Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland is a 1989 Japanese/American animated adventure fantasy film.

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Th-that can't be!
This is amazing! Just like a dream!
Help me!
A train is coming to get me!
Mom! Mom!
So it was a dream.
Nemo, are you all right?
Was he having a bad dream again?
Don't tell me you sneaked a piece of pie again?
All right! lt's the circus parade!
lcarus! Come here, lcarus!
Let's go!
We need to hurry or we'll miss it!
Excuse me! Oops. . .
Excuse me.
Awesome, look at that!
Step right up, ladies and gentlemen! The
amazing circus has come to town!
The greatest show on Earth!
Hello there, son.
Want a ride?
Of course! Thanks!
Well then, are you enjoying yourself?
lt's perfect! Right, lcarus?
Ladies and gentlemen in the crowd,
Children too,
Buy your tickets to the greatest show on Earth as soon as you can!
You sure are an amusing little fellow.
Dad! Dad!
The circus is in town!
That's nice. . .
Please, take me there!
Please, Dad?
Let's go tomorrow, Nemo.
You always say "tomorrow".
Oh drat! l'm late for my meeting.
l must leave.
Tomorrow, l promise. Tomorrow.
Have a nice day, darling.
Drat. . .
Good night.
Good night, darling.
"Remember your promise"
Where am l?
Listen, Nemo, how many times must l tell you?
What was l doing?
Nemo! Come back at once!
Darling, please have a talk with your son.
He won't listen to me one bit.
Tomorrow. . .
l'll talk to him tomorrow. . .
That was a close call.
lcarus. Wake up.
Look sharp, boys!
The King is coming through!
Good evening.
Allow me to introduce myself.
Who are you?
l am a professor and a genius.
You may call me Professor Genius.
And this is BonBon.
l am his assistant!
What do you want with me?
We came here to see you on orders from
Morpheus, the King of Slumberland.
King Morpheus?
Ah, the gift from the Princess.
Wait until the explanations are through.
His Majesty, King Morpheus, ruler of Slumberland,
and keeper of all good dreams.
Cordially invites little Nemo on behalf
of his daughter, Princess Camille,
To be the royal playmate of Camille in Slumberland
Oh. . . thanks.
Princess Camille grows impatient, we must depart immediately.
W-wait a minute!
This princess is a girl, right? But l've never played with a girl before.
She's not just a girl, she's a princess!
Same thing.
A girl is a girl.
And besides, l've never heard of Slumberland.
lndifference over a royal invitation? Unheard of!
Then what about this present?
Present, you say?
Yes! lt is a present from the sweet Princess Camille!
Ooooh, l love presents!
These are delicious dream-sweets made in our special candy factory.
Woah, awesome!
Thanks! l like princesses after all.
l like girls, too.
The King wishes you to ride on his private blimp.
A blimp? A real blimp?
Woah, look at that, lcarus!
lt's real! And it looks just like my model!
His Majesty has ordered your presence and is waiting for you.
l'll come! l accept his invitation!
Right, lcarus?
l'd better leave Mom a note.
Please hurry. We cannot delay the departure time.
Hurry, the princess is waiting.
Make haste, make haste, Nemo!
Farewell, world. Preparations for ascent complete.
lcarus, look! Those houses look like models!
This is amazing. We're getting higher and higher.
Well then, this place is. . .
The pilothouse!
l know that.
Keep the present altitude and proceed at full speed!
Want to take the wheel, Nemo?
Can l?
Yes, you may. Grab 'hold tight.
Like this?
Yes, that's right.
You're good, kid! Keep it up and you'll be an aeronaut someday.
This feels like aero-acrobatics!
That's Nightmare!
lt's Nightmare!
Oh no!
Grab it tight. Keep calm, Nemo.
Engines at full!
Don't worry. We've outrun Nightmare before.
Nightmare is gonna get us!
lt's the Crystal Clouds!
Thank goodness. Once we enter those clouds, we will be safe.
Full speed ahead!
Hold on tight, Nemo.
A-are we safe now?
Yes, we are. All safe.
See? We're leaving through the clouds!
Lower the engines, prepare for descent.
Welcome to Slumberland!
So this is Slumberland?
They all know me?
Of course they do!
They all came here to welcome you!
Hey, buddy, watch where you're going!
Move it!
Who's that?
Someone you should keep away from.
Hey, how's it goin', kid? Feelin' well?
Come play with me!
Leave that old geezer.
Old geezer, you say? lnsolent fool!
Well, see ya later!
Hey, who was that, Professor?
lt's Flip, the terrible.
Please, son, don't speak that name in my presence again.
Little Nemo, to visit His Majesty!
As per your orders, l have brought this boy to you.
This is Nemo.
Your Majesty?
Ahh, of all the foolishness
Go search in the gardens!
l'll search through the palace.
Make haste!
Yes, sir!
W-wait. . .
They're gone.
So you're the kid that was invited here?
What a lucky devil ya are.
You're Flip, aren't you.
Professor says you're "terrible."
S'ppose so.
l'm terribly fun and terribly kind.
And l have the power to make your dreams come true.
So, ya wanna see the King, right?
Yes, l do.
Then let me handle that.
Do you really know where he is?
l know everything, kid.
After all, l'm the only one here who has
a correct map of the entire kingdom.
"Nightmare Land"?
Oh, Slumberland.
C'mon. Let's find the King.
Don't worry. We'll probably find the King before the Professor does.
Hey, if that furball doesn't like it, leave 'em behind
No, he's okay. We're coming.
Step this way.
Everything's upside-down!
lndeed it is.
Follow me.
This takes a special technique. Watch closely.
Come. Show me what you've got.
What's that?
Who could it be?
Something's loose. . .
ls it this?
No, this one. . .
No, not that one either.
Then where is it wonky?
lsn't it the piston gasket?
Ah, that it is. Wrench, please. . .
Piston gasket.
Put on the piston gasket and get it in tight.
l think you should make it tighter for good measure.
Anything else?
Oil it up.
This is impressive! lt's all better.
You're a good little mechanic.
Guess so.
l love trains.
So do l!
Hey, the train is leaving.
Oh, hurry to me!
Are we gonna follow it?
Of course. This way.
Follow me!
Where are we going?
Just hurry!
Oh, we made it just on time.
lt's here!
All aboard!
You're the engineer.
Okay. Full speed!
Hey there, Moo-Moo, out of the way!
Train's coming through!
King Morpheus! King Morpheus!
Move it, Professor!
lt's been ages since l've had such fun.
Me too!
Your Majesty, l'd like to introduce you to-
We've already met.
"Your Majesty"?
You're the king??
Now, don't be so overly formal.
You can call me Morphy.
Oh, Morphy, this is my best friend, lcarus.
Well, what a cute little fellow you are.
Now then, Nemo, listen well.
l invited you here so that you could become my heir.
Yes, you.
A prince always bears the mark of the heir.
lt is this golden key.
This key has the ability to open any door in Slumberland.
Wow, thanks, Morphy!
However, l must warn you.
There is one door that you must not open.
lt is the door that bears this symbol.
Solemnly swear to me, boy,
Promise that you will never open the door that bears this symbol.
Yes. l promise.
l promise l won't open it.
Very well.
Now then, Professor, let's have my heir meet the Princess.
Yes, as you wish, your Majesty.
The Princess, eh?
The Rosebud Room. Princess Camellia's room.
The time has arrived.
Now then, let's get you looking your best.
Very good.
Come, Nemo. The Princess is waiting for you.
Listen, be on your best manners. Camellia
is a Princess - don't ever forget that.
Princess, please pardon me.
May l please borrow your attention for just a moment?
This is Little Nemo.
"Little Nemo"?
So this boy is Nemo.
The present, Nemo.
You know, the cookies.
Oh, yeah.
Thank you, er, l mean, for the cookies, Princess Camellia.
You're welcome. l'm glad you liked them.
Good work, Professor, you may leave.
Pardon me. l'll leave you two kids alone.
Professor! Don't leave me. . .
Have fun then.
See you later, Nemo.
Nothing in particular.
lt's just that you're the first.
The first person to enter a kingdom in his underthings.
Underthings? These aren't my underthings!
They're my pajamas!
Oh. But the royal invitation was supposed to apply exclusively to you.
We did not invite a rat.
A rat?
Yes. Your pet rat.
lcarus is not a rat!
And yeah, l'm wearing pajamas! So what's wrong with that?
And whose fault is that anyway? You snatched me from my bed!
You may be a princess and all, but that
gives you no right to treat me like this!
What is it?
You're rather amusing.
And you're absolutely right.
Although l invited you l never specified that you dress formally.
And besides. . .
What is it this time?
Your underthings are rather charming.
They're pajamas, l said!
Come, follow me, Nemo.
l will show you around Slumberland.
Your rat wants to accompany us, it seems.
He's not a rat.
His name is lcarus.
And call him by name, won't you!
He's my best friend.
Very well. Excuse me.
l apologize.
lf you're gonna apologize, apologize to the rat, not me.
Er, l mean,
l didn't mean. . .
lcarus, l didn't mean it.
We're best friends, aren't we?
Come down, lcarus.
l'm begging you!
l'm sorry.
Fine. Then l'll climb up there.
lcarus, hold it!
So his name is lcarus?
You are SO precious.
Oh, it's an evening drizzle.
We're having so much fun that the Rain Fairies are jealous.
lsn't it pretty?
l love this place.
Yes, it's pretty beyond words!
Just in time for lessons.
But l hate school.
lf you're going to be a prince you need to learn how to act like one.
Step this way.
But what about lcarus?
l'll take care of him. Have fun.
Who are these people?
They are all your teachers.
Now, let's begin the lessons.
Sit up straight and let your spoon glide.
We have lunch here at 12:30.
Very nice.
Oh dear.
Next we dance!
En garde!
Advance! Recovery!
Advance! Recovery! Advance! Recovery!
Hey, jump!
"Stand when a lady enters the room."
"Don't spit in front of others."
"Sit up straight."
"Don't yell indoors."
"Open doors for the elderly."
"Don't pick your nose."
Sit up straight! Straight, boy!
More dancing?
Prince lessons ain't easy, eh?
Let's have some pranking lessons too. See there!
They'll come looking for you soon. Wear these.
Flip Jr. is born!
Follow me.
Where are we going?
Just trust me.
lt's my house. Home, sweet home.
But it's a police station.
Won't we get caught?
We'll be fine.
Don't worry, l said.
The real fun begins here.
What the?
Why you. . .
Ow! What was that for?
Now you've done it!
Wait, wait, l'll go this way.
Hey, there are two Flips!
Stop, you!
Stop, you!!
This way.
Hey, Flap, wake up!
You've got two passengers. Step on it!
You can do it.
High in the sky!
Hurry, Flap!
There they are!
Hurry there, boy.
Grab ahold, boy.
Sorry, gentlemen.
Let's play again some other time.
Hey, look. Music.
lt's an orchestra.
This is it. This is what we call a golden opportunity.
Now, it's your turn.
What should l do?
Do this.
Do you understand?
Yes, yes, that's right.
That's very good. You're a natural, kid!
You'll be famous in no time, kid. Just like me.
You're wanted? But why?
l was too ingenious for their own good.
Wow, there's lots of towers out here.
That ain't it, boy.
Those're fireworks.
They're all set up to honor you.
Guess it's time for a little rehearsal.
Good idea!
What gorgeous fireworks! Fit for a prince!
Oops. Looks like we got some unwanted attention.
See ya later Flap.
Come, hurry!
Come on, we're going in.
Outsmarting those guys is like taking candy from a baby.
Come, let's go.
Where to?
To an even more amusing place.
lt's haunted.
Cut it out, Flip.
This place is kind of creepy.
Don't be scared. The great Flip is with
ya. And the real fun begins now.
Woah there. .. Boy! Are ya okay?
Are ya okay?
l guess so.
That was quite a spill ya just took.
Look up there.
Looks like you just ran into a big door, kid.
l've got a bad feeling about this.
l think this is the door the King was telling me about.
He told me not to open the door that
has the same symbol as this key.
Let's open it.
But we-
Don't ya wanna know what's inside of it?
l'm sure that there's something really, really
big on the other side of this door.
Are you sure?
Of course l'm sure.
We'll just take a peek.
What do ya say?
But l promised the king.
l swore not to open it.
But l'll keep quiet and he'll never find out.
Just trust me, kid.
l guess you're right. . .
A little peek wouldn't hurt.
That's a good boy.
l'll give ya a boost.
Hurry and open it, you're heavy, kid!
lt's a tough lock.
Well? ls it open?
Look. See that?
Good. Open it.
But.. . we're just taking a peek.
Yeah, l know that.
Don't just stand there, help me.
Oh no!
That was close.
l'm leaving. Mommy's calling me!
Flip, wait!
l need to take the key out!
Flip, don't go!
l wonder where that boy went.
The coronation ceremony is about to begin!
His royal highness, King Morpheus!
Prosperity to Slumberland!
My beloved subjects, l welcome you all
to my palace for this special ceremony.
The prince can't be late to his own coronation!
Move it, out of the way!
Ah, made it just in time.
Just in time? You're just very late!
And in such tasteless clothes too!
But.. .
No time for excuses!
We can't waste a single second!
Hurry, hurry.
Wait. . .
Don't take my clothes off.
Stop it.
At last he looks like a proper prince.
Calm down. Stay strong.
Come to me.
Oh, l can't stand to watch.
Subjects of Slumberland, allow me to introduce
The worthy heir l have chosen for my throne, Nemo.
As the heir to my throne, he will be henceforth called "Prince Nemo."
He must protect help Slumberland from Nightmare.
And, like this scepter, he is one of a kind.
Bow down to him as you do to me.
Step back.
My heir, behold for yourself the divine powers of my scepter
Jazama Pajama, Pajama Jazama.
Kimera-kazam, imera-tazam.
Shazama, pajama, pajama!
Let me warn you all,
The only ones who are able to use this
scepter are myself and Prince Nemo.
But he's just a kid. . .
But he is still young and fragile.
This scepter will be bequeathed to Prince Nemo only
when he is old enough and strong enough to wield it.
Nemo, the time has arrived. Step forward, my boy.
l present you with this crown,
Signifying that you now are in the royal family of Slumberland.
Prince Nemo.
As prince, your duty is to protect the key l gave
you and see that no harm comes from it.
Hooray! Hooray!
Let the festivities begin!
Let's dance the night away!
As the king, l cannot let the Professor out-dance me.
Do you not agree, Nemo?
Hold this for me.
Um. . .
Doin' fine?
Oh, Flip. . .
That's a pretty thing you've got there. Let me see it.
Don't touch it!
Did you just say something, Nemo?
Eh, uh, nothing really.
Just talking to myself.
l shouldn't have opened it.
l need to get that key back!
Hold this for me. l'll be right back!
Nemo, where are you going?
l don't have time to explain.
What's wrong?
King Morpheus!
Please stop the party! Please, stop!
Nemo, did something happen?
Your highness!
King Morpheus!
Want to dance too, lcarus?
Let me through. . . move it, please
Please, let me through!
King Morpheus!
lt's Nightmare!
Nemo, give me the scepter!
Right away!
Nemo, hurry!
Here it is! Take it. . .
King Morpheus!
Nightmare. . . how did he get here?
Who opened that door!
He must have done it!
Get him!
Get him now!
But it wasn't me.
Nemo did it.
Flip, what are you saying?
l'm sayin' the truth.
l saw him do it with my own eyes.
N-no! lt wasn't me!
lt was Flip!
But Nemo was the keeper of the key!
Nemo.. .
lt-it wasn't me!
l-it wasn't!
No. . .
You did it. . . you. . . you.. .
So it was a dream. . .
Nemo.. .
King Morpheus?
Where are you?
Nemo.. .
Help me!
Help me, somebody!
King Morpheus. . .
l really am sorry.
What's that?
That's it! lt's the Professor.
lt's Nemo!
This way!
Come this way!
ls it you?
Take my hand.
Nemo! l thought l'd never see you again.
Where's the king?
Far away.
He was taken away to Nightmare Land.
The entire kingdom is in mourning.
lt's all my fault.
l did something wrong.
No, it wasn't you.
Flip is at fault.
No. l made a promise to the king.
But l broke that promise.
l'll go find the king.
But, without the scepter, there is no hope of you saving him.
The scepter?
l've got it right here!
You had it?
Let's deliver it to the king at once!
lt's no use.
We don't know where Nightmare Land is.
That's it! Flip has a map.
He does?
l saw it.
What horrible timing.
He is about to be banished to outer space!
We need to stop it! Let's be fast!
Row! Row!
Row? Oh, l see. Okay then.
A blindfold? Surely you jest.
Don't make me miss out on the show.
Load the cannon!
What're ya doing?
Let me. . .
l'm still smoking!
Hey, lemme out!
Help me!
l'll give ya anything.
Help. . .
lcarus! Where did you come from?
Where's Nemo?
Wait! Wait! Hold up!
Don't shoot the cannon!
lt's the scepter!
Let Flip free!
What did you say?
l'm gonna go find the king.
So you need to let Flip out.
But why?
He has a map to Nightmare Land.
Cancel the sentence!
These're brand label clothes, man!
Now, hand it over, Flip.
Hand over what?
The map to Nightmare Land.
Oh, that thing.
How much are ya willing to pay?
Hand it over!
Oh, fine, l get it. You can have it.
Use it well.
Hey, easy, be gentle, man!
Hands off.
lsn't it fun?
What's this supposed to mean?
Ah yes, forgot to mention it,
That map doesn't work for just anyone.
lt's got a super uncrackable code attached to it.
Then you'll have to come with us.
Me? To Nightmare Land?
Sorry, but l've got errands to run. People to visit.
Prepare the cannon!
Oh fine, l guess l can come along.
lf ya make me captain, that is.
After all, l'm the only one who can read the map.
ls this lovely princess coming along?
You can hold my cigars for me.
Aww, you look even prettier when you're angry.
Of course l'm coming along.
You are forbidden to smoke while on the voyage!
Anchors aweigh! To Nightmare Land!
Two degrees right.
Aye-aye, Captain!
Watch the aft!
Aye-aye, sir!
Father, l hope you're safe.. .
Don't worry. He'll be okay.
Sail on, fine ship.
l am the Captain!
Anything nautical is my specialty.
Would you please take this more seriously?
Yes, absolutely, your majestyness.
Er, princess. . .
What's this noise?
Flip! Wake up! You need to take the wheel!
Flip! Help me!
Grab it! Grab on tight!
Are you all okay?
Yes, barely.
Well! My pretty dress is all ruined!
Where are we?
From the looks of things, we're in Nightmare Land.
Really? Ah, yes, of course we are.
See? l brought ya here safe.
Oh no! Looks like goblins!
Those ARE goblins!
Unhand me!
We need to help her!
Pull hard, Professor!
Ah-hah! They were scared of the scepter!
Get away from me!
Flip, the map!
The faster we move, the better.
l get it. Hold your horses. . .
What happened, Flip?
Uh, nothing!
The map says. . . this way.
Watch your step. Especially be wary of the goblins.
l hate this place. lt looks haunted.
Flip, are there goblins in this forest?
Naw, there ain't any goblins around here.
Which way is Nightmare Castle?
Hey, no peeking!
Just as l thought. Ah, er, this way.
lt's a dead end!
Flip! Wonder where he went?
Flip! Flip!
Let's see then. . .
The forest is here.
The swamp is here.
The mountains are here.
And Nightmare Castle is here. . .
No, it's not there.
lt's farther north.
Oh, thanks.
Get away, monster!
What's wrong?
Oh dear, we scared him to sleep.
Oh no!
Let Flip go!
lt's the scepter! Run for it!
Flip, are you okay?
Yeah, l'm fine.
Wandering off by yourself is dangerous!
You were sneaking in a smoke, weren't you!
Those monsters forced me to smoke against my will.
No, no, we'd never do that.
lt wasn't us!
But you ARE goblins.
Stop it, stop it, stop that noise!
Our ears hurt!
Don't do that again!
We're your friends.
We're good goblins.
Are you okay?
We're okay! We're a-okay!
But these guys are goblins!
They attacked me out of nowhere
And they forced me to smoke, l'm telling ya!
We didn't attack him!
And we didn't force him to smoke either!
All we did was help him draw the map!
Er, l. . .
We are shape-shifting good goblins, you see.
l'm Umpu.
l'm Umpa.
l'm Umpe.
And l'm Umpi!
One, two, and three!
How silly.
Nightmare is. ..
Very cruel and a liar!
He's so scary that we ran away from him!
But one of our friends is still trapped in the castle.
So we wanna go back and save him.
Nightmare is very frightened of that scepter.
That's why we want you to let us come with you!
Very well.
We know the safest way to get there - we'll guide you.
Not so fast, l'M the guide.
Not anymore. You're fired.
l humbly accept your offer.
Yahoo! We got ourselves a good job!
Then what should l do?
You will carry our belongings.
Do you want me to help, Flip?
No thanks. lt may be demeaning, but it's the only job l've got left.
l have a question about the spell used with the scepter.
Jazama shazama. . .
No. The second word is "Pajama".
l remember that because you made fun of my pajamas.
Not so loud!
Nightmare most likely has spies around these parts.
We need to let Nightmare think that Nemo
is very adept at using the scepter.
Yeah, can ya keep it down?
Ya make me carry things during the
day, then ya keep me up at night.
l've had enough!
A DOG gets better treatment. . .
lt's an ambush!
Help me!
Nemo.. .
Let me go!
This way!
Let me go! l promise l won't smoke again!
Dear Princess, l will protect you!
Princess! Run away, run away!
Go away! Go away!
Princess! Let her go!
Nemo, help me!
The scepter!
What a weird dream.
Are you okay, Nemo?
What are you doing here?
We've been here all along.
So l'm still dreaming then?
Dreaming? What's dreaming?
Well, it's. . .
l get it! This place is called a "dream"!
Ohhh, l get it.
Exactly, exactly.
l thought so all along!
Princess. . .
Hey, it's Unpo!
lt's Unpo!
l thought so all along!
Unpo! Were you okay?
l am so happy to see you all again.
Wait, is that your friend you were looking for?
Yes, he's the friend that was left behind.
l'm very pleased to see you, l'm Unpo
Hi. l'm Nemo.
So you're Nemo!
l have a letter from you, from King Morpheus.
From the King? Where is he right now?
The last time l saw him, he was locked up in Nightmare Castle.
Where's the Princess?
Where's the Professor?
Let me see the letter!
Here it is.
This is the spell that goes with the scepter!
lt's a secret incantation. When spoken,
it releases immeasurable power.
Enough power to defeat Nightmare.
That's wonderful!
But why did the King send me this?
Let's go to Nightmare Castle at once!
The King is waiting for us!
Yay! Nightmare!
Owww, that noise hurts!
Stop making the noise!
Don't scream!
My ears hurt!
Wait, wait, are you saying that if Nemo chants the spell, he'll die?
Oh dear, that is a problem.
l'm worried.
l was worried all along.
lcarus, l'm honored that you're concerned about me.
But the king needs me.
l'm sure that the King and the others
are all suffering in Nightmare Castle.
l need to go save them.
And l want you to come with me, lcarus.
l need your help.
Then it's decided!
Hurry, to the King!
Let's go!
lt's an adventure!
Ah, me too! me too!
Okay, guys, you'll have to navigate me.
You can count on us!
And we're off to Nightmare Castle!
We're off!
To Nightmare Land!
Here it is! Wind Gate!
That's the entrance to Nightmare Land!
So we're finally in Nightmare Land.
Guys, ready? Keep your guard on Nemo!
Single-form transformation. . .
Hot! So hot! Someone put me out!
Watch out!
What was that thing?
Nemo! Look forward!
Look at that!
lt's Nightmare Castle.
Guys! Are you ready?
Hold on tight!
Here we go!
Are you all okay?
Yes, we're okay. . .
Well then, there's supposed to be a secret
entrance around here somewhere.
That impudent Nemo and that troublesome scepter,
We have cleanly disposed of them both, my Lord.
You will have full control of Slumberland in time.
All hail Nightmare Land!
What? Nemo is in the castle? And he carries the scepter with him?
You filthy traitor!
Help! We're getting sucked in!
Help me!
What's wrong?
We're being pulled in.
How's it happening?
l don't know!
Don't let go!
Where are we?
lnside Nightmare Castle.
What was that noise?
l'm not sure.
l can't see anything.
Maybe we should try coming in again after it's light?
Watch out!
Let's get out!
Run and hide!
Hurry! Hurry!
lt's coming!
There's the secret entrance! Hurry!
lt's that way!
Ah, that was close.
lsn't this a great hiding place?
We built it together.
Even Nightmare doesn't know about it.
He can't see us in here, but we can see him.
Do you seriously think you're well hidden?
l know exactly where you are.
l think he sees us.
Nope. He's trying to trick you.
Hand over the scepter, Nemo, and l will let you escape.
Answer me!
Now, Nemo, my patience wears thin.
Perhaps this will entice you to change your mind?
Princess! Professor! Flip!
Do you like my collection?
Stop it!
Oh, so that's where you were hiding, Nemo.
Your days are over.
That's right.
l have one more item in my collection.
Perhaps this was what you wanted to see most?
King Morpheus!
How horrible!
Your Highness!
l have the scepter!
Did you think he would be so easy to rescue?
Hurry! Get him!
Caught him!
There he is!
Nemo! Hurry!
Chant the spell, fast!
Hurry, hurry, we're running out of time!
Ki. . .Kimera-Kazam!
What came after that?
Paja. . .umm. . .
Oh no! He's coming back!
Now, let's be reasonable.
Hand over the scepter.
lf you do, l will send you straight home.
To your Mommy.
ls that the only part you remember?
Pa. . .Pajama-Pajama
Ooooh, just the sound of the word "pajama" gives me chills.
Nemo! Behind you!
Very good, lcarus! Hold on tight.
Nemo, don't let go!
We've got you!
Kazam. . .Shazama!
We're losing him!
Shazama. . .Pajama. . .lcarus!
Wh-where am l?
Wake up, Nemo!
Open your eyes!
How horrible!
Your Highness. . . l broke my promise
And l opened that door.
l'm truly sorry.
No. . . Your courage defeated Nightmare.
The evil kingdom has fallen.
For all eternity.
Little Nemo, you are a perfect little prince.
Farewell! Farewell!
Keep being a good prince, Nemo!
Hey, kid!
Hey, Nemo, l'm gonna look after Slumberland whenever you're gone.
Oh, cut it out.
Flip, what are you doing!
Flip, cut it out.
Help me!
Flip, are you okay?
Flip! An official order from the Prince of Slumberland.
You are never to smoke. Forever!
l second that. And we're serious this time!
Fine, fine. Adios! Nemo, my boy!
Take care, Flip!
How beautiful!
Oh, look! That's my town!
Come to me, lcarus.
Nemo.. .
l had so much fun.
Thank you. . . Nemo.
M-me too.
Nemo, wake up.
lt's breakfast time.
Well! You didn't fall off your bed this morning, l see.
Did you say something?
Well, you have so much fun in store for you today.
Oh, it was all a dream.
A wonderful dream.
Looks that way. l can tell by your smile.
Mom, l'm sorry l broke my promise and took the pie.
Good morning, Nemo.
Get ready right away.
Get ready? For what, Dad?
"Get ready for what"?
We're going to the circus today.
Wanna go, Nemo?
The circus? Really? Can lcarus come, too?
Of course he can.
All right! lcarus, wake up!
We're going to the circus!
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