Country is a 1984 American film which follows the trials and tribulations of a rural family as they struggle to hold onto their farm during the trying economic times experienced by family farms in 1980s America. The film was written by William D. Wittliff and stars real-life couple Jessica Lange and Sam Shepard. The film was directed by Richard Pearce and was shot on location in Dunkerton Iowa and at Burbank's Walt Disney Studios.

The film was Touchstone Pictures' second production, the first being Splash. Lange, who also co-produced the film, was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress and a Golden Globe award for her role. Then-U.S. president Ronald Reagan stated in his personal diary that this film "was a blatant propaganda message against our agri programs."

Plot[edit | edit source]

Gilbert "Gil" Ivy (Sam Shepard) and his wife Jewell (Jessica Lange) have worked Jewell's family farm for years, and her father Otis (Wilford Brimley) doesn't want to see his family farm lost to foreclosure. However, low crop prices, pending FHA loans and a tornado all put pressure on the struggling family as they face hardship and the prospect of losing their home and livelihood.

Cast[edit | edit source]

  • Jessica Lange... Jewell Ivy
  • Sam Shepard... Gil Ivy
  • Wilford Brimley... Otis
  • Matt Clark... Tom McMullen
  • Therese Graham... Marlene Ivy
  • Levi Knebel... Carlisle Ivy
  • Jim Haynie... Arlon Brewer
  • Sandra Seacat... Louise Brewer

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