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Natale in India (lit. 'Christmas in India') is a 2003 Italian comedy film directed by Neri Parenti.


1987. Judge Enrico Paci, a Milanese animal activist who is convinced and passionate about Buddhism, accidentally meets Fabio De Tassis, a rough Roman in a clinic in an elevator to attend the birth of their two children. Sixteen years later, the two sons have the opposite character to those of their fathers: Nelson, son of Fabio, is a Buddhist and is against violence against animals like Enrico, while Costantino, son of Judge Paci, is a vulgar and indifferent boy. to the rules just like Fabio.

Meanwhile, the two circus acrobats Max and Bruno unintentionally kill a tiger tamer while the latter had put his head in the jaws of the cat. Degraded by Moira Orfei to shovel animal dung, the two come into contact with a precious ruby, which according to the newspapers was stolen by the trainer himself from a Maharaja visiting Italy. The two then set out in search of a fence to pocket the money on the sale of the jewel.

Gennaro is a lawyer in Fabio's service; blamed for all the illicit trafficking of his boss, he must answer to the judge in court, namely Enrico Paci. To avoid jail, Fabio asks Giovanna Bertocchi, Gennaro's girlfriend, to pretend to be his wife in order to frame the judge. The latter and Giovanna find themselves together in a sauna, Giovanna pretends to faint and the judge helps her to recover just as Fabio suddenly enters, thus managing to avoid arrest by making Enrico look like a maniac who is hitting on his wife. .

Meanwhile in Rome the transgressive rapper Vomito is holding a great concert, but remains burned in the backside. One day Enrico, eager to see India, organizes a trip for him and his son. Fabio is also leaving for India with his son and Silvia, his wife. Gennaro, who had accompanied Fabio and his family to the airport, learns from Enrico himself that he and his son are headed to India. Frightened by the fact that Enrico could meet Fabio with his real wife, and therefore discover the deception of the sauna, he tries in every way to warn Fabio before he leaves, but without succeeding.

Meanwhile, Max and Bruno also decide to go to India to chase Enrico, in possession of the ruby ​​that fell from the hands of the two and ended up in the magistrate's pouch. Vomito also decides to make a transgressive clip right in India: due to a dispute over the physical damage of a cow, he is arrested by the local authorities. Fabio, met the judge by chance, to prevent him from discovering the deception of the sauna, continues to pretend to be married to Gennaro's girlfriend and, in order not to be discovered, tries to make friends with the judge and thus keep the truth hidden from him.

Fabio and Enrico get lost together in the jungle and are found by a Maharaja and escorted by his escort, who turns out to be chasing a tiger. But managing to outrun the enemy, the judge has to deal with a tiger in heat who violates her virginity. Tony, manager of Vomito, worried about the video clip postponed due to the arrest of his star, finds by chance the perfect double of Vomito, that is Yogi, a bizarre junkie. But the troubles for the transgressive rapper are not over: trying to get the field to his cell phone network, the man is accidentally locked up in a Shaolin monastery and will have to stay there for seven years.

Meanwhile, Enrico discovers Fabio's deception when Silvia, unaware that she is Gennaro's fake wife, tells the judge that she is married to Fabio. The judge thus condemns Mr. De Tassis to jail for having deceived him. Max and Bruno, in possession of the ruby ​​taken from the magistrate again, by chance lose the jewel and take it back when they find the real owner, the Maharajà robbed long ago, who sentences them to death for theft. During the trial, Bruno manages to make the man understand that without them he would never have regained possession of the ruby: instead of being executed, they are only deprived of a part of their body by making the wheel of fortune choose the piece to be cut. Eventually Paci and De Tassis begin to suspect that their children may have been swapped at birth and try to figure it out via a DNA test. Fabio manages to peek into the nurse's computer the result of the test and discovers that the two children were not swapped at birth.

So everything is resolved for the best: Yogi becomes the new Vomit no longer vulgar rapper, but toxic; Giovanna loses her audition again and her boyfriend Gennaro is hired as her substitute in playing a part of her in "Adam and Eve"; Max and Bruno are summarized as acrobats in the circus, mutilated respectively of the penis and of the left arm.


  • Massimo Boldi as Enrico Paci
  • Christian De Sica as Fabio De Tassis
  • Enzo Salvi as Vomito/Yoghi
  • Biagio Izzo as Gennaro Pedicini
  • Fichi d'India: Bruno Arena & Massimiliano Cavallari
  • Paolo Conticini as Tony
  • Clarissa Burt as Silvia De Tassis
  • Giulia Montanarini as Giovanna Bertocchi
  • Davide Perino as Nelson De Tassis
  • Emanuele Angeloni as Costantino Paci
  • Fabio Ferrari as the judge
  • Moira Orfei as herself
  • Carlo Vanzina as himself
  • Neri Parenti as the Roman theatrical impresario friend of Gennaro
  • Pier Francesco Pingitore as himself
  • Garrison Rochelle as himself
  • Albertino as himself
  • Francesco Giorgino as himself