Gone in 60 Seconds is a 1974 American action film written, directed, produced by, and starring H.B. Halicki.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Maindrian Pace (H.B. Halicki) is an insurance investigator by day and a professional car thief by night. When a South American drug lord offers Pace $400,000 to steal 48 cars in five days, the assignment seems like an easy week's work for Pace and his gang until he's sold out. After he steals a car known as "Eleanor" in Long Beach, California, the police are suddenly on his tail. Pace ends up in a desperate car chase across Southern California, from Long Beach to Carson.

Cast[edit | edit source]

  • H.B. Halicki as Maindrian Pace
  • Marion Busia as Pumpkin Chase
  • Jerry Daugirda as Eugene Chase
  • James McIntrye as Stanley "Sage" Chase
  • George Cole as Atlee Jackson
  • Ronald Halicki as Corlis Pace
  • Markos Kotsikos as Uncle Joe Chase
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