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Christmas in July is a 1940 comedy film written and directed by Preston Sturges based on his 1931 play A Cup of Coffee, starring Dick Powell and Ellen Drew.


When the coworkers of Jimmy MacDonald (Dick Powell) play a prank and trick him into thinking that's he's won the grand prize money in a slogan contest for a coffee company, he is thrilled and makes plans to marry his sweetheart, Betty Casey (Ellen Drew). To everyone's surprise, the coffee company owner, Dr. Maxford (Raymond Walburn), also falls for the prank and awards the prize check to Jimmy. Eventually the ruse is discovered, jeopardizing Jimmy and Betty's newfound happiness.


  • Dick Powell as Jimmy MacDonald
  • Ellen Drew as Betty Casey
  • Raymond Walburn as Dr. Maxford
  • Alexander Carr as Mr. Shindel
  • William Demarest as Mr. Bildocker
  • Ernest Truex as J. B. Baxter
  • Franklin Pangborn as Don Hartman, the radio announcer
  • Harry Hayden as E. L. Waterbury, Jimmy's office manager
  • Rod Cameron as Dick, a co-worker
  • Adrian Morris as Tom Darcy, a co-worker
  • Harry Rosenthal as Harry, a co-worker
  • Georgia Caine as Mrs. Ellen MacDonald
  • June Preston as Mrs. Ellen MacDonald's daughter
  • Ferike Boros as Mrs. Schwartz
  • Torben Meyer as Mr. Schmidt, a Shindel's employee
  • Julius Tannen as Mr. Zimmerman
  • Al Bridge as Mr. Hillbeiner, a jewelry salesman at Shindel's
  • Lucille Ward as Mrs. Casey
  • Kay Stewart as Maxford's secretary
  • Victor Potel as Davenola salesman