Macon County Line is a 1974 Movie


In 1954 just before going into the service, two young brothers named Dixon deceided to have a fine old time raising hell and chasing girls while driving through the Old South. After picking up a young hitchhiker the brothers car breaks down in Macon County. There they are given "advice" by Sherriff Reed Morgan that they had better not stay in Macon county tolong. In another scene Morgan wife is raped and killed {Offscreen} by two drifters. Meanwhile the Dixons try to leave Macon County but their car breaks down and they spend the night in a barn-not knowing that this is adjutant to Sherriff Morgan's property.. Morgan comes home and in shock finds his wife dead. When he sees the Dixons's car he mistakenly thinks they are the killers of his wife and starts chasing them with his young son coming along. Meanwhile the real killers are captured after a car chase in which a Deputy Sherriff is killed. A Deputy tries to tell Morgan this-but Morgan is out of his car and not near the radio. Trapped on a houseboat Wayne Dixon fires back at Morgan with a .22 rifle. However Wayne and the hitchiker are killed by shotgun blasts. A Deputy tracking Morgan finds the Sherriff dead and going to the houseboat hears a strange clicking sound—he finds Wayne and the girl dead and the clicking sound is Reed Morgan son opening and closing the empty shotgun. Chris Dixon leaves macon County after being warned not to come back again; the two killers are executed for murder and Reed Morgan son is sent to a mental institution.



Although the prologue and epilogue claims this was based on a true story—this story is fictional

Alan and Wayne Vint are brothers

This was Max Baer breakout movie from being typecast as Jethro Bodine as being the movie writer and screenwriter

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