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Ending Credits and LogosEdit

directed by

Maurice Joyce

produced by

Jim Jinkins
David Campbell

produced by

Melanie Grisanti

produced by

Jack Spillum

written by

Ken Scarborough

film editors

Alysha Nadine Cohen
Christopher K. Gee

with the voice talents of

Thomas McHugh
as doug funnie, lincoln

Fred Newman
as skeeter, mr. dink, porkchop, ned

Chris Phillips
as roger klotz, bloomer, larry, mr. chiminy

Constance Shulman
as patti mayonnaise

Frank Welker
as herman melville

Doug Preis
as mr. funnie, mr. bluff, willie, chalky, bluff agent #1

Guy Hadley
as guy graham

Alice Playten
as beebe bluff, elmo

Eddie Korbich
as all & moo sleech, robocrusher

David O’Brien
as stentorian (quailman) announcer

Doris Belack
as mayor tippi dink

Becca Lish
as judy funnie, mrs. funnie, connie

Greg Lee
as principal white

Bob Bottone
as bluff assistant

Bruce Bayley Johnson
as mr. swirley

Fran Brill
as. mrs. perigrew

Melissa Greenspan
as briar langolier

music by
Mark Watters

associate producer
Bruce Knapp

production manager
Masako Kanayama

script coordinator
Jim Rubin

design supervisors
Freya Tanz
Pete List
Eugene Salandra

design coordinator
Marcus Pauls

background designers
Nash Dunnigan
Ray Feldman
Miriam Katin
Kim Miskoe
Don Poynter
Ray daSilva
Meryl Rosner

character and prop designers
Dick Codor
Moss Freedman
Miguel Martinez Joffre
Tim Chi Ly
Christopher Palesty
Irene Wu

storyboard supervisor
Siobhan Mullen

storyboard coordinator
Deidre Stammers

storyboard artists
Liz Rathke
Barking Bullfrog Cartoon Company
Jean Charles Finck
Victor Glasko
Tapani Knuutila
Jean Lajeunesse

storyboard revision artists
Otis L. Brayboy II
David Concepcion
Christopher McCulloch
Nate Kanfer
Kevin Lofton
Maurice Fontenot
Prentis Rollins
Willy Hartland

voice directors
Jim Jinkins
David Campbell
Kent W. Meredith

talent coordinator
Kent W. Meredith

talent assistant
Tsukasa Nakamori

storyboard slugging
Gary Blatchford
My Bushman
Kieran Dowling

sheet timers
Gary Blatchford
Kieran Dowling
Ian Freedman
Anthony Power

background color supervisor
Michael Zodorozny

background painters
Tony Curanaj
Sophie Kittredge
Adrian Newkirk
Michael Rose

color key supervisors
Marina Dominis Dunnigan
Doris Santos

color stylists
John Brandon
Jason McDonald

technical supervisor
Rudy Tomaselli

efx coordinator
Frank Drucker

animatic coordinator
Charlene McBride

track reading
Harry Chang

mouth director
Simi Nallaseth

production assistants
Heather Heath
Paul Zdanowicz

title animation

Kieran Dowling

assistant animator
Darren Power

Trevor Murphy
Aveen O’Reilly
Ciaran Bonass

efx animator
Robert Byrne

production manager
Jason Edward

technical supervisor
Rudy Tomaselli

digital paint and compositing
Tape House Toons

digital cinematography
Tape House Digital Film

graphic designer
Alisa Klayman

animation production by

Plus One Animation, Inc.

supervising director
Choon-Man Lee

overseas supervisors
Kent Laursen
Ric Machin
Glenn McDonald

layout directors
Kwang-Seok Lee
Baik-Ma Seong

animation directors
Han-Gil Oh
Hyeon-Deok Ma
Soeng-Cheon Shin
Joon-Bok Kim

key animators
Beom-Woo Nam – Kyung-Bea Park
Kyung-Nam Ko – Jeong-Seon Son
Jeong-Taek Kim – Young-Mee Jeong
Choon-Yong You – Jong-Seok Choi
Sang-Hyun Cho – Hyung-Jun Kim
Seung-Tae Jeong – Mee-Young Kim
Dae-ll Kang – Seon-Ho Shin
Keun-Sik Song – Kee-Ryong Kim
Jin-Taek Lee – Kyung-Sook Kim
Jang-Pil Lee – Myung-Hee Son
Chee-Heon Ham – Joon-Kyung Jang
Kee-Do Lee – Deuk-Kwon Choi
Chan-Seop Lee

assistant animators
Seon-Hee Hong – Jung-Sil Kang
Hae-Kyung Kim – So-Hee Shim
Ok-Bun Kim – Young-Sook Kim
Hyun-Hee Choi – Bo-Sin Lee
Yeon-Joo Seo – Min-Jea Kang
Mee-Kyung Hong – Jeong-A Oh
Youn-Jeong Jeong – Mee-Yi You
Jan-Hwa Kum – Choon-Hee Lee
Jeong-Hwa Choi – Shin-Ung Kang
Joo-Yeon Kim – Ju-Yeon Han

Soo-Kyung Park
In-Sook Kwon
Mee-Yeon Yang

Tae-Seon Kwon – Eun-Joo Lee
Jae-Hun Jeong – Mee-Jeong Kim
Hye-Kyung Lee – Jong-Sook Kim
Hyun-Joo Kang – Joung-Eun Kim
Young-Mee Lee – Eun-Kyung Kim
Joo-Young Kim – Un-Ah Kim
Hye-Jee Kim – Young-Mee Noh
Hee-Sook Lee – Kyung-Mee Park
Youn-Hee Seo – Hye-Sook Jeon
In-Yong Jeong – Jae-Sook Lee

model checking supervisor
Hyeon-Sook Park

animation checking supervisor
Jeong-Ja Kim

assistant animation checkers
Yong-Kyu Kim
Gi-Seok Cho

ink & paint supervisor
Tae-Jeong Lee

color mark up
Hae-Won Park

inking checker
Hae-Kyeong Kim

painting checkers
Myeong-Ae Kim
Yeong-Yea Han

special efx
Yeon-Kwan Jeong
Kyeong-Yong Lee

background director
Kye-Jeong Ahn

camera director
Bok-Dong Jo

production managers
Ji-Byung Kim
Jang-Ho Han
Jean-Seon Kim

retake department manager
Nak-Hoon Kim

overseas coordinators
Youn-Jeong Shin
Kyung-Mi Yoon
Hae-Won Yang

Ae-Ra Jeon
Min-Kyung Kim

additional animation - new york

Mike Foran
Ray daSilva

assistant animators
Irene Wu
Chris Dechert

background layout artist
Freya Tanz

background painters
Michael Rose
Sophie Kittredge
Miriam Katin
Andrei Poteryaylo


"mona mo"
words & music by
Dan Sawyer & Fred Newman
performed by
Dan Sawyer & Fred Newman
©1999 Walt Disney Music Company

"deep deep water"
words & music by
Dan Sawyer, Kristyn Osborn & Linda Garvey
band version performed by
Dan Sawyer
end title version performed by
produced by
Gordon Kennedy
SHEDAISY appears courtesy of Lyric Street Records
©1999 Walt Disney Music Company

"someone like me"
words & music by
William Squier & Jeffrey Lodin
performed by
Michael Africk

produced by
Perry Geyer and Miguel Pessoa
Michael Africk appears coutresy of Hollywood Records
©1999 Wonderland Music Company, Inc.

original theme for "Disney’s Doug" by
Dan Sawyer

additional vocalization by
Fred Newman

supervising music editor
Dominick Certo

music mixer
John Richards

orchestrations by
Harvey Cohen
John Bisharat
John Given
Ira Hearshen
Christopher Klatman
Alan Steinberger

Booker White

music contractor
Reggie Wilson

post production

post production supervisor
Stephen Swofford

assistant film editor
Denis Dutton

pre-production editor
Meredith Watson Jeffrey

post production assistant
Erica Beeney

dialogue recording studio
Pomann Sound, Inc.

dialogue recordists
Juan Dieguez
Jerome Hyman

dialogue editors
Joe Gauci
Dave Chmela

ADR recordists/editors
Marc Bazerman
Aria Boediman

pre-production sound coordinator
Darryl Jefferson

supervising sound editors
Ron Eng
Louis L. Edemann

sound editors
Rick Franklin
Leonard T. Geschke
Chuck Neely
Jeff Clark
Scott G.G. Haller
Gail Clark Bunch
Howard S.M. Neiman

assistant sound editors
Ronnie Morgan
Keith Edemann
Jerry Edemann

re-recording mixers
Andy D’Addario
Tom Dahl

additional voice artists
Rodger Burgess
Paul Eiding
Jackie Gonneau
Sherry Lynn
Mickie McGowan
Phil Proctor
Brianne Siddall
Claudette Wells

assistant music editor
Tommy Holmes

additional sound design
Pomann Sound, Inc.

foley walkers
Ken Dulve
Joan Rowe

foley mixer
Lee Pinkham

Chris Sparkes

Neal Porter

color timing
Terry Claborn

negative cutting
Mary Beth Smith
Kevin Henry

title design
Susan Bradley

titles, opticals and digital effects
Buena Vista Imaging

prints by

produced and distributed on
Eastman Film

original character developed by
Jim Jinkins
Joe Aaron



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All Rights Reversed

This motion pictures was created by Jumbo Pictures, Inc.
for purposes of copyright law in the United Kingdom.

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