Directed By
Marshall Lewy
Produced By
Mynette Louie
Written By
Marshall Lewy
Robert Carlyle
Alexia Rasmussen
Danny Masterson
Kathleen Wilhoite
A Martinez
Music By
T. Griffin
Syncopated Films
Distributed By
Strand Releasing
Release Date
November 30, 2012
94 min.
Rating NR

California Solo is an American independent feature film written and directed by Marshall Lewy. It made its world premiere at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, and its international premiere at the 2012 Edinburgh Film Festival. The film was acquired by Strand Releasing for the U.S., and will be released theatrically on November 30, 2012.


Lachlan MacAldonich is former Britpop rocker who has settled into a comfortably numb existence in farm country just outside Los Angeles. By day, he works on an organic farm and travels regularly to the city's farmers' markets to sell produce. By night, he retreats to his crummy apartment to record "Flame-Outs," his podcast that recounts the tragic deaths of great musicians. The only spark in his humdrum existence is Beau, a lovely struggling actress and amateur chef who frequents the Silver Lake farmers' market.

One night, Lachlan gets pulled over for a DUI, a charge that dredges up his past drug offense and threatens him with deportation. Lachlan's only hope of staying in the U.S. is proving that his removal would cause "extreme hardship" to a U.S. citizen spouse or relative. Lachlan contacts his estranged ex-wife and daughter, raising past demons that he must finally confront.

"California Solo" is a touching, human story about post-fame life and personal redemption.



Lewy wrote the part of "Lachlan" with Robert Carlyle in mind. Carlyle has remarked, "It was an easy sell to get me to do it" and he drew inspiration for the character from his friends, the Gallagher brothers of Oasis.

The film was shot in June 2011 in Leona Valley, Lancaster, Moorpark, and many neighborhoods of Los Angeles, including Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Atwater Village, Sun Valley, Downtown, Highland Park, Hollywood, and Culver City. Its title song was written specifically for the film by Adam Franklin.

Critics have praised Robert Carlyle's performance, calling it "open and utterly human", "effortlessly engaging", "soulful and layered", and "stunning...perhaps his best since Trainspotting’s Begbie".


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