Ernest P. Worrell
Ernest P Worrell.jpg
First appearance Ernest Goes to Camp (1987)
Last appearance Ernest in the Army (1998)
Created by Carden and Cherry advertising agency
Portrayed by Jim Varney
Background Information
Species Human
Relatives Various relatives and ancestors
Pets Shorty Hey Vern it's Ernest Pokey Goes to Camp. Rimshot
Friends Vern, Harmony Starr (in "Ernest Saves Christmas"), Chuck (in "Ernest Saves Christmas" and "Ernest Goes to Jail"), Bobby (in "Ernest Saves Christmas", "Ernest Goes to Jail", "Ernest Scared Stupid", and "Ernest Goes to School"), Tom Tulip (in "Ernest Scared Stupid"), Lyle (in "Ernest Goes to Jail") Kenny (in "Ernest Scared Stupid")
Rivals Sherman Krader (in "Ernest Goes to Camp"), Felix Nash and Rubin Bartlett (in "Ernest Goes to Jail"), Trantor and other trolls (in "Ernest Scared Stupid"), Doctor Glencliff (in "Ernest Rides Again"), Mister Zamiel Moloch (in "Slam Dunk Ernest"), Prince Kazim (in "Ernest Goes to Africa"), President Almar Habib Tufuti (in "Ernest in the Army")
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