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OriginalFull credits for Onward.


Directed by[edit | edit source]

Produced by[edit | edit source]

Executive Producer[edit | edit source]

Associate Producer[edit | edit source]

Original Story by[edit | edit source]

Screenplay by[edit | edit source]

Original Score Composed by[edit | edit source]

Story Supervisor[edit | edit source]

Film Editor[edit | edit source]

Production Designer[edit | edit source]

Supervising Technical Director[edit | edit source]

Production Manager[edit | edit source]

Animation Supervisors[edit | edit source]

Directors of Photography[edit | edit source]

Character Supervisor[edit | edit source]

Sets Supervisor[edit | edit source]

Simulation Supervisor[edit | edit source]

Effects Supervisor[edit | edit source]

Lighting Supervisors[edit | edit source]

Lighting Technical Supervisor[edit | edit source]

Animation Crowds Supervisor[edit | edit source]

Crowds Technical Supervisor[edit | edit source]

Technology & Pipeline Supervisor[edit | edit source]

Volumetric Clouds Supervisor[edit | edit source]

Rendering Supervisor[edit | edit source]

Character Art Director[edit | edit source]

Sets Art Director[edit | edit source]

Shading Art Director[edit | edit source]

Graphics Art Director[edit | edit source]

Story Manager[edit | edit source]

Editorial Manager[edit | edit source]

Art Managers[edit | edit source]

Animation Manager[edit | edit source]

Layout Manager[edit | edit source]

Character Manager[edit | edit source]

Sets Manager[edit | edit source]

Simulation Manager[edit | edit source]

Effects Manager[edit | edit source]

Lighting Manager[edit | edit source]

Rendering Manager[edit | edit source]

Sound Designers[edit | edit source]

Post Production Supervisor[edit | edit source]

Casting by[edit | edit source]

Casting Associate[edit | edit source]

Cast[edit | edit source]

Associate Executive Producer[edit | edit source]

Production Finance Lead[edit | edit source]

Additional Production Finance Lead[edit | edit source]

Story[edit | edit source]

Story Leads[edit | edit source]

Story Coordinators[edit | edit source]

Story Artists[edit | edit source]

Louise Smythe (Toy Story 4) Austin Madison (The Good Dinosaur)
Le Tang (Toy Story 4) Vladimir Kooperman (Coco)
Jeeyoon Park Yu Nira Liu
Kristen Lester (Finding Dory) Rejean Bourdages (Toy Story 4)
Rosana Sullivan (Toy Story 4)

Additional Story Coordinator[edit | edit source]

Additional Story Artists[edit | edit source]

Bill Presing (The Good Dinosaur) James Reinhart Robertson (The Good Dinosaur)
Christian Roman (Toy Story 4) Gleb Sanchez-Lobashov (Coco)
Nathan Stanton (Coco) Sam Hood (Coco)

Additional Story Material[edit | edit source]

Editorial[edit | edit source]

Second Film Editors[edit | edit source]

Additional Editing[edit | edit source]

First Assistant Editor[edit | edit source]

Editorial Coordinators[edit | edit source]

Editorial & Script Coordinator[edit | edit source]

Second Assistant Editors[edit | edit source]

Brian Vidal Michelle Sahlin
Geoffrey Sledge (Coco) Jonathan Vargo (Toy Story 4)
Lindsay Armstrong (Finding Dory)

Script Supervisor[edit | edit source]

Additional Script Supervisor[edit | edit source]

Production Music Editor[edit | edit source]

Additional Production Music Editor[edit | edit source]

Production Sound Editor[edit | edit source]

Senior Recording Engineer[edit | edit source]

Recording Engineer[edit | edit source]

Editorial Interns[edit | edit source]

  • Deanna Chittum
  • Rajendra Thakurathi

Art[edit | edit source]

Art Coordinators[edit | edit source]

Additional Character Art Direction[edit | edit source]

Additional Set Art Direction[edit | edit source]

Character Designers[edit | edit source]

Set Designers[edit | edit source]

Garrett Taylor (Incredibles 2) Carlos Felipe León (Mr. Peabody and Sherman)
Don Shank (Incredibles 2) Rebecca Shieh

Shading Designers[edit | edit source]

Graphics Designer[edit | edit source]

Pre-Production Artists[edit | edit source]

Additional Artists[edit | edit source]

Development Artists[edit | edit source]

Jesse Aclin (Kubo and the Two Strings) Peter Chan (Wonder Park)
Amélie Fléchais (Trolls) Guillermo Willie Real (Trolls)

Art Interns[edit | edit source]

Simon Baek (Toy Story 4) Elaine S. Choi
Ryan Matias De'Von Stubblefield (Incredibles 2)
Rachel Yingzong Xin

Camera & Staging[edit | edit source]

Layout Leads[edit | edit source]

Layout Coordinator[edit | edit source]

Layout Artists[edit | edit source]

James Campbell (Toy Story 4) Alexander Curtis (Toy Story 4)
Jahkeeli Garnett (Toy Story 4) Andrea Goh (Toy Story 4)
Ryan Heuett (Incredibles 2) Shaun Seong-Young Kim (Toy Story 4)
Robert Kinkead (Incredibles 2) Jeremy Lasky (Monsters, Inc.)
Mike Leonard (Toy Story 4) Adam Schnitzer (Toy Story 4)
Sylvia Gray Wong (Inside Out)

Additional Layout Artists[edit | edit source]

Post-Animation Camera Artist[edit | edit source]

Animation[edit | edit source]

Directing Animators[edit | edit source]

Animation Fix Lead[edit | edit source]

Animation Coordinator[edit | edit source]

Animation Technical Coordinator[edit | edit source]

Animation Fix Coordinator[edit | edit source]

Animation Sketch Artists[edit | edit source]

Character Development & Animation[edit | edit source]

Dovi Anderson (Coco) Eric Anderson (Coco)
James W. Brown (Finding Dory) Robb Denovan (Finding Dory)
Gwendelyn Enderoglu (Incredibles 2) Lance Fite (Incredibles 2)
Rob Jensen (Toy Story 4) K.C. Roeyer (Monsters University)
Nickolas Rosario (Toy Story 4)

Animators[edit | edit source]

Kevin Andrus (Toy Story 4) Lindsay Andrus (Incredibles 2)
Andrew Atteberry (Toy Story 4) Brendan Beesley (Toy Story 4)
Michael Bidinger (Cars 3) Jane Snow Cassidy (Cars 3)
Shaun Chacko (Incredibles 2) Michael Chia-Wei Chen (Toy Story 4)
Simon Christen (Toy Story 4) Brett Coderre (Toy Story 4)
Don Crum (Toy Story 4) Joshua Dai (Toy Story 4)
Regina Donovan (Toy Story 4) Graham Finley (Toy Story 4)
Doug Frankel (Toy Story 4) Michael Galbraith (Toy Story 4)
Robb Gibbs (Toy Story 4) Joey Gilbreath (Coco)
Andrew Gonzalez (Coco) Emilie Goulet (Toy Story 4)
Tomoyuki Harashima (Toy Story 4) Aaron Hartline (Toy Story 4)
Travis Hathaway (Monsters University) Neil Helm (Toy Story 4)
Catherine Hicks (Cars 3) Tsung-Yin Hsieh (Toy Story 4)
Guilherme Sauerbronn Jacinto (Toy Story 4) Rami Kasim (Toy Story 4)
Nayoun Kim Charoenchai (The Croods) Ken Kim (Toy Story 4)
Bruce Kuei (Toy Story 4) Tarun Lak (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse)
Wendell Lee (Toy Story 4) Holger Leihe (Toy Story 4)
Cody Lyon (Toy Story 4) Michal Makarewicz (Toy Story 4)
Paul Mendoza (Toy Story 4) Cameron Miyasaki (Toy Story 4)
Kyle Mohr (Toy Story 4) Javier Moya Alonso (Toy Story 4)
Juan Carlos Navarro Carrion (Toy Story 4) Dan Nguyen (Toy Story 4)
Kevin O'Hara (Incredibles 2) Jordi Oñate Isal (Toy Story 4)
Bret Parker (Toy Story 4) Bobby Podesta (Toy Story 4)
Jayson Price (Toy Story 4) Andreas Procopiou (Toy Story 4)
Adam Rodriguez (Toy Story 4) Manuel Zenon Rodriguez (Toy Story 4)
Montaque Ruffin (Toy Story 4) Ben Rush (Toy Story 4)
Michael Sauls (Toy Story 4) Stefan Schumacher (Toy Story 4)
Tal Shwarzman (Toy Story 4) Terry Youngkil Song (Toy Story 4)
Matthew Strangio (Toy Story 4) Benjamin Po An Su (Toy Story 4)
Raphael Suter (Toy Story 4) David Torres (Toy Story 4)
Jean-Claude Tran Quang Thieu (Toy Story 4) Luis Uribe (Toy Story 4)
Michael Venturini (Toy Story 4) Priscila De B. Vertamatti (Toy Story 4)
Leslie Watters (Toy Story 4) Ricky Wight (Toy Story 4)
Alon Winterstein (Incredibles 2) Stephen Wong (Toy Story 4)
Tom Zach (Toy Story 4)

Crowds, Fix & Additional Animation[edit | edit source]

Daniel Abad Paulie Alam (Toy Story 4)
Teresa Falcone (Toy Story 4) Richard Gunzer (Toy Story 4)
Aviv Mano (Toy Story 4) Jennifer Migita (Toy Story 4)
Theresa Reyes (Toy Story 4) Nicole Ridgwell (Toy Story 4)
Jamie Ryan (Forky Asks a Question) Christopher Sanchez (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse)
Madison Sotomayor (Forky Asks a Question) Li Wen Toh

Additional Animation[edit | edit source]

Christopher Chua (Toy Story 4) Eric S. Degner (Incredibles 2)
Aron Hatfield (Toy Story 4) Steven Clay Hunter (Toy Story 4)
Patty Kihm (Toy Story 4) Matt Majers (Toy Story 4)
Victor Navone (Toy Story 4) Lucas Fraga Pacheco (Coco)
Mike Stern (Toy Story 4) Amanda Wagner (Toy Story 4)
Kureha Yokoo (Toy Story 4) Ron Zorman (Toy Story 4)

Animation Tools Leads[edit | edit source]

Animation Shot Support[edit | edit source]

Daniel Campbell (Toy Story 4) Jack Cheng (Toy Story 4)
Todd R. Krish (Toy Story 4) John LeGrande (Toy Story 4)

Animation Production Assistant[edit | edit source]

Crowds & Fix Animation Interns[edit | edit source]

  • Daniel Chung
  • Trilina Mai

Characters[edit | edit source]

Character Modeling Lead[edit | edit source]

Character Articulation Lead[edit | edit source]

Character Shading & Groom Lead[edit | edit source]

Character Tailoring Lead[edit | edit source]

Character Coordinator[edit | edit source]

Character & Global Technology Coordinator[edit | edit source]

Character Modeling & Articulation Artists[edit | edit source]

Seth Freeman (Toy Story 4) Jonas Jarvers (Toy Story 4)
Michael A. Nieves (Toy Story 4) Jonathan Page (Incredibles 2)
Bill Sheffler (Incredibles 2) Jacob Speirs (Incredibles 2)
Ian Steplowski (Toy Story 4)

Character Shading & Groom Artists[edit | edit source]

Christopher Bolwyn (Incredibles 2) Trent Crow (Incredibles 2)
Masha Ellsworth (Incredibles 2) Laura Hainke (Incredibles 2)
Michael Kilgore (Toy Story 4) Jacob Kuenzel (Coco)
Maria Lee (Toy Story 4) Ricardo Pacheco (Toy Story 4)
Kiki Mei Kee Poh (Incredibles 2) Chuck Waite (Toy Story 4)
Athena Xenakis (Toy Story 4)

Character Tailoring Artists[edit | edit source]

Trevor Barrus (Incredibles 2) Gavin Baxter (Incredibles 2)
Kristopher Campbell (Incredibles 2) Sonoko Konishi (Toy Story 4)
Edgar Rodriguez (Incredibles 2)

Character Interns[edit | edit source]

  • Daniela Dwek
  • Shannon Lyman
  • Anthony Muscarella

Sets[edit | edit source]

Sets Modeling Lead[edit | edit source]

Sets Dressing Lead[edit | edit source]

Sets Shading Lead[edit | edit source]

Sets Technical Lead[edit | edit source]

Sets Pre-Production Technical Lead[edit | edit source]

Sets Coordinators[edit | edit source]

Sets Modeling Artists[edit | edit source]

Joshua Mills (Toy Story 4) Arnold Moon (Toy Story 4)
Greg Peltz (Coco) Nick Pitera (Toy Story 4)
Dale Ruffolo (Coco) Dave Strick (Coco)
Josh West (Coco) Raymond V. Wong (Coco)

Sets Dressing Artists[edit | edit source]

Christina Faraj (Incredibles 2) Drew Kleven (Toy Story 4)
Alison Leaf (Toy Story 4) Tom Miller (Cars 2)
Michael Rutter (Incredibles 2) Alex Shilt (Toy Story 4)
Christina Garcia Weiland (Incredibles 2)

Sets Shading Artists[edit | edit source]

Eric Andraos (Incredibles 2) Benjamin Beech (Incredibles 2)
Tracy Lee Church (Toy Story 4) Andrew Finley (Toy Story 4)
Jack Hattori (Toy Story 4) David Munier (Toy Story 4)
Jared Rawle (Toy Story 4) Lan Tang (Incredibles 2)
Rui Tong (Toy Story 4)

Sets Technical Artists[edit | edit source]

Additional Sets Artist[edit | edit source]

Global Technology[edit | edit source]

Global Technology Engineers[edit | edit source]

Antony Carysforth (Cars 3) Elliott Cattell (Incredibles 2)
Thierry Dervieux-Lecocq (Toy Story 4) Cheryl Ichikawa (Incredibles 2)
Brandon Kerr (Toy Story 4) Robyn Rindge (Incredibles 2)

Global Technology Intern[edit | edit source]

  • Vi Le

Simulation[edit | edit source]

Simulation Lead[edit | edit source]

Simulation Coordinator[edit | edit source]

Simulation Artists[edit | edit source]

Matt Benson (Toy Story 4) Edwin Chang (Toy Story 4)
Brian Clark (Toy Story 4) Jared Counts (Toy Story 4)
Jessica Psy DeLacy (Toy Story 4) Mariana Galindo (Toy Story 4)
Henry Dean Garcia (Toy Story 4) Jung-Hyun Kim (Toy Story 4)
Laurie Kim (Coco) Lyon Liew (Toy Story 4)
Holly Lloyd (Toy Story 4) Brennan Mitchell
Thomas Moser (Toy Story 4) Ricardo Nadu (Toy Story 4)
Max Rodriguez (Incredibles 2) Brad Winemiller (Toy Story 4)
Audrey Wong (Toy Story 4)

Additional Simulation Artists[edit | edit source]

Trevor Barrus (Incredibles 2) Gavin Baxter (Incredibles 2)
Christopher Bolwyn (Incredibles 2) Emron Grover (Coco)
Sonoko Konishi (Toy Story 4) Edgar Rodriguez (Incredibles 2)

Crowds[edit | edit source]

Crowds Lead Coordinator[edit | edit source]

Crowds Technical Artists[edit | edit source]

Geoffrey Jarrett (Toy Story 4) Jonah Laird (Toy Story 4)
Hsiao-Hsien Lo (Toy Story 4) Leon Jeongwook Park (Cars 3)

Additional Crowds Technical Artists[edit | edit source]

Crowds Technical Intern[edit | edit source]

Effects[edit | edit source]

Effects Lead[edit | edit source]

Effects Technical Lead[edit | edit source]

Effects & Lighting Coordinator[edit | edit source]

Effects Artists[edit | edit source]

Alexis Angelidis (Toy Story 4) Amit Baadkar (Toy Story 4)
Chris Chapman (Toy Story 4) Christopher Foreman (Incredibles 2)
Shaun Galinak (Incredibles 2) Tolga Goktekin (Incredibles 2)
Cody Harrington (Incredibles 2) Jason Johnston (Incredibles 2)
Carl Kaphan (The Good Dinosaur) Eric Lacroix (The Good Dinosaur)
Hiroaki Narita (Toy Story 4) Michael K. O'Brien (Toy Story 4)
Krzysztof Rost (Toy Story 4) Ferdi Scheepers (Toy Story 4)
Tim Speltz (Inside Out) Enrique Vila (Inside Out)
Kylie Wijsmuller (Toy Story 4)

Additional Effects Artists[edit | edit source]

Gary Bruins (Toy Story 4) Greg Gladstone (Toy Story 4)
Joshua Jenny (Toy Story 4) Keith Daniel Klohn (Incredibles 2)

Sweatbox[edit | edit source]

Sweatbox Coordinator[edit | edit source]

Volumetric Clouds[edit | edit source]

Volumetric Clouds Artists[edit | edit source]

Mike Ravella (Toy Story 4) Laura Murphy (Toy Story 4)
Martin Sebastian Senn (Toy Story 4) Francisco Delatorre (Toy Story 4)

Lighting[edit | edit source]

Lighting Character Lead[edit | edit source]

Lightspeed Lead[edit | edit source]

Lighting Lead[edit | edit source]

Lighting Visual Development[edit | edit source]

Lighting Coordinators[edit | edit source]

Lighting Artists[edit | edit source]

Nick Bartone (Incredibles 2) Lloyd Bernberg (Toy Story 4)
Katie Bickley (Incredibles 2) Jeremy Birn (Toy Story 4)
Brian Boyd (Toy Story 4) Alfonso Caparrini (Incredibles 2)
Mathieu Cassagne (Toy Story 4) Ed Chen (Toy Story 4)
Keith Cormier (Toy Story 4) Airton Dittz, Jr. (Toy Story 4)
James Gettinger (Incredibles 2) Laura Grieve (Incredibles 2)
Stefan Gronsky (Monsters University) Dorien Gunnels (Incredibles 2)
Wen-Chin Hsu (Toy Story 4) Sungyeon Joh (Toy Story 4)
Amy Rae Jones (Toy Story 4) Jonathan Kiker (Toy Story 4)
Jennifer Leigh King (Toy Story 4) Linhan Li (Coco)
Amber Stewart Lunderville (Toy Story 4) Emmanuel Maniez (Toy Story 4)
Molly Meyer (Toy Story 4) Tony Mitzelfelt (Toy Story 4)
Burt Peng (Toy Story 4) Maria Powers (Toy Story 4)
Julien Schreyer (Toy Story 4) Philip Shoebottom (Toy Story 4)
Miguel Zozaya (Toy Story 4)

Lightspeed Technical Directors[edit | edit source]

Ryan Howell (Incredibles 2) James L. Jackson (Toy Story 4)
Cari Reiche (Toy Story 4) Kevin Sun (Toy Story 4)
David Verona (Toy Story 4)

Rendering[edit | edit source]

Rendering Coordinator[edit | edit source]

Rendering Technical Directors[edit | edit source]

Robert Graf (Toy Story 4) Humera Yasmin Khan (Toy Story 4)
Yun Lien (Toy Story 4) Jessica Monteiro (Toy Story 4)
Donald Schmidt (Coco)

RenderMan Integration[edit | edit source]

RenderMan Integration Leads[edit | edit source]

RenderMan Integration Engineers[edit | edit source]

Production[edit | edit source]

Executive Assistant to the Director and Producer[edit | edit source]

Production Office Manager[edit | edit source]

Production Finance Analyst[edit | edit source]

Additional Production Finance Analyst[edit | edit source]

Feature Relations Manager[edit | edit source]

Feature Relations Coordinator[edit | edit source]

Production Office Coordinator[edit | edit source]

Production Office Assistants[edit | edit source]

Additional Production Support[edit | edit source]

Katie Gault Matthew Kerr
Phoebe Heit Leader (Incredibles 2) Alyssa Mar (Toy Story 4)
Elyse D. Meier (Toy Story 4)

Creative Development[edit | edit source]

Mary Coleman (Toy Story 4) Emily Davis (Toy Story 4)
Amy Ellenwood (Toy Story 4) Lauren Halberg (Toy Story 4)
Emily Mollenkopf (Toy Story 4) Shelley Smith (Toy Story 4)

End Credits[edit | edit source]

Design & Effects[edit | edit source]

Title Design[edit | edit source]

Post Production[edit | edit source]

Associate Post Production Supervisor[edit | edit source]

Senior Assistant to Post Production[edit | edit source]

Post Production Coordinator[edit | edit source]

Original Dialogue Mixers[edit | edit source]

Dialogue Recordist[edit | edit source]

Additional Production Sound[edit | edit source]

Production Sound Assistant[edit | edit source]

  • Veronica Toledo

Studio Mastering[edit | edit source]

Studio Mastering Director[edit | edit source]

Home Entertainment Supervisor[edit | edit source]

Senior Scientist[edit | edit source]

Studio Mastering Manager[edit | edit source]

Administration Manager[edit | edit source]

Studio Mastering Supervisor[edit | edit source]

Colorist[edit | edit source]

Color Grading Operator[edit | edit source]

Digital Cinema Supervisor[edit | edit source]

Studio Mastering Coordinator[edit | edit source]

Media Control Center Operators[edit | edit source]

Media Control Center Assistant[edit | edit source]

Senior Projectionist[edit | edit source]

Projectionist[edit | edit source]

Stereoscopic 3D[edit | edit source]

Stereo Supervisor[edit | edit source]

Stereo Manager[edit | edit source]

Stereo Technical Lead[edit | edit source]

Stereo Artists[edit | edit source]

International Production[edit | edit source]

International Production Director[edit | edit source]

International & Stereo Coordinator[edit | edit source]

International Technical Lead[edit | edit source]

International Technical Artist[edit | edit source]

International Editorial[edit | edit source]

Post Production Sound[edit | edit source]

Post Production Sound Services by
Skywalker Sound
A Lucas Digital Ltd. Company
Marin County, California

Supervising Sound Editor[edit | edit source]

Re-Recording Mixers[edit | edit source]

Dialogue/ADR Supervisor[edit | edit source]

Sound Effects Editors[edit | edit source]

Samson Neslund (The Good Dinosaur) Kimberly Patrick (Toy Story 4)
Josh Gold (The Good Dinosaur) David C. Hughes (Inside Out)

Foley Supervisor[edit | edit source]

Foley Editor[edit | edit source]

Assistant Supervising Sound Editor[edit | edit source]

Foley Artists[edit | edit source]

Foley Mixer[edit | edit source]

Assistant Re-Recording Mixers[edit | edit source]

Post Production Sound Accountant[edit | edit source]

Client Services[edit | edit source]

Head of Engineering[edit | edit source]

Head of Production[edit | edit source]

General Manager[edit | edit source]

Additional Voices[edit | edit source]

Carlos Alazraqui (Toy Story 4) Bob Bergen (Monsters University)
Charlet Chung (Fast & Furious: Spy Racers) Chris Cox (The Addams Family)
Terri Douglas (Toy Story 4) Dave Foley (A Bug's Life)
Arya Hora (Blazing Team: Masters of Yo Kwon Do) Karen Huie (Incredibles 2)
Arif S. Kinchen (Star vs. the Forces of Evil) Jennie Kwan (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
Christian Lanz (Coco) Kelsey Mann (Monsters University)
Spencer Mann Cullen McCarthy (Mr. Peabody & Sherman)
Allan McLeod (Monsters University) Scott Menville (Toy Story 4)
Cristina Milizia (Welcome to Monster High) Melanie Minichino (Incredibles 2)
Kamali Minter (The Boss Baby) Jack Wade Nadler
Arnie Pantoja (Trolls: The Beat Goes On!) George Psarras (NBA 2K16)
Kori Rae (Monsters University) Michael Ralph (Incredibles 2)
Dan Scanlon (Toy Story 4) Jessika Van (Toy Story Toons: Partysaurus Rex)
Kari Wahlgren (Frozen II) Diamond White (Incredibles 2)
Shondalia White (The Loud House) Cedric L. Williams (The Promised Neverland)
Debra Wilson (The Emoji Movie) Fryda Wolff (Trolls: The Beat Goes On!)

Music[edit | edit source]

Executive Music Producer[edit | edit source]

Vice President, Music Production[edit | edit source]

Music Orchestrated & Conducted by[edit | edit source]

Music Recorded & Mixed by[edit | edit source]

Music Editor[edit | edit source]

Additional Score Recording by[edit | edit source]

Scoring Editor[edit | edit source]

Music Production Affairs[edit | edit source]

Manager, Music Production[edit | edit source]

Music Production Assistant[edit | edit source]

Music Contracted by[edit | edit source]

Music Preparation by[edit | edit source]

Additional Orchestrations by[edit | edit source]

Score Programming[edit | edit source]

Score Coordinator[edit | edit source]

Score Recordists[edit | edit source]

Score Recorded at[edit | edit source]

  • Eastwood Scoring Stage, Warner Bros. Studio

Scoring Crew[edit | edit source]

Richard Wheeler Jr. (Coco) Emad Borjian (Coco)
Jamie Olvera (Coco) Ryan Robinson (Toy Story 4)

Choir Director, Synergy Vocals[edit | edit source]

Choir Recorded at Abbey Road Studios by[edit | edit source]

Special Thanks to the Orchestra for Bringing the Music to Life
“Carried Me With You”

“Let's Get It On”

Special Thanks to the D&D Team at Wizards of the Coast
for use of the Beholder and the Gelatinous Cube

Pixar Studio Team[edit | edit source]

Administration[edit | edit source]

Aly Fidiam-Smith (Toy Story 4) Morgan Karadi (Toy Story 4) Victoria Manley Thompson (Toy Story 4) Kenya Randle (Toy Story 4) Josh Saletnik (Toy Story 4)
Wendy Dale Tanzillo (Toy Story 4) Christine Wilcock (Toy Story 4)

Archives & Exhibitions[edit | edit source]

Liz Borges-Herzog Welburn (Toy Story 4) Sharon Dovas (Toy Story 4) Christine Freeman (Toy Story 4) Lauren Gaylord (Toy Story 4) Kayla D. Harriel
Maren A. Jones (Toy Story 4) Samantha Kohler Brianne Gallagher (Toy Story 4) Juliet Roth (Toy Story 4) Melissa Woods (Toy Story 4)

Business Affairs & Legal Counsel[edit | edit source]

Serena Dettman (Toy Story 4) Richard Guo (Toy Story 4) Lara Lesieur Pendleton (Toy Story 4) Elliot Simons (Toy Story 4) Rachel Tharp (Toy Story 4)
Jody Weinberg (Toy Story 4)

Consumer Products, Interactive & Publishing[edit | edit source]

Leila Chesloff (Toy Story 4) Mandy Freund (Toy Story 4) Molly Glover (Toy Story 4) Molly Jones (Toy Story 4) Stella Koh (Toy Story 4)
Christopher Meeker (Toy Story 4) Alexis Lombardi Nelson (Toy Story 4) Jonathan Rodriguez (Toy Story 4) Kim Ross (Toy Story 4) Rob Rowe (Toy Story 4)
Delilah Smith (Toy Story 4) Jenny Moussa Spring (Toy Story 4) Jen Tan (Toy Story 4) Scott Tilley (Toy Story 4) Shiho Tilley (Toy Story 4)
Lauren Uyeda (Toy Story 4)

Craft Services by Luxo Café[edit | edit source]

Jennifer Johnston (Toy Story 4) Vivian Rodriguez (Toy Story 4) Andrea Aleman (Toy Story 4) Anjuli Bhattacharya (Toy Story 4) Jonathan Cornett
Sara Kosuth (Toy Story 4) Deanie Hickox (Monsters University) Aaron Grimm (Toy Story 4) Bayani Inclano (Toy Story 4) Marylou Jaso (Toy Story 4)
Derrick Jones (Toy Story 4) Craig Marshall (Toy Story 4) Constantino Martinez (Toy Story 4) Gerardo Osorio (Toy Story 4) Timothy Palmer (Toy Story 4)
Alexander Pimwong (Toy Story 4) Alyssa Promessi (Toy Story 4) Julio Quintero (Toy Story 4) Brittany Smith (Toy Story 4) Nathaniel Smith (Toy Story 4)
Darrell Valor (Toy Story 4) Sayoko Wu

Creative Content[edit | edit source]

Jennifer Zaccaro (Toy Story 4) Trish Carney (Toy Story 4) Gairo Cuevas (Toy Story 4) Sarah Dunham (Toy Story 4) Lauren Goralski (Toy Story 4)
Christina F. Julian (Toy Story 4) Tony Kaplan (Toy Story 4) Erica Milsom (Toy Story 4) Jeremy Quist (Toy Story 4) Brian Tanaka (Toy Story 4)
Chelsea Walton (Toy Story 4)

Custom Animation Production[edit | edit source]

Marc Sondheimer (Toy Story 4) Jeanette Penley Marker (Toy Story 4) Claire Munzer (Toy Story 4) James Ford Murphy (Toy Story 4) Justin Ritter (Toy Story 4)
Serena Warner (Toy Story 4)

Development[edit | edit source]

Megan Alderson (Toy Story 4) Mary Alice Drumm (Toy Story 4) Nicole Paradis Grindle (Toy Story 4) David Lally (Toy Story 4) Shannon Wood (Toy Story 4)

Facility Operations[edit | edit source]

Patty Bonfilio (Toy Story 4) James Andereggen (Toy Story 4) Marco Castellanos (Toy Story 4) Erin Collins Butler (Toy Story 4) Michael Douglass, Jr. (Toy Story 4)
Darrin Fichera (Toy Story 4) Matt Gagnebin (Toy Story 4) Jared Gonzales (Toy Story 4) Hsiao Liu (Toy Story 4) Andrew Macrae
Edgar A. Ochoa (Toy Story 4) Kyle Roldan (Toy Story 4) Matthew Sarubbi (Toy Story 4) Peter Schreiber (Toy Story 4) Bill Shea (Toy Story 4)
Brian Torres (Toy Story 4)

Finance[edit | edit source]

Mark Joseph (Toy Story 4) Kentaro Hinoki (Toy Story 4) Michelle Liu Chung (Toy Story 4) Bess Daubenmire Kristi Gamble (Toy Story 4)
Valerie Hathaway (Toy Story 4) Heather D.C. Jackson (Toy Story 4) Kheron Jones-Kassing (Toy Story 4) Rosana Neciuk (Toy Story 4) Kate Lardiere (Toy Story 4)
Michelle Lopez (Toy Story 4) Goril Lynghaug (Toy Story 4) Kelsey Monken (Toy Story 4) Kacy Naylor (Toy Story 4) Karen Perry (Toy Story 4)
Stephanie Pham Aganon (Toy Story 4) Mary Runyon (Toy Story 4) Kristina Ruud-Hewitt (Toy Story 4) Michelle Simons (Toy Story 4) Shari Villarde (Toy Story 4)
Deana Walker (Toy Story 4) Annette Wang (Toy Story 4)

Inclusion Strategies[edit | edit source]

Britta Wilson (Toy Story 4) Alyssa Del Vigna (Toy Story 4) Tim Vigue (Toy Story 4)

Marketing[edit | edit source]

Britney Best (Toy Story 4) Sarah Boggs (Toy Story 4) Andy Dreyfus (Toy Story 4) Arik Ehle (Toy Story 4) Lisa Fletcher (Toy Story 4)
Adam Gates (Toy Story 4) Cherie Hammond (Toy Story 4) Sureena Mann (Toy Story 4) Angela Marie Mistretta (Toy Story 4) Desiree Mourad (Toy Story 4)
Shannon Nicosia (Toy Story 4) Karen Paik (Toy Story 4) Silvia Palara (Toy Story 4) Kelsey Pighin (Toy Story 4) Jay Ward (Toy Story 4)
Zena Weber (Toy Story 4) Jesse Weglein (Toy Story 4) Clayborn Welch (Toy Story 4) Timothy Zohr (Toy Story 4)

People Team[edit | edit source]

Crystal Toures Ball (Toy Story 4) Kim Diaz (Toy Story 4) Erin McGarry Krueger (Toy Story 4) Maggie M. Randriamamonjy (Toy Story 4) Jamie Woolf (Toy Story 4)
Tricia Andres (Toy Story 4) Diana Mercurio Cunanan (Toy Story 4) Mariana Denight (Toy Story 4) Courtney Dingel (Toy Story 4) Peggy Dollaghan (Toy Story 4)
Edwin Fabian (Toy Story 4) Sara Geimer (Toy Story 4) Graham Gibson (Toy Story 4) Sara Hanlan (Toy Story 4) Mike Huey
Jennylyn Mercado Huynh (Toy Story 4) Sara Lo Knodell (Toy Story 4) Jonathan Lee Rona Francisco Li (Toy Story 4) Marcos Navarrete (Toy Story 4)
Allison Parker (Toy Story 4) Lizzy Parker (Toy Story 4) Heidi Rosenfelder (Toy Story 4) Jose Saavedra-Cabrera (Toy Story 4) Beth Sasseen (Toy Story 4)
Chris Stevenson Addielyn Thurston (Toy Story 4) Chrissa Urquiola

Pixar University[edit | edit source]

Judith Angulo (Toy Story 4) Kelley Choi (Toy Story 4) Kathleen Cosby (Toy Story 4) David R. Haumann (Toy Story 4) Joshua Hollander (Toy Story 4)
Tia W. Kratter (Toy Story 4)

Publicity[edit | edit source]

Michael Agulnek (Toy Story 4) Krissy Bailey (Toy Story 4) Deborah Coleman (Toy Story 4) Emily Sakamoto-Steidl (Toy Story 4) Chris Wiggum (Toy Story 4)

RenderMan Development[edit | edit source]

Marc Bannister (Toy Story 4) Adrian Bell (Toy Story 4) Katrin Bratland (Toy Story 4) Jonathan Brouillat (Toy Story 4) James Burgess (Toy Story 4)
Per Christensen (Toy Story 4) Julian Fong (Toy Story 4) Sarah Forcier (Toy Story 4) Stephen Friedman (Toy Story 4) Fran González García (Toy Story 4)
David Hackett (Toy Story 4) Ian Hsieh (Toy Story 4) Sarah Hutchinson (Toy Story 4) Andrew Kensler (Toy Story 4) Charlie Kilpatrick (Toy Story 4)
Philippe Leprince (Toy Story 4) Max Liani (Toy Story 4) Mark Manca (Toy Story 4) Jed Miller (Toy Story 4) Cliff Ramshaw (Toy Story 4)
Brenton Rayner (Toy Story 4) Trina M. Roy (Toy Story 4) Jonathan Shade (Toy Story 4) Jeffrey Varga (Toy Story 4) Wayne Wooten (Toy Story 4)

RenderMan Sales & Marketing[edit | edit source]

David M. Laur (Toy Story 4) Leif Pedersen (Toy Story 4) Carly Riley (Toy Story 4) Dylan Sisson (Toy Story 4) Wendy Wirthlin (Toy Story 4)

Safety & Security[edit | edit source]

Rod Pearson (Toy Story 4) John Bennett (Toy Story 4) Marlon Castro (Toy Story 4) Paul Chideya (Toy Story 4) Isaiah Clark-Sanders (Toy Story 4)
Richard Cogger (Toy Story 4) Gabriela Fischer Carolina Gaskin (Toy Story 4) Armando Gutierrez Gonzalez (Toy Story 4) Kristine Javier (Ratatoullie)
Richard Kirk (Toy Story 4) Mlinzi Majigiza (Toy Story 4) Laurie Pachorek Adrian Rico-Galvez (Toy Story 4) Joni Superticioso (Toy Story 4)
Ladarius Taylor

Software Research & Development[edit | edit source]

Design & Engineering Leadership[edit | edit source]

Ryan Bujnowicz (Toy Story 4) Joachim De Deken (Toy Story 4) George Elkoura (Toy Story 4) F. Sebastian Grassia (Toy Story 4) Thomas Hahn (Toy Story 4)
Florian Hecht (Toy Story 4) Hayley Iben (Toy Story 4) Pol Jeremias-Vila (Toy Story 4) Steve Lavietes (Toy Story 4) Dan McGarry (Toy Story 4)
Josh Minor (Toy Story 4) Cory Omand (Toy Story 4) Jack Paulus (Toy Story 4) Michael Rice (Toy Story 4) Susan Salituro (Toy Story 4)
Sarah Shen (Toy Story 4) Dirk Van Gelder (Toy Story 4) Florian Zitzelsberger (Toy Story 4)

Management[edit | edit source]

Sue Maatouk Kalache (Toy Story 4) Alicea Lin Engquist (Toy Story 4) Jilliene Tongson (Toy Story 4) David Sokolosky (Toy Story 4) Jessica Tran (Toy Story 4)
John Warren (Toy Story 4) David Wehr (Toy Story 4)

Assets & Infrastructure[edit | edit source]

Iván Mauricio Calderón (Toy Story 4) McKay Farley (Toy Story 4) Shahbaz Khan (Toy Story 4) Kyle Lovrien (Toy Story 4) Edward Luong (Toy Story 4)
Eliot Smyrl (Toy Story 4) Rachel Strickler (Toy Story 4) Carl Jon Van Arsdall (Toy Story 4) Freeson Wang (Toy Story 4) Jack Zhao (Toy Story 4)

Core Engineering[edit | edit source]

Raja Bala (Toy Story 4) Sunya Boonyatera (Toy Story 4) Tom Cauchois (Toy Story 4) Adam Fish Jason Kim (Toy Story 4)
Brett Levin (Toy Story 4) John Loy (Toy Story 4) Alex Mohr (Toy Story 4) Vivian Morgowicz (Toy Story 4) Corey Revilla (Toy Story 4)
Kees Rijnen (Toy Story 4) Florian Sauer (Toy Story 4) Adam Woodbury (Toy Story 4) David G. Yu (Toy Story 4)

Presto Animation System[edit | edit source]

Matthew Alsup (Toy Story 4) Jim Atkinson (Toy Story 4) Andrew Butts (Toy Story 4) Juei Chang (Toy Story 4) Tim Condon (Toy Story 4)
Steven Dao (Toy Story 4) David Eberle Morgan Fritz Matthias Goerner (Toy Story 4) Stephen Gustafson (Toy Story 4)
Mark Hessler (Toy Story 4) Matt Johnson (Toy Story 4) Venkateswaran Krishna (Toy Story 4) Heegun Lee (Toy Story 4) Deneb Meketa (Toy Story 4)
Gary Monheit (Toy Story 4) Duc Manh Nguyen (Toy Story 4) Witawat Bik Rungjiratananon (Toy Story 4) Burton Siu (Toy Story 4) Bill Wise (Monsters University)

Production Software[edit | edit source]

David Baraff (Toy Story 4) Philip Floetotto (Toy Story 4) Peter Nye (Toy Story 4) Gates Roberg-Clark (Toy Story 4) Seth Van Booven (Toy Story 4)

Research[edit | edit source]

Fernando De Goes (Toy Story 4) Tom Duff (Toy Story 4) Kurt Fleischer (Toy Story 4) Mark Meyer (Toy Story 4)

Shading, Lighting, FX & Rendering[edit | edit source]

Allison Bianchi (Toy Story 4) Wendy Chen (Toy Story 4) Gregory Finch (Toy Story 4) Max Gilbert (Toy Story 4) Doug Letterman (Toy Story 4)
Daniel McCoy (Toy Story 4) Joao Montenegro (Toy Story 4) Shawn Neely (Toy Story 4) Jeremy Newlin (Toy Story 4) Chris Schoeneman (Toy Story 4)
Emily Weihrich (Toy Story 4) Chad Williams (Toy Story 4) Richard Yoshioka (Toy Story 4)

Story & Editorial[edit | edit source]

Julian Y.C. Chen (Toy Story 4) Stefan Schulze (Toy Story 4) Stephan Steinbach (Toy Story 4)

Systems[edit | edit source]

Technical Leads[edit | edit source]

Dale Bewley (Toy Story 4) Lars R. Damerow (Toy Story 4) Grant Gatzke (Toy Story 4) Josh Grant (Toy Story 4) Thomas Indermaur (Toy Story 4)
Chris Lasell (Toy Story 4) David Nahman-Ramos (Toy Story 4) Wil Phan (Toy Story 4) Peter Plackowski (Toy Story 4) David Sotnick (Toy Story 4)
Christopher C. Walker (Toy Story 4)

Management[edit | edit source]

Joel Bruck (Toy Story 4) Tyler Fazakerley (Toy Story 4) Joseph Frost (Toy Story 4) Alisa Gilden (Toy Story 4) Dan Hoffman (Toy Story 4)
Matthew Muhili Lindahl (Toy Story 4) Anne Pia (Toy Story 4) May Pon (Toy Story 4) Laura Savidge (Toy Story 4) Jason Watkins (Toy Story 4)

Engineering & Support[edit | edit source]

Administration & Operations[edit | edit source]

Animation Support[edit | edit source]

Asset Administrators[edit | edit source]

Backups[edit | edit source]

Media Systems[edit | edit source]

Mac & Windows[edit | edit source]

Production Systems Engineering[edit | edit source]

Production Systems Operators[edit | edit source]

Telecom[edit | edit source]

UNIX[edit | edit source]

Web Development[edit | edit source]

Theme Parks[edit | edit source]

Anthony A. Apodaca (Toy Story 4) Keri Cicolani (Toy Story 4) Liz Gazzano (Toy Story 4) Roger Gould (Toy Story 4) Samantha Gurash (Incredibles 2)
Heidi Holman (Toy Story 4) Steve Mason (Toy Story 4) Donna Quattropani (Toy Story 4) Krista Sheffler (Toy Story 4) Tasha Sounart (Toy Story 4)
Carol Wang (Toy Story 4)

Production Babies[edit | edit source]

Aarav & Aavir Annalie Annika Balthazar Ben Catherine Celia
Chloe Elijah Elodie Emma Erin Hazel Juliette
Liam Lila Liva Luna Lynden Miriam Nola
Oliver Parker Poppy Rae Sammie Stella Thea
Waverly Wyatt

Special Thanks[edit | edit source]

Michael Arndt (Incredibles 2) Athans & Associates
Josh Cooley (Toy Story 4) Dave Foley (A Bug's Life)
Emily V. Gordon James Lebrecht
Jenny Lerew Rick Lipton
Dan Lund Thomas Middleditch
Adrian Molina (Toy Story 4) Dana Murray (Inside Out)
Mark Nielsen (Toy Story 4) Bob Peterson (Toy Story 4)
David J. Peterson Denise Ream (Toy Story 4)
Nicholas Schwyter Galyn Susman (Toy Story 4)
Andrea Warren (Incredibles 2) Britta Wilson
J. William Worden, PhD

Pixar Senior Creative Team[edit | edit source]

Enrico Casarosa (Toy Story 4) Josh Cooley (Toy Story 4) Pete Docter (Toy Story 4) Brian Fee (Toy Story 4) Mike Jones (Toy Story 4)
Brian Larsen (Toy Story 4) Angus MacLane (Toy Story 4) Adrian Molina (Toy Story 4) Bob Peterson (Toy Story 4) Dan Scanlon (Toy Story 4)
Domee Shi (Toy Story 4) Peter Sohn (Toy Story 4) Andrew Stanton (Toy Story 4) Lee Unkrich (Toy Story 4)

Pixar Production Department Heads[edit | edit source]

Andrew Beall (Toy Story 4) Colin Bohrer (Toy Story 4) Pamela Darrow (Toy Story 4) Sally Garbarini (Toy Story 4) Sarah Jo Helton (Toy Story 4)
Nancy Howard (Toy Story 4) Gillian Libbert-Duncan (Toy Story 4) Cherise Miller (Toy Story 4) Lee Rasé (Toy Story 4) Becki Tower (Toy Story 4)
Jenni Tsoi (Toy Story 4)

Pixar Senior Technology Team[edit | edit source]

John Kirkman (Toy Story 4) Steve May (Toy Story 4) Guido Quaroni (Toy Story 4)

Pixar Senior Leadership Team[edit | edit source]

Reema Batnagar Ed Catmull (Toy Story 4) Lindsey Collins (Toy Story 4) Jonathan Garson (Toy Story 4) Chris Kaiser
Jim Kennedy (Toy Story 4) Thomas Porter (Toy Story 4) Jonas Rivera (Toy Story 4) Katherine Sarafian (Toy Story 4)
Jim Morris, VES (Toy Story 4)
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