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The laws of space and time are about to be violated.
Directed By
Steve Pink
Produced By
Andrew Panay
Written By
Josh Heald
Rob Corddry
Craig Robinson
Clark Duke
Adam Scott
Chevy Chase
Edited By
Jamie Gross
Declan Quinn
Music By
Christophe Beck
Distributed By
Paramount Pictures
United States
Release Date
February 20, 2015
93 minutes

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (2015) is an American sci-fi comedy directed by Steve Pink, written by Josh Heald, and starring Craig Robinson, Adam Scott, Rob Corddry, Chevy Chase, Gillian Jacobs, and Clark Duke. It is the sequel to the 2010 film Hot Tub Time Machine, and is currently scheduled for theatrical release in the United States on February 20, 2015.

Plot[edit | edit source]

When Lou, who has become the "father of the Internet," is shot by an unknown assailant, Jacob and Nick fire up the time machine again to save their friend.[1]

Cast[edit | edit source]

  • Craig Robinson as Nick
  • Rob Corddry as Lou
  • Clark Duke as Jacob
  • Adam Scott as Adam Yates Jr.
  • Chevy Chase as Repairman
  • Gillian Jacobs
  • Christine Bently as Christine
  • Kellee Stewart as Courtney
  • Jessica Paré as Tara

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This Hot Tub Time Machine sequel is distributed by Paramount Pictures , and merely produced by MGM , since the latter went bankrupt in 2010, no longer being a major studio.

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