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Cavalcade of the West is a 1936 American western film directed by Harry L. Fraser.


When a family misses the rendezvous for a wagon train they venture on their own to join it. They are ambushed by three outlaws who murder the father, knock out the mother and steal one of the two boys for themselves.

As the years go by, the remaining brother, Clint, and his mother, are looked after by others in the community with Clint making a living breaking and selling horses while the kidnapped brother Asa becomes an outlaw known as Ace Carter, presumably under the tutelage of his kidnappers. When the Pony Express is created, both brothers, their relationship unknown to each other, attempt to join as riders. Clint is accepted for the most dangerous route whilst Ace is rejected. Ace revenges himself by robbing the mail from his brother, and by robbing a stagecoach. The robbery of which Clint is suspected. Clint tracks down Ace and discovers him to be his long-lost brother. And when townsmen arrive to "string up" Ace for the robbery, Clint faces a tough choice


  • Hoot Gibson as Clint Knox
  • Rex Lease as Ace Carter AKA Asa Knox
  • Marion Shilling as Mary Christman
  • Adam Goodman as Windy Harper
  • Nina Guilbert as Mrs Martha Knox
  • Earl Dwire as George Christman
  • Phil Dunham as Reporter
  • Robert McKenzie as Judge
  • Steve Clark as John Knox
  • Jerry Tucker as Clint as a young boy
  • Barry Downing as Asa as a young boy