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Walt Disney Pictures presents

a Pixar Animation Studios film


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Ocean Unit

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Reef Unit

Tank Unit

Sharks/Sydney Unit

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Global Technology

Digital Final


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Liz Kupinski Jun Han Cho
Scott O. Clifford Derek Williams

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CG Artist
Jessica Abroms Chris Bernardi
Simon Dunsdon Steven James
Sungyeon Joh Michael Kilgore
David MacCarthy Michael K. O'Brien
Eileen O'Niell Lisa Kim

Sharks/Sydney UnitEdit

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CG Artists
Bryan Bird Chris Chapman
Jun Han Cho Kevin Edwards
Christina Garcia Christina Haaser
Jean-Claude J. Kalache Steven Kani

Tank UnitEdit

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CG Artists
Frank Aalbers Mark Adams
Fareed Behmarom-Mosavat Chad Belteau
Shawn Brennan Gary Bruins
Liz Kupinski Carter Airton Dittz, JR.

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A Division of Lucas Digital Ltd., Martin County CaliforniaEdit

Additional VoicesEdit

Carlos Alazraqui Jack Angel James S. Baker
Bob Bergen Bobby Block Susan Blu
Geoff Brooks Jane Carr Jennifer Darling
Paul Eiding Jessie Flower Aaron Fors
Leland Grossman Bradley Trevor Greive Jess Harnell
Lili Ishida Marc John Jefferies Caroline Kindred
Oliver Kindred Noah Luke Sherry Lynn
Danny Mann Andrew McDonough Mickie McGowan
Rove McManus Alec Medlock Laura Marano
Vanessa Marano Nicole Miller Laraine Newman
Annelise Nolting Lisa Peers-Lyleson Bob Pearson
Jeff Pidgeon Phil Proctor Jan Rabson
Katherine Ringgold Daryl Sabara Evan Sabara
David Ian Salter Emmett Shoemaker Eliza Schneider
Andrew Stanton Ben Stanton Lee Unkrich
James Kevin Ward Kali Whitehurst
"The Girl from Ipanema" "Fandango"
Written by Written by
Antonio Carlos Jobim, Bob Bain
Vinicuius De Moroes
and Norman Gimbel "Beyond the Sea"
Written by
"Psycho (The Murder)" Charles Louis Trenet
Written by Albert Lasry
Bernard Herrmann and Jack Lawrance
Performed by
Robbie Williams
Courtesy of EMI Records under

license frrom EMI Film & TV Music

MPAA No. 39772 This picture made under the jurisdiction of IATSE Affiliated with A.F.L.-C.I.O.

Copyright (c) MMIII Disney Enterprises, Inc./Pixar Animation Studios All Rights Reserved.

This motion picture was created by Pixar Talking Pictures for purposes of copyright law in the United Kingdom.

Original Soundtrack Available from

Distributed by

Created and Produced at
Emeryville, CALIFORNIA

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