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Dodsworth is a 1936 American drama film directed by William Wyler, starring Walter Huston, Ruth Chatterton, Paul Lukas, and Mary Astor. Sidney Howard based the screenplay on his 1934 stage adaptation of the 1929 novel of the same name by Sinclair Lewis. Huston reprised his stage role.


When Sam Dodsworth (Walter Huston), the head of a car company, embarks on a vacation in Europe with his youth-obsessed wife, Fran (Ruth Chatterton), the couple find themselves growing apart. Soon Fran is flirting with other men and embracing a spontaneous and impulsive lifestyle, while Sam is left on his own. However, after running into the lively and independent Edith Cortwright (Mary Astor), an acquaintance from their transatlantic trip, Sam realizes that he may find love again.


  • Walter Huston as Sam Dodsworth
  • Ruth Chatterton as Fran Dodsworth
  • Paul Lukas as Arnold Iselin
  • Mary Astor as Edith Cortright
  • David Niven as Captain Lockert
  • Gregory Gaye as Kurt Von Obersdorf
  • Mme. Maria Ouspenskaya as Baroness Von Obersdorf
  • Odette Myrtil as Renée De Penable
  • Spring Byington as Matey Pearson
  • Harlan Briggs as Tubby Pearson
  • Kathryn Marlowe as Emily
  • John Howard Payne as Harry