Missing Halloween is a short animation created by Mike Inel. It's a short animation about two children trick-or-treating. But the twist is, the little girl is imaginary (a ghost.) The Animation mashed sad stories with beautiful animation.


Nick: an energetic kid. He doesn't care what people think. Not much is really known about him other than what is presented in the animation.

  • Mary: a quiet and grumpy character. She is possibly a reference to Raven from Teen Titans. She ran from home looking for a new home and stumbled upon a forest where she died. She then stumbled upon Steve and they became friends.


There was a boy, ( Let's call him Nick. ) who was waiting for his friend. She ( Let's call her Mary ) had promised to come by on the next Halloween last year. From the window, he can see Mary was waiting for him in front of the house and went on to meet her. His mom look from the window and felt weird. She see that Nick was talking to none. So she planned on calling the doctor without telling him. She went outside to take the picture to be send to the doctor. Nick and Mary went on walking together around the town. Then, the flash scene of last Halloween appear, showing that Nick was walking toward his house. His clothes was all wreck. He was probably being bullied. He seen a paper that was written by his mom and dad showing that they were going on the the groceries and tell him to play with friends. But it appear that Nick don't have any friends. He try to open the door but it was locked. He then sit on the stair in front of his house. While sitting, Nick saw a girl ( Mary ) and went to meet her. He make appear from behind and scare her. Nick told her that it was joke and he want to be a friend. The girl accepted his request and tell him that her name was Mary. So they became friend. Nick and Mary walking together while Nick was on the front walking backward while watching her. He then put on his mask and fell down. So he stand back but run while opening his mask that stuck to his face. He run until he fell on Mary. Mary was mad and start to catch him. Nick also run with his mask on face. He then fell on the other kids who got mad because of the push-over. It's seem like Mary hit them all. So they kick Nick in the ass and start walking away. But before the girl ( One of the girl that got 'liar' hat ) went walking, Nick pull her hand and ask for a candy. He said they can take a picture of his girlfriend which is Mary for and exchange. But they felt weird and call Nick 'lame'. Nick felt weird. Nick and Mary finally want to go some trick-o-treating and went on to the first house. Nick ask for candy and the sweet girl gave him. Mary hold her bucket for some candy. So Nick said that Mary also want some candy. But, the sweet girl felt weird and she call him 'lame'. Nick felt like very weird. Why didn't they give Mary a candy? Forget about that, they continue trick-o-treating. After trick-o-treating end, both Nick and Mary go on the up hill and sit. Nick look at Mary's bucket. It was empty. He felt pity and gave her some loot of the candy he got from all the trick-o-treating. While Nick enjoying the chocolate, Mary look behind there was a gate which there was broken and was open only fit her body. Nick invited Mary to go to his house. When they reach Nick's house, Nick can see there was a doctor speaking with his parents. Her mom called him and a pat on his head. Nick saw a clipboard that the doctor was holding. He stole it and his mom start to panic and run to catch him but Nick is very sneaky and while running, he read the paper on the clipboard and saw, --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Patient Document. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Johnson Nick. Years Old: 11 years old. School Name: Hybrid of Life. Diagnosis - Imaginary Friend. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nick saw the word 'Diagnosis - Imaginary Friend' and shock. He then ask his mother what's the meaning of all this. His mom then show him the picture where he was 'suppose' to be with Mary but in the picture, there was no Mary. His mom then walk away to the doctor to continue talking. Nick keep calling his mom and show that Mary was there while pushing her but they didn't care. Then, both Nick and Mary went away and when Nick's parents so that Nick wasn't there, they felt panic. Nick and Mary sit on the same hill like before. Nick try to touch her on the face and ask her was she really real. But Mary didn't feel comfortable and she thought it must have been the time for Mary to show Nick. So she then walk to the gate and open the broken and ask Nick to come over. Nick look at the sign shown on the gate 'Danger'. He then look and Mary was already in there and she walk away in the forest. Nick quickly run to her going in the forest. There is a sign that fell showing 'Traps' and that's why it's danger. Nick just run and run following Mary so he won't lost her. He run even though there is a traps and Nick got lucky for not hitting one. He run and run and keep running! Then there is flash scene showing like Nick hit the trap. ( Nope, he didn't hit one. That was showing how Mary hit the trap and walk on to the tree and sit. So basically, she died of blood-loss. And for real, Nick didn't die. ) Nick saw Mary was sitting under a tree and he went on to sit beside her. Mary gave him a chocolate to Nick and Nick take and eat it. And it shows on chocolate rapper is 'I found you' and while Mary 'You found me' ( And that's mean Mary has successfully lead Nick to her dead body and so people will find Nick with Mary that has been missing last Halloween. She promised to Nick that she will come by next Halloween but she was dead so she has to come there as a ghost. ) When the police and Nick's parents was finally found Nick. The girl police was shock and she open her recorded missing people and saw Mary is one of the victim. Last and the end.

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