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Denver the Last Dinosaur-the Real Movie is an all-new movie, follow-up to the 1980s' cartoon series off the same name. This new movie is an upcoming film, it might be for Blue sky studios, Universal, Legendary Pictures, 20th-century fox, Amblin, and Illumination Entertainment. Featuring Will smith as Denver's talking voice.

From the makers of Jurassic World, The Peanuts Movie, Walking with Dinosaurs-the movie, Sing 2, Minions, and The Grinch.

Denver and the owl-DenverMoviePoster.JPG.jpg


About 65 million years ago, a meteorite crashes into the Earth, killing almost all of the dinosaurs [except birds] and splitting the universe into two parallel dimensions. The surviving dinosaurs cross into this new dimension and evolve into very intelligent creatures!

In the present, a mysterious group of kids hatches a large egg at an old place near the Los Angeles Natural History Museum, but as Heather attempts to hide, she is asked by Morton Fizz-bag, who asks/demands "where is the cash?" and she makes a sudden escape as a pile of hunky rocks nearly hits her, but Heather gives Morton some quarters and escapes with her life. The large blue, tar-coated egg then hatches, containing a large green Corythosaurus who says "Hark, who dares disturb my 65-million-year-old slumber?" Many moments later, Denver the last dinosaur asks for help in regaining his memory of who he is since he is the "last dinosaur" after all, leading to an epic adventure 68 million years in the making.

After tricking Funton into releasing him, Denver makes a narrow escape. In the forest, he observes an owl and other forest animals.When Morton Fizz-bag shows up, Denver learns to put on a concert for a rock and roll group.

Long after trading Denver for a guy in a Barney-bodysuit, Morton Fizz-back gives Denver his freedom and says "If you need me, just call me" and then, another adventure begins.

After a lecture of dinosaur facts and a dinner date, Dallas takes Denver back to the museum only to witness two of Funton's men sabotaging it by leaving the water pipes open. Denver and his pals manage to fix it but are chased down by Rodney and his gang, whom Denver tells to back off by envisioning the scariest dinosaur he can remember: Tyrannosaurus Rex! After Rodney and his pals learn their lesson and offer Denver their apologies, Denver and his pals go through an inter-dimensional portal that leads them to Dino-Brooklyn.

In a confrontation scene, Denver uses a time-and-space machine to summon an actual Tyrannosaurus Rex, who gives out a ferocious Jurassic World-type T-Rex roar and chases Dr. Funton.

After sentencing Funton to 6 weeks of community service, Denver and his pals have saved the dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and other inhabitants of Dino-Brooklyn and the Earth, too. With the good Dr. Smarty, the nice professor restored, all ends well.

Towards the end, just before the end credits, Denver and his pals take a new photo to replace the old one from 1988.

In a post-credits scene, Morton fizz-back decides to make a new dinosaur exhibit with three business executives propose making the exhibit based on Denver, Morton's nephew Marvin decides on the title of Denver: A Living Dinosaur's Point of View, which is co-sponsored by the Dinosaur Protection Group.

Featured dinosaurs and animals

  1. Tyrannosaurus Rex
  2. Allosaurus
  3. Troodon
  4. Brachiosaurus
  5. Pteranodon
  6. Stegosaurus
  7. Triceratops
  8. Chasmosaurus
  9. Corythosaurus
  10. Saurolophus
  11. Ornithomimus
  12. Gorgosaurus
  13. Quetzalcoatlus
  14. Great horned owl
  15. red fox
  16. Deinosuchus
  17. Pterodactylus
  18. Supersaurus
  19. Tarbosaurus
  20. Baryonyx
  21. Parasaurolophus
  22. Dimetrodon
  23. Ichthyornis
  24. Archaeopteryx
  25. Plesiosaurus
  26. Velociraptor
  27. Dromaeosaurus
  28. Coelophysis
  29. Iguanodon
  30. Megalosaurus
  31. Camptosaurus
  32. Gryposaurus
  33. Rhamphorhynchus
  34. Centrosaurus
  35. Lambeosaurus
  36. Ankylosaurus
  37. secretary bird
  38. alligators
  39. macaw-parrots
  40. Pachycephalosaurus


This motion picture soundtrack is from Universal, Warner, World Events Records,and Kid Rhino records

Track listing

  1. make it big-beach boys
  2. Denver the last dinosaur opening theme-1980s revival version
  3. My name is Denver
  4. Get up offa that thing-James Brown
  5. Getaway/ Rescue me-earth, wing, fire, and water
  6. Blood on the dance floor-Michael Jackson
  7. Walk the dinosaur-Queen Latifah
  8. Celebration-Kool and the gang

Quote example [s]

"I may be big, but I'm no dummy"-Denver