Morgan Finley King delivering People's Press Coalition Address 2011

Morgan Finley King is an American Film Director and Freemason who founded the Global Masonic Film Festival Initiative, a film festival project which allows for its submissions to be shown worldwide at Masonic Institutes and Lodges.

King hosts the annual Golden Cannonball Film Festival and ArcFest in Dublin California.

Film and TelevisionEdit

Do the Hustle (2012 - 2013)

Weird Science Whatever 2: Electric Boogaloo (2012)

Paranormal Parody (2011)

The Octagon of the Gods (2010)

Smell the Coffee (2009)

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Political LifeEdit

Morgan Finley King was elected California East Bay Film Commissioner in 2012.

King was appointed Event Speaker at Occupy San Jose in 2011.

King works as a Media Consultant for Congressman Eric Swalwell. King at Swalwell for Congress

King was identified as a possible face behind The Dreadlocked Bearded Information Man during various California political elections.

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