MGM Home Entertainment was the home video and DVD distribution arm of MGM.

The home video division of MGM started in 1973 as MGM Home Video, releasing all the movies and TV shows by MGM. In 1979, MGM joined forces with CBS Video Enterprises by establishing MGM/CBS Home Video. CBS also distributed MGM's movies until 1982 when CBS decided to join with 20th Century Fox.

Just as MGM merged with United Artists to become MGM/UA, MGM and UA's home video divisions did so as well. The label was renamed to MGM/UA Home Video in 1982, releasing titles from the MGM/UA movie library. In 1987, MGM/UA Home Video released the Turner library with the exception of RKO Radio titles. In 1997, MGM/UA began releasing DVDs.

In 1998, Orion Home Video was folded into the company. The label was promoted to MGM/UA Home Entertainment in 2001 and the name "UA" was dropped off in November 2004 and renamed again to MGM Home Entertainment, releasing movies and TV shows by MGM, United Artists, Orion, Filmways, American International, Samuel Goldwyn, Motion Picture Corporation of America, IFC Films, Embassy Pictures, and Nelson Entertainment. Since 2005, following MGM/UA's acquisition by Sony, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has distributed the MGM film and television library, though under the MGM label. In 2006, MGM ended their distribution agreement with Sony. MGM home video releases will be distributed by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment internationally and domestically. Sony, however, still owns 20% of MGM. [1] [2]

  • SPHE is still allowed to release new MGM films on a blu-ray DVD.


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