Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure (Franklin et le trésor du lac in France) is a children's animated adventure drama film released on September 6, 2006, based on the TV series Franklin. It was the first Franklin movie shown in theaters in Canada and France.

The events of this film focus around Franklin's Granny falling ill during a visit from Franklin's Aunt Lucy, who is an archaeologist. Aunt Lucy knows of a special talisman that may cure the illness, so she joins Franklin on a quest to find it, along with his friends Bear, Beaver, and Snail. But they are also accompanied by Aunt Lucy's goddaughter, Samantha "Sam", and her personality clashes with Franklin.

The film was released direct-to-video in the United States, by HBO and has had occasional TV airings on Nick Jr. since then. Writer John van Bruggen, stated "this film will take Franklin on a much greater adventure than any of the past Franklin films, including Franklin and the Green Knight." The film was written by John van Bruggen and directed by Dominique Monfrey. It is distributed by Mars Distribution, with StudioCanal controlling all rights worldwide. This film has also been listed under the working titles "Franklin and the Secret Talisman" and "Franklin and Granny's Secret".

It also serves as the series finale to the 1997 series, as no new episodes were produced after the film was released.

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