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Judge Priest is a 1934 American comedy film starring Will Rogers. It was directed by John Ford who remade the film under the new title, The Sun Shines Bright.


Judge Priest is an eccentric judge in a small Kentucky town. Although his wife has been dead for 19 years when the film takes place, he shows no interest in remarrying. He sometimes stumbles with his words, but he shows his wit throughout the film. The judge, despite all his talk of being a Confederate veteran, finds his best friend to be the black Jeff Poindexter, portrayed by Stepin Fetchit. Judge Priest takes pride in his tolerance for others


  • Will Rogers as Judge William 'Billy' Priest
  • Tom Brown as Jerome Priest
  • Anita Louise as Ellie May Gillespie
  • Henry B. Walthall as Reverend Ashby Brand
  • David Landau as Bob Gillis
  • Rochelle Hudson as Virginia Maydew
  • Roger Imhof as Billy Gaynor
  • Frank Melton as Flem Talley
  • Charley Grapewin as Sergeant Jimmy Bagby
  • Berton Churchill as Senator Horace Maydew
  • Brenda Fowler as Mrs. Caroline Priest
  • Francis Ford as Juror No. 12
  • Hattie McDaniel as Aunt Dilsey
  • Stepin Fetchit as Jeff Poindexter
  • Winter Hall as Judge Floyd Fairleigh (uncredited)
  • Harry Tenbrook as Townsman in Saloon (uncredited)