Getting Even With Dad is a 1994 American comedy film starring Macaulay Culkin

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and Ted Danson.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Timmy Gleason (Macaulay Culkin) is the estranged son of ex-con Ray Gleason (Ted Danson) and has been living with his aunt Kitty and her fiancee since the death of his mother some years earlier. Ray works as a baker designing cakes for a bakery. When Kitty goes on honeymoon, she dumps Timmy on a reluctant Ray, leaving him to look after his son in San Francisco for the next week.

Timmy is hoping to spend time with his father, but is largely ignored by Ray, who is the midst of planning a rare-coin heist with his two cronies Bobby and Carl (Saul Rubinek and Gailard Sartain). The robbery is successful, but Timmy learns of it and hides the stolen coins from them. He uses it to blackmail Ray into spending time with him, promising that he will return the coins afterwards. Thus father and son spend the next few days fishing, playing miniature golf and visiting amusement parks, with an amiable Carl and angry Bobby tagging along.

The police are suspicious of Ray, so Detective Theresa Walsh (Glenne Headly) is assigned by her superior


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(Hector Elizondo) to go undercover and surveil him. By chance, Ray and Timmy get talking to Theresa, unaware of who she really is, and invite her for a coffee and then to dinner. Theresa and Ray develop a mutual attraction, causing her boss concern over her willingness to do her job. Timmy and Ray have also gotten closer, so Timmy decides that he wants to stay with his dad permanently. He urges Ray to forget about the stolen coins, because he will probably be caught and sent back to prison. Ray refuses, so Timmy prepares to return home.

At the last moment, Ray has a change of heart. Bobby, however, appears at the bus station, where at gunpoint he forces Ray to open the locker containing the coins. Ray and Bobby are set upon by the waiting police and arrested. Ray is crushed to discover that Theresa is a cop. However, it turns out that the bag in the locker was full of pennies, so Ray is released again. At Timmy's prompting, Theresa finds the rare coins in a gym bag in a department store held by a mannequin. Father and son then prepare for a new life together.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Awards & Nominations[edit | edit source]

The CVF Awards:

  • Worst Picture: Pierce Gardner and Katie Jacobs
  • Worst Actor: Macaulay Culkin
  • Worst Actress: Glenne Headly
  • Worst Supporting Actor: Ted Danson
  • Worst Director: Howard Deutch
  • Worst Screenplay: Tom S. Parker and Jim Jennewein
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