Directed By
Produced By
José Antonio Félez
(executive producer)
Francisco Lázaro
(associate producer)
Written By
Achero Mañas
Verónica Fernandez
(collaborating writer)
Music By
Distributed By
Release Date
October 20, 2000
Filming Location
Madrid, Spain
88 minutes
1 hour 28 minutes

El Bola (English: Pellet) is a 2000 Spanish feature film directed and written by Achero Mañas (with Verónica Fernandez working as a collaborating writer), produced by José Antonio Félez and Francisco Lázaro, and edited by Nacho Ruiz Capillas.

Plot Edit

Pablo aka "El Bola" (Juan José Ballesta) is a twelve-year old boy who struggles to find friends at school due to his physically abusive father (Manuel Morón). His life is changed, however, when he befriends the new kid, Alfredo (Pablo Galán), who in contrast has a warm and caring atmosphere at home. Alfredo and his family provide Pablo with the courage to confront his worst fears.

Cast Edit

Age certificates Edit

  • Argentina: 13
  • Australia: M
  • Chile: 14
  • France: U
  • Ireland: 18
  • Netherlands: 12
  • Peru: 14
  • Spain: 13
  • Sweden: 11
  • United Kingdom: 15

Distributors Edit

Distributor Country Notes
Intramovies Worldwide 2000, theatrical
Buena Vista Home Video United Kingdom 2001, DVD release
Les Films du Safran France All media
Wanda Visión S.A. Spain All media
Argentina Video Home Argentina 2002, DVD and VHS release
Film Movement United States of America 2003, DVD release
Axiom Films United Kingdom All media
First Movies Belgium 2003, theatrical
Twin Film Netherlands 2004, theatrical
FNAC United Kingdom 2007, DVD release
CMV Laservision Germany 2012, DVD

Alternate names Edit

Country Name
Denmark El bold - Kuglen
Hungary Golyó
Poland Kulka
Russia Шарик
Worldwide English title Pellet

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