Ragdoll is a 1999 American horror film directed by Ted Nicolaou. The film was later edited into a thirty minute short entitled Voodoo Doll for the horror anthology Devildolls.


A teenage rapper uses his Gran's magic powers to help him in his revenge against those who put her in the hospital.


  • Russell Richardson as Kwame
  • William L. Johnson as Gene
  • Jennifer Echols as Woman Detective
  • Derrick Jones as Man
  • Rick Michaels as Second Detective
  • Freda Payne as Gran
  • Jay Williams as Emcee
  • Rejjie Jones as Third Detective
  • Jennia Fredrique as Teesha
  • Tarnell Poindexter as Little Mikey
  • William Stanford Davis as Pere
  • Danny Wooten as Gem
  • Troy Medley as Louis
  • Frederic Tucker as Shadow Man
  • Lamar Haywood as Agent
  • Jemal McNeil as Bartender
  • Renee O'Neil as Sylvie


The film was originally announced in 1992, but it did not begin pre-production until 1999. Charles Band stated that rumors that Paramount had shut down production of the film were untrue; he chose not to shoot the film, as he felt that it needed more time to develop.


Big City Records, a music label owned by Full Moon, released an associated soundtrack, Ragdoll: Music Inspired By The Motion Picture. This was the label's first release.


Dread Central praised the edited version of the film for Devil Dolls, writing "here’s a halfway decent story here and some enjoyably hammy acting bolstering it".

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