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Hitman is a 2007 film directed by Xavier Gens and based on the Hitman video game series. A gun-for-hire, Agent 47 is a genetically-engineered assassin. He is hired by a group, 'The Organization' and becomes ensnared in a political conspiracy. He finds himself pursued by both Interpol and the Russian military. The film stars Timothy Olyphant and Dougray Scott. Hitman was released on November 21, 2007.


  • Timothy Olyphant as Agent 47: An orphaned child (though in the video games he is the result of cloning experiments), kidnapped and trained by the Organization to become an elite assassin. He is the main protagonist in this story.
  • Borislav Parvanov as a young Agent 47
  • Dougray Scott as Mike Whittier: Interpol agent Mike Whittier has been tracking Agent 47 for quite some time. During this film, he finally gets to confront his mysterious target.
  • Olga Kurylenko as Nika Boronina: A woman who is swept into companionship with Agent 47 as events unfold.
  • Robert Knepper as Yuri Marklov: Lead agent of an FSB force, he joins in the chase to capture Agent 47.
  • Ulrich Thomsen as Mikhail Belicoff : The Russian President, Mikhail Belicoff is targeted by Agent 47 as a mark early on in the film.
  • Henry Ian Cusick as Udre Belicoff: Sibling of Mikhail Belicoff, he is protected from arrest by the CIA and other international police organization under his brother's influence.
  • James Faulkner as Smith Jamison: A CIA agent who helps Agent 47 evade Interpol.
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