Phil Lord and Chris Miller
Phillip A. Lord
Christopher Robert Miller
Miami, Florida (Lord)
Everett, Washington (Miller)
Birth date
April 21, 1977 (age 37) (Lord)
September 23, 1975 (age 38) (Miller)
Directors, producers, writers, actors, animators (formerly)
Active Years
Phil Lord and Chris Miller are American film and television writers, producers, directors, actors and former animators. Lord and Miller met each other while at Dartmouth College. They are noted for being two of the youngest showrunners in the industry at the time.

In an interview with Robert K. Elder for his book The Best Film You've Never Seen, Phil Lord explains that "…in an animated feature, you remake the movie three or four times, and it’s really easy to get bummed out that the way you  did it before didn’t get green lit, didn’t get paid, and you’re making a totally different version of that movie.”