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Night Moves is a 1975 American neo-noir film directed by Arthur Penn. It stars Gene Hackman, Susan Clark, Jennifer Warren, Melanie Griffith and James Woods.


Hard-nosed private investigator Harry Moseby (Gene Hackman), to distract himself from a rapidly deteriorating marriage, takes a case from an aging B-movie queen (Janet Ward) to locate her runaway daughter, Delly (Melanie Griffith). His search takes him to the Florida Keys, where the girl has been hiding out with her stepfather, Tom (John Crawford), and Tom's lover, Paula (Jennifer Warren). Harry initiates an affair with Paula and soon learns the case is more complex than he first assessed it.


  • Gene Hackman as Harry Moseby
  • Susan Clark as Ellen Moseby
  • Jennifer Warren as Paula
  • Edward Binns as Joey Ziegler
  • Harris Yulin as Marty Heller
  • Kenneth Mars as Nick
  • Janet Ward as Arlene Iverson
  • James Woods as Quentin
  • Anthony Costello as Marv Ellman
  • John Crawford as Tom Iverson
  • Melanie Griffith as Delly Grastner
  • Ben Archibek as Charles
  • Dennis Dugan as boy
  • C.J. Hiack as girl
  • Maxwell Gail, Jr. as Stud
  • Susan Barrister as ticket clerk
  • Larry Mitchell as ticket clerk