV. Barking is heard outside.)

Old lady: Well, hello, puppy. Did you come for some of Grandma's butter bean dumplings? Mmm-mmm. You wait right there.

(While the old lady gets some food for Bolt, the hamster looks out the window and gets excited.)

Mittens: Look at you. You are quite the little actor, huh? I haven't eaten like this in ages. Hey, look, my stomach's distended! How great is that?

Bolt: Yeah, well, don't get used to it. We gotta keep moving.

Mittens: But this place is a gold mine. What's wrong with you? Every week new RVs bring us new suckers who bring us new food. Look around! It's perfect.

Rhino: (Gasp) Do my eyes deceive me? Is this some apparition I see before me? Or could it be my hero? Oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh! You're Bolt, the Superdog! You're fully awesome!

Mitten: Wait a minute. You know this dog?

Rhino: I do. He is fully awesome.

Mitten: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We've established that. Who are you?

Rhino: I'm Rhino.

Mitten: Rhino... The hamster?

Rhino: Well, you know, my ancestry isn't all hamster. I'm one-sixteenth wolf with, you know, a little wolverine in there somewhere, but that's besides the point. We have before us a legend, Bolt, the Superdog. He can outrun speeding missiles and burn through solid metal with his heat vision. Oh! And best of all, he can obliterate large structures with his superbark!

Mittens: Wait a minute. You've seen the superbark?

Bolt: Have you been observing me?

Rhino: Oh, yeah! I watch you all the time.

Bolt: That's incredible.

Rhino: Oh, it's nothing, really.

Bolt: But I'm always so vigilant. No one can evade my detection. You're a phantom.

Rhino: Uh... If you say so. Hey, check it out. Take a gander at this Bolt action. Scary, huh? It's like we're twins.

Mittens: Yeah... Scary...

Rhino: So, where's Penny?

Bolt: She was kidnapped by the Green-Eyed Man.

Rhino: Kidnapped? (gasp) This is terrible! She could be in grave--

Bolt: Grave danger. I know. But I've captured this cat.

Rhino: An agent of the Green-Eyed Man, I presume?

Bolt: You presume correctly. She's taking me to Penny.

Rhino: You, you are vile vermin. How do you sleep at night? Penny's the most wonderful person ever, and she loves Bolt. And he's awesome, and you're a monster! How dare you disrupt their relationship with your evil! Die! Die!

(Rhino jumps after Mittens. Bolt grabs him.)

Rhino: I can take her, Bolty! Let me at them! Die! Die!

Bolt: Easy, easy, Rhino. Easy.

Rhino: You're right. We need her alive.

Mitten: Uh... "We,"?

Rhino: Yes! Bolt, I can be a valuable addition to your team.

Bolt: I'm listening.

Rhino: I'm lightning-quick. I have razor-sharp reflexes, and I'm a master of stealth. Plus, I'll keep the cat in check.

Bolt: The road will be rough.

Rhino: I have a ball.

Bolt: There's no turning back.

Rhino: Guess I'll have to roll with the punches.

Bolt: Easy won't be part of the equation.

Rhino: Promise!?

Bolt: I gotta warn you. Going into the belly of the beast, danger at every turn.

Rhino: I eat danger for breakfast.

Bolt: You hungry!?

Rhino: (cracks his neck) Starving!

Bolt: Welcome aboard!

Rhino: (cheers)

Mittens: Hey. Can we talk for a second? I don't know what's going on here, but I'm just a little bit concerned about the number of lunatics on this trip. My limit is one.

Bolt: He's coming with us.

Mittens: But I... (Gets kicked by Rhino)

Rhino: Move it, prisoner. We're losing daylight.

Bolt: I agree. Now, we need to find a fast set of wheels.

Rhino: (Gasp) I've got a better idea. Follow me. (sings happily)

(Bolt, Rhino, and Mittens arrive at a moving train.)

Bolt: Okay. So what we do here is we give the target a quick flyover, we adjust the trajectory and then land dead center. Am I missing anything, Rhino?

Rhino: Just the knowledge that every minute spent in your company becomes the new greatest minute of my life.

Mittens: (Struggling to get away and has a bucket on her head.) No! Forget it! How do you say, "No way I'm doing this" in crazy?

Bolt: Calm down, cat. You're with me.

Mittens: That's the problem!

Rhino: Would you relax? Every time he did this on the magic box, it was awesome!

Mittens: ... Magic what?

Rhino: You know, the magic box people stare at.

Mittens: Wait a minute. Does this magic box have moving pictures on it?

Rhino: Yeah, and Bolt's pictures are the best.

Mittens: Bolt's pictures. Of course! He's from a-- (gets yanked over the edge) Oh, no! Oh, no. No, wait, wait. Bolt, dog, hear me out.

Rhino: Let it begin. Let it begin! LET IT BEGIN!!!

Mittens: Wait! You are not a superhero--

(Bolt jumps over the edge and swings across the train. The other string snaps and they swing over the train again. Bolt crashes while Mittens is being hung on a ladder. Rhino nearly falls off.)

Bolt: Mittens! Mittens, take my paw! I need you alive!

Mittens: You're crazy! Stay away from me!

Bolt: Take my paw! I'll save you!

Mittens: No, you won't! You're not really a--

(The ladder falls. Mittens panics and runs across. Bolt's leash is caught. One of the bolts is coming loose from the ladder and Mittens tries to help.)

Rhino: Bolt! (Sees Mittens at the ladder) Saboteur! (Attacks her)

Mittens: Ouch! You moron, stop it! I'm trying to help him!

Rhino: Help him? Yeah, right. Don't worry, Bolt. I'll stop her!

(The other bolt to the ladder comes loose. It leans to one side.)

Mittens: I can't hold it!

Rhino: Let go, you monster!

Mittens: Bolt!

(Bolt yanks and tugs until he finally gets free. All three of the animals fall off the train and into someone's yard.)

Bolt: (Gets up and limps.) Ow. Ow.

Mittens: The real world hurts, doesn't it? But you wouldn't know about that, would you?

Bolt: Get down here, cat. We don't have time for this.

Rhino: I'll get a ladder.

Mittens: Look, genius, you're part of a TV show. You know what that is? Television? It's entertainment for people. It's fake. Nothing you think is real is real!

Bolt: That's preposterous!

Mittens: Think about it, Bolt. Since you got lost, none of your powers are working, are they? For the first time, you're hungry, you're bleeding. I mean, do you really think that you were born with a birthmark in the exact shape of a lightning bolt?

Bolt: It's my mark of power, cat!

Mittens: It's the mark of a makeup artist, dog.

Bolt: You're ridiculous. Now get down here.

Mittens: (ties herself up) No.

Bolt: Mittens, so help me, I will superbark you out of that tree.

Mittens: Yeah. Go nuts. Let's see how that works out for you.

Bolt: You leave me no choice. (Takes position and barks. Nothing happens.)

Mittens: Oh, the superbark. Scary, scary. Yeah, that's really, really super.

Bolt: It's not true. It's just not true! (Huffs and puffs and barks. Nothing happens.)

Mittens: Wow. That one felt really super. Wait. No, it didn't.

Bolt: (Starts barking incessantly)

Mittens: Okay, okay. Mmm-hmm. I get the idea. You could stop now... That's enough... Seriously, dog, stop. I'm not kidding. Would you stop? It's... (Sees the animal catcher) Okay, fine! You're a superdog. Bolt, be quiet, please! Bolt, we gotta run! (The animal catcher snags Bolt) Bolt!

(He grabs both Bolt and Mittens and throws them in the truck. He drives off. Rhino sees them leave. Meanwhile, Penny and her mother are making missing posters for Bolt. The agent comes in.)

Agent: Look who we found, young lady. It's Bolt! They found him!

Penny: Bolt!

Agent: Yeah, that's right. The little puppy dog.

(The dog jumps into Penny's arms. She notices something off about him.)

Penny: That is NOT Bolt.

Agent: Well, that depends on how you look at it. You know, when I was little, I wanted a bicycle for my birthday, but my parents got me a baseball glove. So, you know what I did? I pretended that baseball glove was a bicycle, and I rode it to school every day... True story.

Penny: It's not him!

Agent: Uh, I think it's him. I do.

Mindy: (Ahem) Thank you. Look, kid. It's time we were honest with you. If we don't get back into production, people are going to lose their jobs. Good people, with families.

Penny: But Bolt's still out there, and--

Mindy: Now, we feel for you, and the last thing we wanna do is ask a little girl to make a grown-up decision, but it's come to that. We need you to move on. We need you to let Bolt go.

(Penny looks at the dog that looks like Bolt. She reluctant, but she turns off the machine that's making the missing posters.)

(The animal catcher is driving along. He notices the truck needs gas. Bolt is pushing against the metal door.)

Bolt: Must be made of styrofoam.

Mittens: No, no! No, no, no, please, please, it can't end like this!

Bolt: Stop worrying, cat! I'll get us out of here.

Mittens: You can't, Bolt! You got nothing! No super strength, no superbark... And no heat vision. (Bolt is staring at the door, hoping to melt it.) Listen to me, okay? We are being taken to a place where humans go animal shopping, all right? And this is what humans do. They always pick the cute ones. The ones that look like you, Bolt. But the rest of us never come back out.

Bolt: I said I'll get us out of here, all right? (Headbutts the door, but knocks himself out.)

Mittens: My hero...

Rhino: (Follows the truck all the way to the gas station.) Ring, ring. Who is it? Destiny? I've been expecting your call. (Opens his ball up and steps out. He climbs up the truck to open the door Bolt is in.)

Bolt: (Slams against the door) Owwww.

Mittens: Would you give it up already? You're liquefying whatever brains you have left.

Bolt: I cannot be contained in any container. You quitter. Watch this! (Rhino opens the door as Bolt headbutts it. He falls out into the grass.) I did it! I'm back! That styrofoam is wicked stuff.

Rhino: Fully awesome! There's no truck that I know that can keep in Bolt and Rhino!

Bolt: Rhino? What are you doing here?

Rhino: Oh, nothing. I was enjoying an evening stroll and thought I'd just pop the hatch on that containment unit!

Bolt: Y-you... You opened the door?

Rhino: Yes, I did! Yoink!

Bolt: That's great, Rhino. Yeah, that's really good.

Rhino: All right. Let's go get the prisoner back.

Bolt: (Stops to look at the lighting bolt on his side. It smears off on his paw.) I... I can't do it...

Rhino: (Stops) What did you say?

Bolt: I can't...

Rhino: Who are you?!

Bolt: Rhino, you just don't under--

Rhino: You are Bolt!

Bolt: But I'm not a--

Rhino: Who singlehandedly destroyed the Green-Eyed Man's undersea labs?

Bolt: Me, but--

Rhino: And who foiled his plan to infiltrate the Olympics with gymnastic cyborgs? Who, Bolt, who? Who?

Bolt: Me, but none of it was--

Rhino: You! You can, Bolt, because all over this planet, there are animals who feel like they can't. Like a little hamster who once spent his days in an RV park, dreaming of the day when he, too, would save a little girl from danger and be told, "You did it. You did it, Rhino. You saved the day." They need a hero, Bolt. Someone who, no matter what the odds, will do what's right. They need a hero to tell them that sometimes the impossible can become possible if you're awesome!

Bolt: Well, you're right about one thing, Rhino. Mittens does need a hero...  (Exhales) And I guess I'll have to do.

Rhino: Such modesty! Now, who's going to save that cat?

Bolt: Me.

Rhino: Who? Tell me who!

Bolt: Me!

Rhino: (squeals with laughter) I'll get my ball.

(Rhino and Bolt follow the trail to the animal shelter. Rhino is singing to himself.)

Bolt: Over there. (looks over) There it is.

Rhino: (Huffs heavily, fogging up his ball.) This'll be just like the time you
infiltrated Calico's Arctic hover-base!

Bolt: But it's not gonna be exactly like that, Rhino. We're gonna have to do things a little differently.

Rhino: Ooh, stealth mode. (draws a smile)

(Inside the animal shelter.)

Lloyd: Good night, Ester.

Ester: Good night, Lloyd. (The doors close... And then open back up.) Lloyd? (looks around) Lloyd Spoon, you jump out and scare me, and I'm gonna pepper-spray you again! I swear, it's like I work with toddlers.

Rhino: Threat nullified. (Getting excited) I feel alive!

Bolt: (Cover's Rhino's "mouth") Shh! (Looks to the cat room) There's a guard.

Rhino: I'll snap his neck.

Bolt: We need to get him away from that door.

(the look into the room with the dogs. Rhino throws himself in. The dogs go crazy, saying ball over and over again. The guard is annoyed by the barking.)

Guard: I'm just... I'm read... I'm just... Aw, just pipe down!

(The guard leaves as Bolt sneaks in. Mittens is shaking, scared.)

Bolt: Mittens?

Mittens: Bolt? What are you doing here?

Bolt: I'm busting you out.

Mittens: You... You came all the way back here for me?

Bolt: Yeah.

Mittens: But how'd you... I mean, you don't have any superpowers.

Bolt: I know.

Mittens: Really?

Bolt: Yeah.

Mittens: Wow. Crazy day for you, huh?

Bolt: It's been a lot. Yes, it has. Are you ready for this?

Mittens: No.

Bolt: Me neither. (Opens up the cage.)

Guard: Hey, hey, hey! What is twisting your giblets? Hey, wait. Where'd you get that hamster? Give it. Give it. (Bolt barks) Hey, wait! (Jumps at him)

Rhino: Initiating escape! (Spins his ball super fast until the dog spits him out. The ball is covered in slobber.)

Guard: Hey! Lloyd! Block the door! Block the door, block the door, block the door!

Rhino: Superbark. Superbark!

(Lloyd blocks the door. The animals stop. The guard slips on the dog slobber and hits Bolt as he yelps. The helium tanks explode and hits the sign outside, falling on top of one of the trucks. The animals escape.)

Ester: Sweet Sister Frances! What did you do to my new truck?!

Guard: You hold on right there!

Ester: (Pepper sprays him)

Guard: (screams in pain) Golly, Ester!

Ester: Both you boys need serious help!

Guard: Spicy eyes!

(The animals run out into the road.)

Bolt: We need a ride.

Rhino: Ooh! I've got a big one. You're welcome.

(A giant truck is carrying a mobile home. The animals jump on board.)

Rhino: I can't believe it! My whole life, I've wanted to see a real live superbark! (Chuckles in excitement) You are legendary!

Bolt: (Sits down sadly) Mittens? If... If I don't chase bad guys, then what am I? I mean, what...

Mittens: Ah, don't worry about it. Being a regular dog is, like, the greatest gig in the world. Okay? Look. I'm gonna let you in on a little secret, okay? A little-known cat secret. You know why we hate dogs? 'Cause we wanna be dogs. We have dog complexes.

Bolt: But... But what do dogs do?

Mittens: Slobber, sleep, chase tails, chew shoes. You don't exactly need a master's degree. You know, most dogs live in a place like this, and, well, I don't know. They do things like... (Takes Bolt to the toilet)

Bolt: Out of this?! But... But...

Mittens: And this is your dog bowl.

Bolt: What is?

Mittens: This. The entire floor. "It hits the ground, it goes to the hound." How cool is that? And on cold nights, this and a ball of yarn... It doesn't get better than that.

Bolt: You, uh... You seem to know a lot about these places.

Mittens: Yeah, I did my time in one of these, but I'm more of an alley cat at heart, you know? Sprung out first chance I got. Never looked back.

Bolt: Hmm...

(They hear and echo.)

Rhino: Rhino is awesome! He's so awesome! He's... He's beyond awesome! He... He's be-awesome! He's ah! (Sees Bolt and Mittens.) I...  Am be-awesome.

Bolt: (Sniffs at the vent. He likes the cool breeze.)

Mittens: I think it's about time I introduced you to the regular dog piece de résistance. (Takes Bolt to the window) Go ahead. Stick your head out.

Bolt: Why?

Mittens: Just do it.

Bolt: (Sticks his head out the window. He gets excited about the wind in his face.) Whoa! This... This is awesome!

Mittens: And stick your tongue out.

Bolt: (Sticks his tongue out. He's enjoying himself.) This is totally awesome! Why don't you try it?

Mittens: No, thanks. It's really a dog thing.

(Overtime, Mittens teaches Bolt how to be a normal dog. Such as learning to fetch sticks and bury bones and play with other dogs. While doing so, they study the map to make sure they're going the right way. They stop at Vegas to sleep for the night.)

Mittens: Hey. Hey, Bolt. Wake up. Come on. I've got a surprise for you. (Takes Bolt to the neon dump.) Okay, okay. No peeking. All right, now, open them. Bask in the glow, baby.

Bolt: I... Uh...

Mittens: Just let me give you the grand tour. Okay? This one, this one's mine, and this one is all yours.

Bolt: Mittens, I--

Mittens: I found this really soft pillow thing for you. And get this. I found some styrofoam, and I stuffed it inside, which I thought was both kind of creative and ironic. You know what I mean?

Bolt: Mittens, I don't think that--

Mittens: oh! Ooh! Check it out. (Kicks the stick away) Total privacy, and completely soundproof!

Bolt: Yeah, well, I don't think that I--

Mittens: Okay, I lied. It's not soundproof. But you know--

Bolt: Mittens, I can't stay here!

Mittens: What?

Bolt: We're one waffle away from Penny.

Mittens: You're still going back to her?

Bolt: Mittens, she's my person.

Mittens: (Gets mad and grabs Bolt by the ear.)

Bolt: Ow! Ow! Ow! Ear, ear.

Mittens: (Jumps up and show's him a billboard of his show.) Look at me, Bolt. I'm real.

Now, how about this? Is that real? Does this look real to you? Or that? Is that real? Or that? How about that, Bolt? She's an actress. She's just pretending.

Bolt: Not Penny.

Mittens: There is no Penny. She's fake.

Bolt: No, you're wrong. She loves me.

Mittens: No, no, Bolt. That's what they do, okay? They act like they love you, they act like they'll be there forever, and then one day they'll pack up all their stuff and move away and take their love with them, and leave their declawed cat behind to fend for herself! They leave her wondering... What she did wrong.

Bolt: I... I'm sorry, Mittens, but Penny is different.

Mittens: ... Then go...

Bolt: Mittens, I...

Mittens: Get out of here, Bolt! I never should've taken pity on you.

Bolt: Mittens...

Mittens: Just get out of here, Bolt!

Bolt: (Starts to walk away) You take care, Mittens.

(Bolt hops on a truck that's heading towards Hollywood. He feels bad for Mittens. Mittens has a load of food on a trash lid. She pushes it away.)

Rhino: (Groans) That meat lover's pizza is not loving me back at all.

Mittens: Hey there, Rhino.

Rhino: Morning, cat... Where's Bolt?

Mittens: He's... Uh... He's gone.

Rhino: Bolt... Left?

Mittens: Yeah, but he instructed me to tell you that he had to face the Green-Eyed Man alone.

Rhino: (Wanders off)

Mittens: Whoa! Where are you going?

Rhino: To Bolt.

Mittens: But he doesn't need us anymore.

Rhino: Trust me, I've seen it a million times before. In the cold, dark night before the battle, when the steely fangs of evil are sharpened and poised to strike, the hero must go and face his greatest challenge alone. But if Bolt's taught me anything, is that you never abandon a friend in a time of need. When your teammate's in trouble, you go. Whether they ask or not, you go, not knowing if you're coming back dead or alive--

Mittens: He went the other way.

Rhino: You go! Knowing how deep the shrapnel's going to pierce your hide, you go!

(Bolt makes it all the way to Hollywood on the truck. He looks over the horizon below him, hoping to find his person.)

Bolt: Penny.

Blake: No way. Wow. Bolt. I'm a really big fan of yours, brother. I'm Blake.
This is my writing partner, Tom. Tom, say what's up.

Tom: What's up.

Billy: Wow!

Tom: Oh no.

Blake: Oh. And this is our personal assistant, Billy, who was supposed to wait up on the wire.

Billy: (Fanboys) Bolt, I've admired you for such a long time, and there's something I've always wanted to tell you if I ever got a chance to meet you, and now it's--

Blake: Okay, Billy, that was horrifying, what you just did. Why don't you make yourself useful? Go get me some breadcrumbs, whole grain. Go. Whole wheat is not the same thing as whole grain, Billy!

Tom: Not the same, Billy!

Blake: Do not come at me with whole wheat!

Tom: Or pumpernickel, Billy!

Bolt: Okay, guys, but I really gotta get going.

Blake: I know. I know you're a busy dog, but if you've got a second, we'd love to pitch you an idea for your show. Tom's better at pitching. I'll let him take it from here. Tommy's got the spotlight! (Tom stands there in silence) Wait for it...

Tom: Aliens.

Blake: Oh, snap!

Bolt: Aliens?

Tom: Audiences love aliens.

Blake: Holler back!

Tom: It'll be huge man, huge.

Blake: You can't touch us!

Bolt: Uh... I love it. But I'll tell you what. If you guys can help me find Penny, that girl from the television show, well, I'd love to hear more about this aliens idea, but on the way.

Tom: We got a nibble!

Blake: Don't freak out. This is how you blew it with Nemo.

(The pigeons talk about the aliens idea to Bolt as they lead him to Penny.)

Tom: And as the tractor beam is pulling Penny towards the alien mother ship, we fade to black.

Blake: And we have a great pop song for the end credits.

Tom: Talk to your people. We're ready to move on this.

Blake: He's so on board!

(Bolt looks on to see the water tower that has his and Penny's face on it. He knows she's got to be close. Mittens and Rhino follow Bolt's trail.)

Rhino: There it is! The most terrifying place on Earth.

(Bolt is looking around for his trailer. Mittens and Rhino sneak in.)

Rhino: At long last, we've arrived at the belly of the beast. The lair of the Green-Eyed Man! (Charges in)

Mittens: Rhino! Hold up! Hold up!

Rhino: Why? What's the problem? I'm pumped!

Mittens: (sigh) Listen, this may be really hard for you to understand, but, you see, sometimes things aren't what they seem to be. I mean, sometimes you think something's really real and it's not. And sometimes--

Rhino: (Tunes out Mittens' talking as he looks at a minion of the green-eyed man.) All of my training has prepared me for this moment... (Charges) Die! Die! Prepare yourself, foul man-beast, for I will beat your pancreas with your spleen, and then I will rip your liver out of your--

Actor: Aww! You're so cute with your little whiskers. I had a hamster just like you when I was a kid.

(While the actor his distracted, Mittens follows one of the prop vans. Meanwhile, Bolt goes backstage to find his trailer, but Penny isn't inside. He looks through all the pictures of all the adventures he's been through with her. He steps on his toy carrot and begins chewing it.)

Penny: Bolt? Bolt! You're okay! You came back.

(Bolt runs after Penny. But he stops when he sees another dog coming up to her.)

Penny: Bolt, I thought I lost you. You're my good boy.

(Bolt becomes sad. He walks away and drops his carrot toy. Little did he know, Penny was rehearsing.)

Mindy: Okay, people. Let's move it to stage seven and do it for real.

Penny: (sad) I miss him.

Penny's mom: I know, honey. I do, too.

(Mittens was sitting upstairs. She saw the whole thing. She goes after Bolt.)

Assistant Director: Ok. Hold still for me, sweetie.

(She tightens the rope on Penny’s chest and attached it to a rope and a cable.)

(Bolt sadly walks away from the stage. Feeling as if Penny didn't love him. But Penny is just as sad as she is getting ready to film her next part. The crew is getting ready to shoot.)

Camera crew: Fifteen, take one. Mark. And action.

Dr. Calico: Ah! Professor, I'd like to thank you for granting us access to that labyrinthian mind of yours.

Penny's dad: You know I'd never do such a thing.

Dr. Calico: Unless it was the only way to save your little girl's life! (Reveals Penny hanging by a rope.)

Penny's dad: Penny!

Penny: Daddy! Bolt! Here, Bolt!

Dr. Calico: Your dog is nowhere near--

(The elevator goes off. The fake Bolt busts through the doors.)

Dr. Calico: Get that dog!

(Calico's minions show their electric claws. The dog becomes scared and leaves the scene. While also knocking over one of the torches and spreading fire.)

Camera crew: Fire. Fire, fire! There's fire!

(Bolt is still seen walking away. Mittens catches up with him.)

Mittens: Hey, wags!

Bolt: Mittens? What are you doing here?

Mittens: Long story short, I was tied to a delusional dog and dragged across the country. But that is not important now. The real question is, what are you doing here? And why aren't you in there?

Bolt: You were right about her, Mittens. She... Well, it wasn't real.

Mittens: No, Bolt. It is real. I was in there just now. I saw her face after you left. She's brokenhearted. She doesn't want just any dog. She loves you. She's your person, Bolt, and you are her dog. (Bolt pauses for a moment.) Bolt, you're just gonna have to trust me on this.

Bolt: Mittens, be quite.

Mittens: No. You need to hear this.

Bolt: No, no seriously. Be quiet. (Listens)

Mittens: What is it?

Bolt: Penny!

(The whole stage is on fire. Penny is still tied up.)

Penny: Help! Please, help! Help!

Crew: Hold on!

Penny: Please! Help! (Embers fall on her. There is an inflated pad under her. She cuts loose and tries to escape.)

(Firemen come to put out the fire. The guy that was holding Rhino realizes that the stage is on fire.)

Actor: Oh my gosh, the stage! (Puts Rhino down)

Rhino: Yeah. You better run! (Sees Bolt and Mittens running) I'm on your six!

Mittens: What do we do?

Bolt: Just make sure I get inside that building! (Runs into the crowd, while tripping Penny's agent.)

Agent: Bolt?!

(The crew comes out one at a time. Everybody's coughing from the smoke.)

Crew 1: Is anyone still in there?

Crew 2: I don't know.

(The stage comes crashing down.)

Rhino: Coming through. (Stops the metal from falling with his ball.) It's a good day to die!

Mittens: Not on my watch, rodent! (Grabs Rhino before his ball shatters.)

(Bolt slides under before the stage crashes. He navigates through the fire to find Penny. Penny is becoming weak from the smog. Bolt follows the sound and starts barking to alert that he's there.)

Penny: Bolt! (Runs towards Bolt and hugs him.) I knew you'd come back.

(The stage continues to fall apart. Penny and Bolt dodge to avoid the flames and the falling bits of debris. There's a rope on the ground. Bolt is determined to get Penny out.)

Penny: Bolt, zoom zoom.

(Bolt runs through the debris to find the way out. But the smoke is getting thick and Penny is getting weaker. He finds a vent that they could possibly climb out of. But Penny doesn't move.)

Penny: Bolt... (coughs) Bolt, just go on out. Go... It'll be okay. (Bolt refuses to leave her. After taking so long to find her, he's going to lose her again. He tucks under Penny's arm.) You're my good boy. I love you.

(Firemen and ambulance keep piling through. Penny's mother is worried.)

Penny's mom: Have you seen my daughter? Has anyone seen my baby?

(Penny and Bolt are still inside. Bolt is now weak from the smoke. He starts barking at the vent, hoping someone would hear. There's nothing. He decides to do the "superbark" in order to be heard. The crew outside stops to hear where the noise is coming from.)

Firemen: Quiet! Everyone be quiet.

(They hear the superbark again.)

Rhino: It's the superbark!

Firemen: It's coming from over there! Go, go, go! Come on, let's go!

(The firemen charge into the building. Bolt barks one last time before he passes out.)

(There's a bright light at the stage.)

Firemen: Over here! We found them! They're here. We found them!

(Penny is strapped into a stretcher.)

Paramedic: All right, we got an RT coming through, people! Make a hole! For your own safety, keep moving away from the building!

Penny: (Looks at Bolt, bearly wagging his tail.) Bolt...

Penny's mom: Sweetie! You're okay. You gotta be okay. You're gonna be just fine.

Paramedic: She's stable, but we're gonna take her to the hospital just to be safe.

(Little did anybody know, Mittens and Rhino snuck aboard on the stretcher. The fireman lays Bolt on Penny.)

Penny's mom: I'm so, so sorry this happened.

Agent: I can't imagine what you must be feeling. No mother should ever have to go through something like this, but I promise you we're going to make this work for us. I'm talking cover stories, production deals, executive producer credit. This is so great! (Gets punched out of the ambulance)

Penny's mom: We quit.

Agent: No, no! Wait! Let's not make any rash decisions. Let's put a pin in it.

(Penny gets sent to the hospital. There is a heart monitor beeping. Penny's face is covered in bandages.)

Doctor: I'm afraid your injuries were more severe than we had previously thought, my dear. We had to completely reconstruct your face. Have a look.

Actor Penny: Well... At least Calico won't be able to recognize me.

Dr. Calico: (Comes in with a shot)

Actor Penny: (Gasp) Calico!

(About to give Penny the shot, but gets attacked by laser vision. Bolt bursts through the window.)

Actor Penny: Bolt!

(Actor Bolt superbarks through the wall. Suddenly a tractor beam pulls Penny and Bolt up into an alien spaceship. They fly away.)

Dr. Calico: Aliens.

Rhino: (Turns the TV off) That is totally unrealistic.

Bolt: Absolutely ridonculous.

Mittens: You could say that again. (Gets scratched by Penny's mom) Oh, yeah. Right there, right there. Over. Yeah, that's the spot.

(Bolt's carrot toy gets tossed. He starts chewing at it.)

Penny: Hey, silly doggy. (Takes a picture with her new pets.) That's a keeper. You wanna go play outside? Huh? You wanna go play outside? Let's go!

(Bolt and Penny run outside to play.)

Pigeon 1: Does that dog look familiar?

Pigeon 2: Nope. I never seen him before in my life.

(The pigeons fly away. The ending credits show's the picture Penny took with her new pets.)