Peter and the Wolf is a 1957 Disney film.

Plot Edit

The story is Russian boy named Peter on the Grandpa's House, Later, He attacked by a hungry wolf in the forest. Grandpa tells Peter with story of a wolf and get out of the house.

A little bird named Sasha looking for Peter, A duck named Sonja friendly with Peter and a cat named Ivan catches Sasha, Peter, Sasha and Sonja looking for Ivan.

Peter, Sasha, Sonja and Ivan find with a wicked wolf into the forest, A wolf chase Sonja and eats with a duck. Peter, Sasha and Ivan sadly with a duck. Sasha fight with an evil wolf. Peter and Ivan catches with a wolf's tail.

The 3 Hunters Misha, Yasha and Vladimir finds with a hungry wolf, A wolf's mouth out with a duck Sonja. Peter and his friends going to the Russian village. This is the end.

Voice cast and crew Edit

  • A Walt Disney Production: PETER AND THE WOLF - Color by Techincolor.
  • With the Voice Talents of:
    • Sterling Holloway... Narrator (segment "Peter and the Wolf")
  • Music: Oliver Wallace
  • Orchestra: Paul Smith
  • Produced and Directed by: Ben Sharpsten

Characters Edit

  • Peter: (string instruments): A Russian boy with three friends: Bird, Duck and Cat.
  • Bird: (flute): A little bird.
  • Duck: (oboe): A duck
  • Cat: (clarinet): A cat
  • Wolf: (3 french horns): The villainous wolf.
  • Grandfather: (bassoon): A grumpy grandpa.
  • Hunters: (timpani and bass drum): The three hunters.

Animation Edit

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