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Globehunters 2000 Poster.PNG.png

Globehunters: An Around the World in 80 Days Adventure is a 2002 animated television film which originally aired on Nickelodeon on December 15, 2002 and eventually aired on VHS and DVD by MGM Home Entertainment as a DIC Movie Toon. Loosely based on Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne, the plot follows a trio of genetic animals, a chimpanzee named Eddie, a Cheetah named Sasha, and a parrot named Trevor, who decide to escape a laboratory and travel the world in hopes of finding a place known as Himalaya USA. Meanwhile, a hunter is tasked with catching the animals within a period of eighty days – before the tracking devices attached to the latter self-destruct.

The film was initially distributed by DIC Entertainment and is nowadays a property of WildBrain, which holds the rights to the DiC Movie Toons, as well as most of DiC's library, and Viacom.


Eddie, a chimpanzee who has spent his life in a labretory that specializes in animal inteligence, has had enough of it. When he and all the other animals discover the lab is closing, the lead scientist turns them over to a man named "Hunter" who will "dispose of them". The animal elders Max (an old owl) and Jacob (an elephant) vote that Eddie's escape plan is to dangerous and state that if the scientists don't need them anymore, they may set them free. Eddie along with his friends Sasha a cheetah and Trevor a green parrot who can translate human decide to escape themselves to the legendary "Hymalaya USA" a special place where animals can run wild and free, unaware that Hunter is tracking them with the aid of a tracking device given to him by the scientist that will only last 80 days. The trio stows away on a boat where they meet a group of Jamacain cats who tell them they're heading south in the wrong direction. The ship soon drops anchor at a small island, where Eddie asks Trevor go ashore and find them some food. After bring gone for hours, Eddie and Sasha go ashore themselves and discover Trevor being pampered by a tribe of island people who atempt to throw him into a volcano. Eddie and Sasha succefully rescue him and the trio resumes their journey, when they arrive in Siberia, Russia where they manage to comendier a hot air balloon (after a near encounter with hunter). They arrive in China, where they come to a circus and Eddie quickly becomes a star censation. After Eddie decides to stay, Sasha and Trevor are upest with his dicission and continue on their journey without him. While crossing the Great Wall, Sasha and Trevor are ambushed by Hunter in a helicopter, Trevor is caught and put into a small cage and Sasha leaps onto the chopper trying to save him, causing it to crash. Everyone survives, as the two see Hunter emerge from the dust Eddie shows up riding a motorcycle and rescues him friends and they board a train heading for Europe. They arrive in Paris, France where they stow away with a group of exotic animals belonging to an American Rock Star, they switch the flight plan so that they head to New Deli, India. After arriving in India, they come to a mountainous region thinking it's Himalaya USA. After meeting some of the local inhabitats who are far from welcoming, they tell them they don't want them there and that it was never the land they were looking for and they leave heavy-hearted. The trio encounter Hunter once more and come up with a plan to get rid of him once and for all. After leading him into their trap on a rope bridge hanging over a steep valley, Sasha attempts to bite the rope but comes to realizing that what they're doing is wrong. The bridge then collapses as Hunter's jeep falls into the valley with him inside it. The animals realize they're no better than him, but Trevor sees Hunter is still alive as the gas leaking from his vehicle catches fire. They quickly go down and rescue Hunter, pulling him to safety as the jeep explodes. Trevor sees Hunter has a badge that has "Himalaya U.S.A." written on it, and a name tag read "Jack Hunter" concluding that Hunter works for Himalaya USA. After Hunter comes to, Trevor is able to speak top him and Hunter explains how he's really a game warden who was trying to find them and bring them to the nature preserve. The animals willing trust Jack Hunter and they are brought to the nature preserve where they are reunited with all their friends from the lab. Eddie apoligizes to Max and admits that he was wrong, as Max welcomes the three of them home. Jacob tells Max that Eddie just might make elder himself one day.


  • Lee Cherry as Eddie, a chimpanzee.
  • Kenna Ramsey as Sasha, a cheetah.
  • Brian Beacock as Trevor, a parrot.
  • Sid Caesar as Jacob, an elderly elephant.
  • Willem Dafoe as Hunter
  • Chaka Khan as Marla
  • Carl Reiner as Max, an elderly owl.
  • Wally Wingert as Raj Kangaroo
  • Dwight Schultz as Dr. Burke
  • Quinton Flynn as Dr. Wilkins and Spume
  • Pat Musick as a Leopard and the French Newswomen
  • Greg Eagles as the Old Lion and the Tiger
  • Frank Welker as a Security Guard and the Circus Baboon