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Meet George Jetson

His boy, Elroy

Daughter, Judy

Jane, his wife



Oh, good morning, Tweeter.



There's that cough again.

Polly want a gas mask? [dings]

- [whistles, coughs]

- I'll bet it's the smog.

Up we go.


[Roise whirring]

Well, now we've gotten rid of the smog,

let's get of the snoring.


Up and at 'em, Mr J.

Oh! Ah! Ehh!

Oh, why did you have to wake me?

I was dreaming about sleeping.

- [beeping]

- [whirring]




[yawns, smacks lips]


Mornin', Rosie.

What's for breakfast?

Orange juice, eggs, bacon,

toast with marmalade and coffee.

- How do you want your eggs? [beeps]

- Skip the eggs.

[Rosie] Watching your cholesterol,

eh, Mr J? Say, "Ahh."


[gulps] Mm.

You burned the toast.

- Have a good day, Dad.

- You too, Elroy.

- Uh, Dad?

- Yeah, Son?

You're coming to my spaceball game

today, aren't you?

It's the tournament semi-finls.

Sure, Elroy.

I wouldn't miss it for the universe.

- Starts at 4.00.

- I'll be there.

- I love you, Dad.

- Love you, Judy.

Uh, Dad? Uh, there's a dance

at school this afternoon.

- That's nice, dear.

- Oh, thanks, Dad.

You're outergalactic.

Yeah, I'm out of money too.

- Bye, darling.

- [Astro blabbering]


So I forgot to say goodbye.

[garbled dog-speak] I love you, George.

I know, I know. I love you too.

[beeping, whirring]


Oh, no, not again.


This is Rocket Rick, your Dees

drive-time digital top-ten DJ.

And here's the morning traffic advisory

for all of you poor drones

who have to do this every day.

[both] Turn around, go home

and go back to bed.

Very funny. Now let's have it straight

or I'm gonna be late again.

OK, here it is straight,

just for you.

The skyway's backed up from the 101

to the 202 and the 303.

- Get off and head for the 404.

- [beeping]

404, right.

[Rocket Rick] Oh, too late.

The 404 is jammed.

I know. I know.

It's time for the Jetson traffic-beater.


[laughing] I hate to be this sneaky,

but my job's on the line.

[siren noise]

[laughs] My siren's

getting better every day.

[siren continues]

[siren slows]

Roo... roo-roo-roo...


Rooh-oh. [chuckles nervously]

Too bad, George.

Traffic school begins next Saturday.

In the meantime,

here's one just for you.

[Steve McClintock and Garm Beall:


[music pitch gets higher]

[humming, beeping]


George Jetson reporting, to say whatever

it is I do, I just did it again.

[female computer voice]

You certainly did, George.

What's our old penny-pinching,

pea-headed president up to today?

Mr Spacely is meeting with the board

of directors for the entire day.

Thank you. This is George Jetson

signing off for the entire day. Ahh.

[Spacely] And so I guarantee

to reverse the... [clears throat]

...slight downside

of our profit picture...

...with the newest development

of sprockets and spindles.

It had better be good, Spacely.

- It's better than good. It's cheap.

- [all] Ahh!

And that means... higher profits.

More money for you

and, of course, for me.

Gentlemen and woman,

I present to you a holographic model

of our most top-secret project,

the Spacely Sprocket and Spindle

Orbiting ore Asteroid

Manufacturing Plant Unlimited.

This plant will produce Spacely

sprockets and spindles

at one-tenth

of what it costs dawn here.

Yeah, when it's working.

I, uh, beg your pardon?

According to my reports,

this space station

has worked a grand total

of theree days in the last six months.

- What?! Three days?

- This is an outrage!

- What's going on here?

- [stammers] That's because

we've had leadership probles.

Yeah, my feeling exactly.

I mean leadership on the asteroid.

But everything is going smoothly now

with new Vice President

Alexander Throttlebottom in charge.

Soon, we will produce our one millionth

Spacely sprocket in outer space.

[all] Spacely! Spacely!

Spacely! Spacely!

Ooh, it's so nice to be loved.

Mr Spacely, you have a call.

I hate it when you

interrupt my ovations.

It's important.

[whispers] We've lost another one.



Rudy 2, how could this happen?

He ran away, sir,

same as the other three.

I think he got scared and just left.

That weasel, Throttlebottom,

I knew I couldn't rely on him.

At least the plant's

still running, right?

Wrong, it's been sabotaged again.


And I can't tell who

or what's behind it.

Well, fix it! I can't make profits

if you're not making sprockets.

Fine, but I'm not pushing that button.

But the Orbiting Ore Asteroid can't work

without someone to push the button.

I'll make you a vice president, Rudy 2.

Forget it. We've lost

four vice presidents. It's not worth it.

I'll give you a ra... raise.

No button.

What'll I do? What'll I do?

I can lick this problem. But how?

Think, Spacely, think.

First, I need a replacement

for that Throttlebottom. But who?


- Yes, Mr Spacely?

- Take a problem.

- Need, one...

- [beeping]

...a worker who's total loyalty

is to Spacely Sprockets.

And, of course, to me, president,

CEO and all-around sweetie pie.

Two, someone expendable.

[bell dings]

Very funny. Theree, someone

- who will work for peanuts.

- [elephant trumpets]

Four, not too bright.

And five, someone

who can push a button.

That's it.

OK, OK, what have you got?

It's thinking, Mr Spacely.

- It's thinking.

- [zapping, beeping]


I wouldn't use Jetson if Spacely

Sprockets were going bankrupt!

If I needed a transfusion!

If I lost my stockholders!

My home!

If I were penniless!


- He is expendable.

- Perfect.

- Jetson!

- [screams]

You. Here. Now.

Welcome aboard,

Vice President Jetson.

[stutters] Vice president?

Right, vice president in charge

of the Orbiting ore Asteroid.


Me, vice president?

Don't slobber, George.

You and your family leave tomorrow.

Go home. Pack.

Vice president? Pack? Go?

Ah, how quickly you grasp things.

I knew you were the right man

for the job up there.

Up there?

George? What do you

do for us down here?

Well, I push the button

that gets things started.

Exactly, and now, with your faily

beside you, you face a new challenge.

Are you up to it, Jetson?

Yes, sir, Mr Spacely.

- It's going to be lot of work.

- Not too much for me, sir.

Good, then roll up your sleeves.

You'll be working overtime.

- [cuckooing]

- [band plays]

Gosh, the game's almost over.

I wonder what's keeping Dad.


[girl] Go, Elroy!

- Now, coach?

- Now, Elroy.

The last shot of the game

to win it for us.

You got the tall guy on you.

- Shall I give him the Elroy Elevator?

- What else? It's the only shot you got.

Get out there and sink it, or I'm sunk.

Here it comes, the Elroy Elevator.

Going up, going down.

Going up, going down.

Going in.

[crowd cheers, screams]

- All right!

- [girl] Great shot, Elroy!

Hey, where's Dad?

My big moment,

and he wasn't here to see it.

[man] Will you still be there?

It's so hard to reason

with a heart out of control

Why wait to hear an answer

when it's too soon to know

Maybe love

Maybe not

No, the chance is all we're given

The chance is all we've got

Maybe love

Maybe not

Still something in me

says this may be love

All I know for certain is

I've never felt like this

A love that lasts forever

could start with just a kiss

Hey, what's your name?

Uh, Ju... Ju... Judy.

Well, Ju-Ju-Judy,

we got a date Friday night.

Maybe love

Maybe not

[squealing] You've got

a real date with Cosmic Cosmo!

How nebular!

- [both screaming]

- Maybe love

And you can be sure your donation

will help the recycling programme,

Mrs Skypad.

Thank you.

[Elroy sighs]

What's the matter, Elroy?

Did your team lose the big game?

No, I made the winning shot.

Why so upset, then?

Dad never showed up.

- Why, that's not like him.

- [zipping]

Tomorrow, tomorrow.

I've got a date witn Cosmic Cosmo.


Ah, young love.

I remember one time my date and I

tripped the light fantastic,

and we tripped a few

circuit breakers too.

Hello, I'm home,

and I've got great news!

They made me a vice president.

- Way to go, George!

- Yay, Dad!

[all] All right!

We gotta move.

[all] Move?

Yep, to Spacely's Orbiting Ore Asteroid.

[all] To Spacely's

Orbiting Ore Asteroid?

- Tomorrow.

- [all] Tomorrow?

But what about my spaceball playoffs?

And my date with Cosmic Cosmo.

And my recycling.

Hey, I thought you'd be happy.

You all know how long

I've wanted to get a promotion.

And besides,

I'm doing it all for you, my family.

[garbled dog-speak] Ah, George.

Your father's right, kids.

I'm sorry, honey.

I'm really thrilled for you.


- Her life is over.

- My life is over!

She just needs to get used to the idea.

She's not the only one.

Oh, well, maybe it won't be so bad.

How long can Mr J last

as a vice president anyways?

I'll start packing.

Don't be so glum, Elroy.

With my new job, I can set my own hours.

We'll have lost of extra time together.

Then you can help me perfect

my Elroy Elevator shot?

Son, we'll make you a spaceball star.

[Shane Sutton: Staying Together]

Thare it is.

It won't be long now.

Yeah, I can hardly wait.

[Jane] Look, Judy,

it's got a shopping mall.

A mall?

Oh, nothing matters without Cosmo.

[Jane] It doesn't look so bad at all.

[Rosie] I hope they have

a Quickie Lube Robot Repair.

My arm squeaks from all that packin'.

Look, there's the Orbiting Ore Asteroid.

And there's the new plant.

Your new plant, Mr Vice President.

[laughing] Well...

[George] Hey, take a look. Our new

hometown. Intergalactic Garden Estates.

[Rosie] It doesn't look like

anyplace I've ever seen before.

What's this, the garage?

It's very nice, George.

- [Rosie] Oh, brother!

- [sighs]

Oh, I guess I can do something with it.

You're gonna have to.

It's empty.

Well, uh, maybe the furniture and stuff

is just late being delivered, maybe.

- Where's my room?

- Where's the kitchen?

Where's the phone? I've gotta call

Francie and find out what I'm missing.

I wonder if this thing works up here.

[gasps] Say! Oh, how nice.



Whoo! Ahh!

Oh, wow! This is orbital!

Come on, boy!

Let's give this thing a whirl.

- All right!

- What'll it be, Astro?

Slow, medium of fast?


Jane! Get me off this crazy thing!

Oh, boy! This is better than home!

Say, isn't this nice.

"Welcome Jetsons."

Hey! Whoa! Hold it!

[doorbell rings]

Now, who could that be?

Welcome wagon!

I'm your upstairs neighbour, Lucy 2!

Oh, thank you, Lucy.

How nice.

I'm Jane Jetson. George,

come meet one of our new neighbours.

That's my husband.

What breed is he?

No, not Astro.

Him, George.

Him George!

Now cut that out!

Hi, glad to...

See you guys!

Gotta check this place out!

I just found out Doris told Susie, and

Susie told Mary, and Mary and Francie,

and Francie told me,

Helen took my date with Cosmo!

And now my heart is

totally broken! [crying]

I'll never be happy again.

Never, never, never, never.

I hate this place! [sobbing]

Don't worry.

Kids are all the same.

- You have kids?

- Oh, yes!

In fact, your son might run into ny son,

Teddy 2.

Where's your husband?

You'll meet Ruby 2 at the plant.

He works there.

He does? Oh, great!

I'll see him in the morning.

- That's the big startup day.

- Again.

I beg your pardon?

Oh, nothing. Well, enjoy the goodies.

If you'd like me to show you

around the mall tomorrow...

That sounds like fun.

Judy, how'd you like to go shopping

at the mall tomorrow?

I can't. I can't.

What time does it open?

Shall I serve dinner?

Elroy's not back yet.

I'm getting worried.

[doorbell rings]

Hi. Sorry I'm late.

You should know better than...


Hold it! How many times

have I told you not to bring in pets?

I know, Dad, but he followed me home.

Can I keep him, please?


Hmm. [sniffing]



Huh? [chuckles]

Can I keep him, Dad? Can I?

- No, of course not!

- He's awfully cute.

Well, now, suppose he

belongs to somebody.

- Like who?

- Like us.

Sorry, but the door was open.

We've been looking

for the little one.

Fergie Furbelow! You know better

than to wander off like that.

Well, what have you got to

say for yourself?

[cooing] Mama.

We're the Furbelows.

Bertie Furbelow. Gertie Furbelow.

And that's our little Fergie.

She's a girl.

How can you tell?

Uh, we're...

The Jetsons.

George, Jane, Judy and Elroy.

We know. Been expectin' you.

We're all the way from

the outer rings of Krile.

Now we're your next door neighbours.

Oh! Well, we're pleased to meet you.

Come on. Let's give 'em

some peace their first day.

If you need anything,

we're right through the wall.

Hope you like Furbelow music, George.

Got super surround sound

sonic boomers in our place.

Uh, what is Furbelow music?

Mostly drums and chants, you know.

[singing drum beat]

Oh, you'll love it.

So welcome, all you Jetsons,

to Intergalactic Garden Estates.

[singing drum beat]



- Weird, huh?

- [laughs]

I wonder what they're saying about us.

You know, George,

I've got the strangest feeling

something wonderful's going

to happen to us up here.

That's funny.

I feel the same way.

Good night, George.

Good night, dear.

[snaps fingers]



[George snoring]

[Jane] Wake up, George.


Come on, Mr Vice President, darling.

Up and at 'em.

[continues groaning]

Stand back, Mrs J.

Let's see what this does.

[George screams]

Ow! Hey, what the...?


Good morning, Mr Jetson.

Sit back, relax.

I'm Mac, your transportation.

We're on your own personal skyway,

taking you right to the plant.

Huh? You mean no traffic?

No gridlock? No skyway patrol?

That's right, bub.

My dream come true.

Wait a minute.

I can't go to the office in my pyjamas.

Hey, no problem.

We groom you on the way.

Hey! Easy! Whoa! Watch it!

Not bad.

Goodbye, darling.

- Have a nice day, Dad.

- Thanks, son.

- Bye, Dad.

- Enjoy the mall, dear. Feel better.

I love you, George!


Ah, this is the life.

To the office, Mac!

[George] Hi! You must be Rudy 2.

Pleased to meet you, Mr Jetson.

Call me George.

Wow, what a place.

Well, I guess we should

have a staff meeting.

I'd like to meet all the employees.

You just did. Ha-ha!

You mean, you and me?

That's it?

That's why it's so cheap to make

sprockets here. We're fully automated.

But it's still all in your hands,

George. Or should I say, your finger.

Thare's the drilling bore.

It brings up the ore.

[George] The bore brings up the ore.

- Got it.

- The ore makes the sprockets.

[George] The ore

makes the sprockets?

- Uh-huh

- Uh-huh

[Rudy 2] Pack the sprockets

into packets

- Sack the packets into brackets?

- [Ruby 2] For the lockers

Lock the key in the pocket

of your jacket

Got the locker key

in my outer jacket pocket

- Are you ready?

- I'm ready!

[Ruby 2] Take the bored ore packets

from the packet brackets

- And we rocket

- While we're rappin'

[both] Yes, we rocket

while we're rappin'

And we rocket

the sprockets to Spacely


Hey, you've done everything.

Everything but press the button

that gets it all going.

That's your job, George.

And Mr Spacely says you're the best!

Well, I wouldn't say that.

But well, yes, maybe I would.

I just have to make a few adjustments,

then we'll notify Mr Spacely

we're ready to start.

I love my job.

Tell me when you're ready, Rudy.

Yes, Mr Vice President.

Call me for lunch. [exhales]


Hmm. This is our fifth opening day

at the new plant.

Jetson better not mess this thing up.

[Lucy 2] George's button-pushing

ceremony begins at noon.

And we don't have too much time,

so we'lljust make this

a quick little look-around.

And here we are, the Galaxy Galleria.

[woman over PA]

Credit chips to the right, ladies.

[robotic barking]

I hope George's credit is good up here.

It's lunaristic!

- Except that Cosmic Cosmo isn't here.

- [giggling]

Mon, I'd sort of like to wander around

by myself, if you guys don't mind.

Sure, go ahead. Just back in time

for us to get to Dad's ceremony.

No problem. Thanks.

[sighs] Maybe I'll go

up to the nature zone.


I'm not making that promise again

Nothing can change my mind

Nothing at all

'Cause love

Has a way of coming undone

Till I'm all alone with my heart

And here I'll stay

And I always thought I'd see you again

Oh, how it hurts every time

You've crossed my heart since then

God, I'd give it all it takes

To hold what might have been

'Cause I always thought

I'd see you again

Love doesn't come when you need love

It's not always there when you fall

Try as you may

You've got nothing to say

Nothing at all

I always thought I'd see you again

Oh, how it hurts every time

You've crossed my heart again

God, I'd give it all it takes

To hold what might have been

'Cause I always thought

I'd see you again

'Cause I always thought

I'd see you


Ooh, that Cosmic Cosmo!

I'll never trust another boy ever again.

[both grunting]

Ooh, you dumb, dumb, duh...

- Dummy?

- Uh-huh

Uh-huh, right.

[both] It was all my fault.

[laughing] My name's Apollo Blue.

I'm Judy. [gasps] Oh, my gosh!

It's two minutes to 12.00!

I've gotta go!

Don't tell me you turn

into a pumpkin. Hey!

See you tomorrow, pumpkin?

Same time, same place?

Yeah! Cosmagoric City!



Elroy Jetson?

Here, coach.

You pair off with Teddy 2

for a little one-on-one.

- I wanna see your best shot.

- Sure, coach.

Hi. You any good?

My name may be Teddy 2,

but I'm number one.

You mean you were.

Back home they ysed to call this

the Elroy Elevator.

Going up.

Going down. Going in!

[Teddy 2] No way, Elray.

That's two for Teddy 2.

I think your elevator is out of order.

- Comin' to the ceremony?

- You bet.

[Spacely] It's D-Day,

gentlemen and woman.

Or as I prefer to call it, P-Day!

P for profits!

Today, the one millionth

Spacely Sprocket.

Tomorrow, the universe!

It gives me great pleasure

to introduce our new vice president

up at the Orbiting Ore Asteroid...

...George Jetson.

That's my George!

Way to do, Dad!

Elroy, I know you're father

hasn't had much time for you lately,

but couldn't you show him

a little support?



[gasps, chuckles]

Oh, there you are, Mr Spacely.

And... hi to you, Board.

- Hello, George!

- Hi!

Before this finger presses

the button to start the plant,

I'd like to say a few words

of thanks to Mr Spacely

for making this day possible

for my family and...

Cool it, Jetson.

Just push the stupid button.

Uh... yes, sir.

And now, the moment

we've all been waiting for!

[engines whirring, clattering]

[all] Spacely! Spacely! Spacely!

- Yay, Daddy!

- That's my George!

Here it comes.

All right, 999.

One mil... 998, 997.

It's going backwards!


Oh, no! Not again!

[shrieking] Look out!


Watch out, Teddy 2!

I'll save you!

Elroy! Whare's Elroy?

And Teddy 2.

Son! Son!


What the...? Jetson! [echoing]

- Mr Spa... Spa... Spa...

- What's going on up there?

[stammering] A bricken bracken's broken

in the sproken locken!

I mean... new glitches

always have plants.

You're destroying my plant!

Turn the machines off! Turn them off!

Yes, sir! Right aways, sir!

[whirring stops]

- It's off, sir.

- [Spacely] Get it started soon.

Lost time means lost money.

And lost money means

lost vice president.

- Get it?

- [gulping]

So can I stay over

with Elroy tonight, Mom? huh?

Dear, I'm not sure that's a good idea

tonight, after what happened.

Aw, Mom, please? Elroy saved me,

he's my new best friend.

It's all right with me.

Oh, all right.

But first let me give you a hand.

Ah, that feels better.

Say thanks to Mrs Jetson,

be a good boy and stay well-oild.

[both] All right!

George, there's something

you should know.

Since the plant opened, there's

been an unusual amount of... of...


Uh-huh. I thought we cleared them

all up, but they keep happening.

It may be safer for you to just leave.

What? And lose my chance

to be a vice president? No way!

- But, George, there's...

- Not another word.

George Jetson

doesn't run away from a glitch.

We just need to make

a few repairs tomorrow,

and then the magic Jetson finger

will show just what it can do.





You're in early.

That's because today's the day

we're gonna lick these glitches, Rudy.

- Ready?

- Are you sure you want to do this?


My first vice-presidential decision.

- Bingo!

- [whirring]


Circuit breaker's broken in the sprocket

locker bracket. I'll get a new one.


- [George yelling]

- George? Jogging? This early?

Ahh! Stop this crazy thing!

I can't! I can't! It's stuck!

Now what, Jetson?

What is it this time?

[muffled] Just another little glitch,

Mr Spacely.

Another little glitch, eh?

- Yes, sir.

- I think I know what the glitch is.

- And I'm looking at him!

- [swallows]

Gertrude, this is an emergency.

Book me on the next cheap flight

to the asteroid.

May I get you anything?

Don't give those guys

any more doughnuts.


[guitar strumming]

I didn't know the Galleria

had any place like this.

It's metagalactical!

No, don't!

- You all right?

- Uh-huh, I think.


- This as all a hologram.

- Wow.

It looks so real.

You can punch up all kinds

of make-believe scenery.

It's beautiful.

[strums guitar]

That song you're playing,

is that the one you sent to me?

Yeah, do you remember the words?

Uh, I think so.

[Tiffany: You and Me]

- That was great!

- Thanks.

My boyfriend back home

was a musician too.

- Uh, my former boyfriend.

- Well, isn't this a small galaxy.

[doorbell rings]

Mr J!

Don't say a word.

- Poor Mr J.

- All he needs is a good night's sleep.

Or a chiropractor.

oh, I had no idea being

a vice president could be so dangerous.

There's something going on, George.

The two sprocket lockers were unscrewed

from the locked sprocket sockets.

- Say that again.

- [Rudy 2] I can't.

You mean these weren't accidents?

- No, they were a warning.

- A what?

A warning. To close down the plant.

I might as well tell you.

We've been getting them

since the plant opened.

it's why Spacely's gone

through four vice presidents.

- Four?

- They all had accidents just like this

- then left.

- Well, I'm not leaving.

George Jetson

doesn't scare that easily.

Someone's sneaking in at night

and fouling things up.

So that means we've got to

go back tonight and keep watch.

- Good luck, George.

- Huh?

I'm sorry, George. I like you,

but I've got to think about my family.

- I've got three oil spouts to fill.

- I understand, Rudy.

This is a job

for a vice president, anyway.

George Jetson is mad,

and he's not gonna take it anymore.


Dad needs help.

Tonight, I'll help him sole

the mystery of those accidents.

All I need is my detecto kit.

And me.

No, Teddy 2.

I can't ask you to help.

Well, you helped me.

Besides, you don't even know

the layout of the plant. I'm going.

Great! Me too. [sniffing]

No, Astro. Not you too.

And not you, either, Fergie.


- Why not?

- Yeah, why not?

Why not?

Because Mom needs you here.

- You've got to look after her.

- Right!

OK. Then as soon as it gets dark,

we sneak out the back,

then we'll go down to the plant,

and we'll use my detecto kit.

All right, vandals. Now you've got

George Jetson to deal with.

- [crashing]

- [gasps]


I'll be waitin' for 'em,

eyes and ears open,

coiled like a tiget, ready to spring.



[gibbering continues]

All clear.

George? George?

I just wanted to make sure you were OK.


[male voice on TV]

Oh, Galaxina, just because I'm a robot

doesn't mean we

can't have children.


[narrator on TV] Will Galaxina

pull the plug on her romance?


[narrator on TV] Tune in tomorrow

for another episode of All My Androids.

Rosie, be careful.

You'll rust up again.

[doorbell rings]

- Mrs Jetson, did George come home?

- [weepily] No, he's at the plant.

No, he's not. I was just there.

He's... he's disappeared.

Disappeared? [gasps]

Oh, no! Elroy and Teddy 2!

[gasps] Oh, on! Elroy!

- Where could those kids have gone?

- [Astro] Elroy detective.

Detective? Elroy's playing detective?


Oh, on! The plant!

Is that where he's gone?

- Right! With Teddy 2!

- With Teddy 2!

You sure? I didn't see them there,

and the plant's all locked up.

I don't know how they'd get in.

I didn't remember the vent was so high.

- My detecto kit has a rope.

- [laughing] Rope?

Grad my ankles.

I'll show you my elevator.


Going up! Going in!

[Shane Sutton: First Time in Love]

- [fake coughing on monitor] Excuse me.

- Mother?

I'm sorry, but you know I wouldn't call

if it weren't important.

- Is Elroy with you?

- Elroy? No.

He and Teddy have wandered off.

I need you to help me find them.

Search the mall, search the school.

They might be at the plant.

- Now?

- Now.


I knew you'd understand.


[Teddy 2] The light switch

is over here somewhere.



What was that noise?

[Elroy] Here's the light switch.


- There's that noise.

- It came from over here.

- There it is again.

- I'll get some fingerprint powder.

I wonder where Dad is.

Hey! Where's my kit?

Huh? What's going on?

Ready, set, go!

- Fergie!

- Gotcha!


- Grungee?

- Ooh.

Aw, Grungee.

How do you know what he is, Fergie?

Fergie, Grungees play.


- Squeep? And you play with them?

- Uh-huh.

- Squeep.

- Squeep.

So it's you little guys

causing the accidents.

Trying to shut down the plant

and get my father fired.

- Well, wait'll he hears about...

- [speaking foreigh language]

[making sound effects]


I'm programmed for most languages

and I can tell you the Grungee community

is not very happy with

what we're doing here.

What are we doing here?

He says we've been

destroying their town.

My dad? No way!

I want to see for myself.

[speaking foreign language]

[speaking foreign language]

[Judy] Elroy Jetson,

hold it right there!

Well, well, look what we've got here.

Elroy, you're coming home

with me right...

hey, what's that cute little guy?

- That's Squeep.

- I believe we've solved the mystery.

He's the reason

the plant's being sabotaged.

Come with us. Will you, guys?

I've got a feeling

we're gonna need your help.

Teddy, are you programmed to be scared?

- No.

- [Elroy] I am.

Come on, follow me.

Come on, come on.

- Gee, I don't know about this.

- Yeah. Where are we anyway?

Yike! Ahh!

[both scream]


- Wow!

- Hello? Anyone, hello?

[all muttering]


- Look at these little guys.

- Yeah, they're great.

They're so cute.

[speaking foreigh language]

Oh, on.

What are we doing?

- We're desrtoying their homes.

- [sniffling]



Is everything all right back here?

Oh, what a way to fly.

- Elroy!

- Teddy!



Elroy! George!

Are they down there?

There, down there.

How awful, you poor thing.

We've got to do something.

But what?

Really don't like the looks of this.

Are you sure they're down there, Astro?

Right. [gulps] I hope so.

We'll just get Dad

to shut down the plant.

He can't do that. It's his job.

And my dad's too.

[Astro barking]

[Grungees screaming]

- Astro!

- Elroy!

But where's Mom? You're supposed

to be looking after mom.

Right here, son. And you've got

a lot of explaining to do.

Are you all right, Mrs J? [echoing]

I'm fine. I found everybody. [echoing]

Except George. [echoing]


George? George!

[muffled yelling]


Oh, George! I love you, George!

- Dad. Dad.

- George! What happened?

[muffled talking]


- Are you all right, Dad?

- No! I'm not all right!

I was kidnapped

by these vicious little furballs

with beady eyes and razor teeth.

But, Dad, they were just

trying to save their homes.

- You're destroying their city.

- They didn't know what elsa to do.




No, no, no, no, no, no, no.


[stammering] What's that?

Darling, I'm afraid we

have to have a little talk.


You want me to do what? [echoing]

I'm finally a vice president

after years of

"yes, Mr Spacely,"

"absolutely, Mr Spacely,"

"oh, and by the way, Mr Spacely,

now that I'm a vice president,

my family wants me to close your plant

and lose my job,

just as I've reached the top."

No! No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

And that's final!

Well, we'll just see about that.

- Now, cloud someone please untie me?

- Not yet.

First, we negotiate.

What? Are you Jane Jetson?

Are you my wife?

- Do you love me?

- Yes, but do you love your family?

'Course I do. You're all I think about.

All you've thought about lately

is your job.

Yeah, Dad.

You've been so wrapped up in work,

you haven't had time for us.

OK, I'll put in for a long vacation,

but it'll have to wait

until I get the plant going again.

- That's no good, George.

- What else do you want?

George, all I ask

is that you look around

and see what your job is making you do.

No job is worth destroying

the lives of innocent creatures.

See for yourself.

[George] Oh, my gosh, it's a city.

[Jane] It's more than a city.

It's their entire world,

and you're destroying it...

...and them.

Mr Jetson, the Grungees really feel bad

about taking you down here.

But as you can see, they were desperate.

But... but what can I do?

Jetson? Jetson!

Mr Spacely.

Where's Jetson?

And why is the plant shut down?

- It's the middle of the night.

- Machines don't sleep! Start it up!

Every second lost means money lost.

And money lost means I scream a lot!

But what about the Jetsons?

Forget that idiot Jetson.

I'm gonna get my millionth sprocket

if I have to do it myself.


How dare you, you pile of bolts.

You don't understand, there's...

There, that's better.

Nobody pushes Spacely.

[all screaming]

- What's happening?

- Someone's started the plant.



We got to... to... get out of here!

Come on! Come on! Come on!

Oh, no! Squeep! Hang on!


[all chattering]

[all straining]

[Teddy 2] He's got Squeep!

Elroy! Oh, thank God you're safe, son.

Oh, Elroy, darling.

I was afraid. I was so afraid.

I'm OK, Mom. I'm OK.

Squeep's OK too.

Thank all of you.

[all] Yay!

Come on, everyone.

We've got to stop the drilling.

Come on!

I never should've put that dummy in

charge of an operation this important.

When I get home,

I'll get a new vice president.

- You've already got a vice president.

- Jeston!

Yes, sir, Mr Spacely.

That dummy, George Jeston.

What do you think you're doing?

Tuning off the plant

before you do any more damage.

Stay away from this button,

that's an order!

No, sir, Mr Spacely.

- What?

- Isaid, no, sir, Mr Spacely.

- Yay, Daddy!

- By gosh, that felt good.

Mr Spacely, you can't stand in the way

of George Jetson!



[belts squeaking]

- That's my George!

- Oh, George!

[Elroy] Yay, Dad!

What's gotten into you, Jetson?

There better be an explanation for this.

Oh, there is, all right.

Did you know about these

wonderful little creatures, Mr Spacely,

when you decided to mine this asteroid?

- What creatures, Jetson?

- These creatures.

These wonderful creatures.

You money-grabbing,

insensitive, lying old goat!

You did, didn't you?

Well, I may have heard

something about...

You heard. All you care about is money.

- Yeah!

- But they're useless.

And I'm here to tell you

they're not one bit useless.

They just saved my boy's life

is what they did.

The Grungees don't mean any harm.

Mr Spacely, this whole planet

is about different kinds of life forms.

Working together

for the good of everyone.

What do you expect me to do?

I can't just close the plant.

Then figure out a way to keep the plant

and let the Grungees have their homes.

Can't you find it in your heart

to reach a compromise?

Think about all the profits you've lost.

But think of all the profits you'd make

if you warked with the Grungees.

- You mean hire all of them?

- No, I mean become partners.

They run the plant and sell you

the sprockets at a fair price.


Otherwise, you'll never get

your millionth sprocket.

Ahh! [grumbling]

I don't believe it!

They've doubled production.

[Jane] And they found a way

to recycle the old sprockets.

Now, no one will ever

have to mine this asteroid again.

Nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand,

nine hundred and ninety-nine.

- [ringing, alarm blaring]

- One million.

- Outergalactic?

- The outergalactic-est

[all cheering]

[both] Yeah!

Oh, yeah!

[speaking foreign language]

- What did he say?

- Let's hear it for Mr Spacely.

[all chattering]

[all] Spacely!

I think I'm gonna be sick.

Jetson, I think you've done

quite enough here.

Yes, sir, Mr Spacely.

Will I be getting a promotion?

A promotion? Ha! You're lucky

I'm giving you your old job back.

But what about vice president?

[all grumbling]

All right, all right,

you're a vice president, but no raise!

- Does this mean we have to leave?

- Well, yes, son.

With the Grungees running the plant,

Spacely Sprockets doesn't

need me here anymore.

Well, I guess its good...

goodbye, Apollo.

Hey, it's OK.

I'll come visit, I promise.

In the meantime, here's the demo

of the song I wrote for us.

- Oh, Apollo.

- Some dude might turn it into a hit.

Maybe Cosmic Cosmo?

Uh-uh. This is ours. Just ours. Always.


[Grungees chattering]

Hey, your friends are calling.

- Elroy.

- See you, Squeep.

Can I use that move of yours,

the Elroy Elevator?

Didn't do me much good,

but sure, if you want to.

Maybe someday we'll

play on the same team.

We already have. And we won.

I'm gonna miss this place a lot.

It shows that you can make friends and

prove yourself anywhere in the universe.

I know, Dad. But leaving's still hard.

Yeah, it is. I know.

[all chattering]

Goodbye! Thank you for everything.

Goodbye, George. And lots of luck.

Thanks. Goodbye.

Lots of luck. See ya!

- Bye!

- Bye-bye!

- Where's Fergie?

- Here she is.

- [cooing] Mama.

- Bye-bye.

[Tiffany: Home]

Look. Look, Dad. It's the Grungees.

Well, that sure was nice of 'em,

wasn't it?