Pepper Potts is a major character of the Iron Man film of 2008 and its sequel. It was incarnated by Gwyneth Paltrow.

Iron Man (2008)Edit

Virginia 'Pepper' Potts is the personal secretary and incipient love interest of the billionaire entrepreneur Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr), of Stark Industries. Pepper Potts is always around him, managing his most important affairs.

Pepper Potts is introduced, hosting the reporter Christine Everhart (Leslie Bibb) at Stark's mansion; Everhart had spent a passionate night with the millionaire after an interview. Subsequently, Pepper presents the encased original chest power-core back to Stark, and the device would end up saving his life during the final confrontation.

Pepper Potts results quite seductive, and so Stark gets progressively more and more attracted for her. Disregarding, the twice fend off any concrete development.

In the film, Pepper Potts was even sent, for hacking into the company's computers, learning about their executive Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges), who had arranged Stark's original assassination abroad from inside the company, and then stole the plans for secretively replicating one of the Iron-Man power suits.

Pepper Potts takes an active part in the final showdown of the film. Iron Monger starts his attack going after her, until Iron Man intercepted it. Pepper then knocks down the reactor of the whole company building, finally crippling the evil version.

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