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Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert is a 2008 American concert film directed by Bruce Hendricks & produced by Art Repola, starring then-Disney Channel television star Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana (from the Disney Channel TV show of the same name) and also starred the Jonas Brothers.

It was originally released in the United States and Canada by Walt Disney Pictures for a week, lasting from February 1st to February 7, 2008 & released in other countries later on.

The world television premiere on Disney Channel was on July 20, 2008 which brought 5.9 million viewers.


Some of the songs sung in the film are featured on the album "Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus".

As Hannah Montana

  1. "Rock Star"
  2. "Life's What You Make It"
  3. "Just Like You"
  4. "Nobody's Perfect"
  5. "Pumpin' Up the Party"
  6. "I Got Nerve"
  7. "We Got the Party" (featuring Jonas Brothers)

Jonas Brothers

  1. When You Look Me in the Eyes"
  2. "Year 3000"

As Miley Cyrus

  1. "Start All Over"
  2. "Good & Broken" (Only available on DVD)
  3. "See You Again"
  4. "Let's Dance"
  5. "Right Here"
  6. "I Miss You"
  7. "G.N.O. (Girl's Night Out)"
  8. "The Best of Both Worlds" (featuring Hannah Montana)

Box Office

The movie was released n 683 theaters on February 1, 2008 and during its opening weekend, it topped the box office, taking in $31.1 million and is considered the most successful film to open on Super Bowl weekend (which is a particularly barren spot in the winter dump months of the movie-release calendar).

Critical Reception

USA Today mentioned that the songs in the film (particularly "Nobody's Perfect" and "Girls' Night Out") are "delivered with a glib flirtatiousness that offsets their generically sensitive and empowering messages."

The Boston Globe said that Miley Cyrus "has boundless energy, a wardrobe that won't quit, and enough real teenager in her to come across as more than a mere Disney creation."

Los Angeles Times Jan Stuart from the Los Angeles Times commented about the film's 3D effects, writing: "The 3-D camera throws drumsticks and confetti in our faces, but the technical effects seem superfluous to the star's bona-fide energy."

However, some of the reviews were less than positive.

In the San Francisco Chronicle's review of the film: "If it wasn't for the stellar 3-D effects, there wouldn't be much to stop this hastily produced film from heading straight to DVD. But the scene at the end where all the confetti comes flying out and the pyrotechnics go off? Even I was willing to let out a little scream for that."

On Rotten Tomates, the movie was given a rating of 72% with an average rating of 6\10 based on 43 reviews. According to the critics' consensus: "This high-energy concert film should please Cyrus' rabid pre-teen fan base -- and may come as a pleasant surprise for parents."



Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus Best Of Both Worlds Concert - Trailer