EJIDA Studios is a short film studio founded on October the 15th, 2016 by Ian Ghys, Belgian, Andy Tao, Chinese, and Ethan Chen, Taiwanese, currently in grade 6, therefore some of the youngest filmmakers in the world. They have learnt their filmmaking at Shanghai United International School in Shanghai.

About EJIDA Studios

EJIDA Studios was founded by Ian Ghys, Andy Tao and Ethan Chen in late October, 2016. Their main goal was to entertain people by making quality movies. Ian Ghys has a passion for editing, directing, acting and producing. Andy Tao has a passion for filming. Ethan Chen has a passion of making films. So that's why they came together and decided to make a film studio. The name EJIDA Was made by having Ethan's first letter, E, first, then a random letter, J, then Ian's first letter, I, and then another random letter, D, and then finally Andy's first letter, A. That is how they came up with the name, EJIDA.

Sadly, Andy left EJIDA Studios recently.


EJIDA Studios has many members to help them make short films. The CEO of EJIDA Studios is Ian Ghys. The Manager of EJIDA Studios is Ethan Chen, and the head Cinematographer is Andy Tao. Their head of cast is Robert, an actor.

Ian Ghys is a young director, actor and editor having edited school plays, acted in school plays and directed multiple short films before the founding of the company. Ethan Chen is also a young director and producer having very good leadership skills along with Ian. Andy Tao has always loved to film and take pictures, so being a cinematographer was no trouble for him. Robert Nairn is an extremely skilled actor who has acted with his great friends in plays multiple times.

Short Films

EJIDA Studios has made 3 short films so far, and is making their 4th short film soon.

It's very first short film is called The Scientist, and is an original story about a scientist, whose father gets a form of cancer, and the scientist makes a cure for it.

It's second and most recent short film is called Teaching Trouble, and is about a teacher who gets fed a medicine by an evil student and goes crazy. This is also their longest short film yet at 10mins long.

Their third short film Welcome to Middle School is a documentary about the rules of middle school and is planned to be shown to new students to their school.

Their 4th short film is currently in the making, and is called Minus Fifty, and has something to do with a time machine, as that was the original name of the short film.

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