Reservoir Dogs
Reservoir dogs
Directed By
Produced By
Lawrence Bender
Written By
Quentin Tarantino
Michael Madsen, Tim Roth, Harvey Keitel, Linda Kaye
Distributed By
Unites States
Rating R for strong violence and language

Reservoir Dogs is the first feature film by renown writer/director Quentin Tarantino. The film cleverly reinvents the crime genre by focusing on the aftermath of the crime. It is filled with Quentin's trademark cool dialogue and explosive violence.


Mr Orange (real name Freddy Newendyke) is a character in the film Reservoir Dogs. He is played by Tim Roth.

Freddy Newendyke is an undercover cop for the Los Angeles Police Department. He is tasked with arresting L.A. crime boss Joe Cabot, and to do this, he has to pretend he is a criminal and be accepted into Cabot's gang. Joe Cabot gives Newendyke the code-name Mr Orange. Mr Orange becomes friends with Mr White. During the diamond heist, Mr Orange is shot in the stomach, and he bleeds from this wound for most of the film. At one point, he wakes up and shoots dead Mr Blonde. He later admits to Mr White that he is a police officer, and Mr White shoots him in the head, killing him.


Early lifeEdit

Not much is known about Freddy Newendyke's early life, although it is belived he joined the L.A.P.D at a young age. Five months before the diamond heist, Newendyke was introduced to fellow L.A.P.D. officer Marvin Nash, although Newendyke forgot about this.

Meeting the CabotsEdit

As part of his undercover assignment, Newendyke had to pretend he is a criminal in order to hang out with Joe Cabot. He impresses Joe and his son, Eddie with a fictional anecdote about a marijuana deal during the 1986 marijuana drought. Newendyke was assigned by Cabot to take part in an upcoming diamond heist. Cabot gave Newendyke the code-mane Mr Orange. Mr Orange becomes friends with Mr White, who's real name is Lawrence Dimmick. Newendyke secretly investigates Dimmick to learn about his previous crimes through his criminal record.

Day of the heistEdit


On the morning of the diamond heist, Mr Orange had breakfast with his team at a diner in L.A. Mr Orange contributed to the conversation about the song 'The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia', to which Nice Guy Eddie jovially called Mr Orange a "motherfucker". Mr Orange claimed to be convinced by Mr Pink's anti-tipping policy and tried to take back his dollar, but was not allowed by Eddie. Mr Orange also ratted out Mr Pink as the one who didn't tip.


After the heist went badly wrong, Mr Orange had to escape with Mr White. They tried to make a getaway in Mr Brown's car, but unfortunately, Mr Brown was shot in the head and died. Mr Orange watched Mr White mercilessly gun down two of [Orange's] colleagues, which unnerved him. Mr Orange helped Mr White hijack a car, but Mr Orange was shot in the gut by the driver. Mr Orange shot her dead in retaliation. Due to the severity of his wound, Mr Orange started screaming that he was going to die. Mr White had to reassure him that he was going to be fine, as once they got to the warehouse, Joe would phone for a doctor to fix him. Mr White even broke the rules about not revealing any personal information, and told Mr Orange his first name. From then on, Mr Orange called Mr White 'Larry'.

At the warehouseEdit

Mr White placed Mr Orange on a ramp and told him to relax. Mr Orange appreciated what Mr White was doing for him, but he begged the latter to take him to a hospital. Mr White was trying to think about this, when Mr Pink burst in, complaining that they had been set up. Mr Pink was shocked at Mr Orange's wound. Mr Orange then passed out, but was still alive. Mr White and Mr Pink argued over whether to take Mr Orange to a hospital. Mr Pink was against the idea, as Mr White had told Mr Orange about himself. They ended up fighting, but were interrupted by Mr Blonde.

After trying to interrogate kidnapped police officer Marvin Nash, Mr White and Mr Pink were interrupted by Nice Guy Eddie, who was also shocked about Mr Orange's wound. Eddie said he would phone for a doctor, but only once he got the diamonds. Mr White and Mr Pink left the warehouse with Eddie, leaving Mr Blonde to stay with Mr Orange and Nash.

Mr Orange woke up to find Mr Blonde sadistically torturing Nash. As Nash was a fellow police officer, Mr Orange shot Mr Blonde dead. Mr Orange then revealed to Nash that he was a cop, but Nash surprised Orange by already knowing his name Freddy Newendyke, due to Frankie Farchetti introducing them several months before. Mr Orange told Nash that they had to wait on Joe Cabot arriving before the police enter. Nash was upset about losing his ear, but Mr Orange screamed at him that he was dying.

A short while later, Eddie returned with Mr White and Mr Pink to find Mr Blonde shot dead. Mr Orange tried to convince Eddie that Mr Blonde's intention was to kill him as well as the cop, and then kill Eddie, Mr White and Mr Pink when they arrived and escape with the diamonds. Mr White was convinced as he hated Mr Blonde, but Eddie was overcome with fury at Mr Orange having killed Mr Blonde and trying to accuse him of betraying the Cabots. Joe then arrived, telling Eddie that Mr Orange was the man who set them up. Mr White tried to reason with Joe, but Joe aimed his gun at Mr Orange, with the intention of killing him. Mr White was caught up in a Mexican standoff between himself, Joe and Eddie. Mr Orange was shot in the shoulder by Joe, but Mr White killed Joe and Eddie. Mr Pink escaped with the diamonds.


Mr Orange died shortly after the Mexican standoff. Having seen Mr White sacrifice everything for the sake of protecting Mr Orange, he felt obliged to tell Mr White the truth. Since Joe Cabot was dead, Mr Orange's mission was over, so he wouldn't have forsaken his duty as a police officer. Mr White was devastated at hearing this, and put his gun to Mr Orange's face. The police burst in and ordered Mr White to drop his gun. Mr White shot Mr Orange, and the police shot Mr White dead.

Mr. WhiteEdit

Mr White (real name Lawrence Dimmick) is a character in the film Reservoir Dogs. He is played by Harvey Keitel.

Lawrence Dimmick is a long time friend of Los Angeles crime boss Joe Cabot and his son, 'Nice Guy' Eddie Cabot. Joe Cabot informed Dimmick of a telegram about a diamond heist, which Dimmick accepted. He was teamed up with five other guys, and given colour-coded names. Dimmick was called Mr White. During the heist, Mr White was paired with Mr Orange, who was shot during the getaway. Mr White had to comfort Mr Orange and tell him he was going to be fine. Later on, Joe tells them that Mr Orange is an undercover cop, and wants to kill him for betraying them. Mr White had to kill Joe and Eddie to protect Mr Orange, but is horrified when Mr Orange reveals he is indeed a cop. Mr White kills Mr Orange and is consequently gunned down by police officers.


Early lifeEdit

Lawrence Dimmick originated from Milwaukee, where he has a criminal record for armed robbery. Dimmick has been a career criminal with a close association with Joe Cabot in Los Angeles. He used to be paired with a female thief, named Alabama, although he broke this relationship off, due to becoming fed up of the woman-man thing. On one of his previous jobs, he discovered that one of the team was an undercover cop. Dimmick had to abandon the job. He returned to work for Joe Cabot, who explained about a diamond heist with five other guy. Dimmick was intrigued and wanted to take part.

Mr WhiteEdit

After meeting the other guys on the team, Dimmick was treated to a stern lecture from Joe about having to take the job seriously. Joe instructs the men that they are not allowed to talk to each other about their personal lives, especially not their first names. Joe then allocates each member a colour-coded name, and Dimmick was given Mr White. Mr White was paired with the much younger Mr Orange, and took him under his wing.

Day of the heistEdit


On the morning of the heist, Mr White along with Joe, Eddie and his five colleagues were having breakfast in a Los Angeles diner. Mr White was sitting next to Joe, and became fed up with Joe rambling on about trying to remember a name in an address book. He eventually consficated the book, which annoyed Joe. Mr Blonde threatened to shoot Mr White, to which White replied "If you shoot me in a dream, you better wake up and apologise". After breakfast, Mr White got into an argument with Mr Pink, who was refusing to tip. Mr White tried to persuade Mr Pink that waitresses struggle with money, but Mr Pink refused until Joe made him tip. Mr White handed Joe his book back, and they went off to do the heist.

The HeistEdit

During the heist, Mr Blonde started to shoot the hostages after the alarm had been set up. Due to the immediate presence of the police, Mr White felt there was a set-up, but he had too much on his mind to think about it. Mr White and Mr Orange tried to escape in a car driven by Mr Brown, but unfortunately, Mr Brown was shot in the head by a cop, crashed the car, and died. Mr White fired on two police officers, killing them in revenge for Brown's death. After this, Mr White and Mr Orange had to hijack another vehicle. The driver shot Mr Orange in the stomach, and Mr Orange shot her dead in retaliation.


During the getaway, a bloodied Mr Orange was screaming that he was going die. Mr White had to reassure his friend that he was going to be fine and that Joe would get a doctor to help him. At the warehouse, Mr Orange pleaded with Mr White to take him to a hospital, promising that he would not tell them anything about the men. Mr White was unsure about this, as it would involve turning Mr Orange over to the police, but he didn't want Mr Orange to die. Just then, Mr Pink burst in, angrily stating that they had been set up. Mr White had to calm down Mr Pink and then discuss what went wrong. They both said how they hated Mr Blonde for shooting the place up. Mr White went to check on Mr Orange and found him unconscious. Mr Pink said that since Mr Orange knew nothing about them, he should be taken to a hospital. Mr White admits that he told Mr Orange his first name, and where he came from. This angers Mr Pink as this was breaking the rules, and now he is also at risk of being arrested. This sparks a fight between White and Pink, with both men pulling their guns on each other. Mr Blonde breaks up the fight. Mr White rebukes Mr Blonde for his actions and threatens to shoot him. Mr Blonde defends himself, and shows Mr White and Mr Pink that he kidnapped a cop, named Marvin Nash and Mr White takes his frustrations out on Nash. Nice Guy Eddie arrives and stops them from beating Nash. He orders White and Pink to come with him to collect the diamonds that Mr Pink had hidden, and also asks Mr Blonde to supervise Mr Orange and Marvin Nash.

Mexican StandoffEdit

Later, Mr White returns to the warehouse to find Mr Blonde shot dead, and Marvin Nash's ear has been hacked off. Mr White is pleased that Mr Blonde is dead, as it proves his point he was a psycopath. Nice Guy Eddie is furious at Mr Blonde's death and takes his anger out on Mr Orange. Just then, Joe arrives and brands Mr Orange as the "rat". Joe aims his gun at Mr Orange, Mr White aims his gun at Joe, and Eddie aims his gun at Mr White. Mr White shoots Joe, then is shot by Eddie, and then he kills Eddie too. Mr Pink escapes with the diamonds, leaving Mr White alone with Mr Orange.


Mr White is devastated at having to kill his two best friends. He cradles Mr Orange and tells him that they may have to go to jail. Mr Orange feels his life debt to Mr White, and admits he is a police officer. Mr White is frustrated at hearing this, and puts his gun to Mr Orange's head. The police burst in, and demand that Mr White drops his weapon. After several warnings, Mr White shoots Mr Orange and is, in turn, shot dead by the cops.

Physical descriptionEdit

Mr White is a man in his early 50's with brown hair and eyes. He is of average height.


Mr White is a fairly moral guy, who feels that he has to protect people who have been wounded, such as Mr Orange. Mr White is willing to sacrifice anything, such as killing two long time friends to protect a new friend and also loses out on the diamond deal. He also believes that waitresses deserve to be tipped. Mr White, however, despises the police, not thinking of them as "real people" and is shown to have mercilessly gunned down two cops. Although, Mr White does not like to kill unless necessary, and is disgusted by Mr Blonde's actions of killing people for fun.


The CabotsEdit

Mr White has been a long time friend of Joe Cabot, and his son, Eddie. He spends time with them, and is seen enjoying a joke with Eddie. However, Mr White gets irritated by Joe's senior moments, as witnessed when Joe cannot remember a certain name. Also, Mr White argues with Eddie over how to deal with Mr Orange, and accuses Eddie of not caring about Mr Orange. When Joe believes Mr Orange is the rat, Mr White tries to reason with him, but ends up having to pull his gun on him to stop him shooting Mr Orange. He is forced to kill Joe, and Eddie, who tries to protect his dad. Mr White is devastated at having to kill his friends, and is even more upset, when he finds out they were right all along, and he killed them for nothing.

Mr OrangeEdit

The relationship between Mr White and Mr Orange is the most important in the film. When they are introduced to each other, they become friends immediately. Mr White breaks the rules slightly by telling Mr Orange where he came from. Later on, Mr White witnesses Mr Orange being shot in the stomach and has to comfort him. He even breaks the rules further by telling Mr Orange his first name, as he couldn't bring himself to refuse as the man had just been shot. Mr White's determination to protect Mr Orange is strong as he gets into fights with Mr Pink and Nice Guy Eddie, and is even forced to kill Joe and Eddie, when they accused Mr Orange of setting them up. When Mr White learns that Mr Orange is a cop, he is heartbroken, and has to shoot him.

Mr PinkEdit

Mr White first met Mr Pink while being driven by Nice Guy Eddie to the meeting with Joe Cabot. On the journey they joked about the difference between white women and black women. At the meeting, Mr Pink was not happy with his name and Mr White told him that his name didn't matter. Mr Pink attempted to trade with Mr White, but Joe didn't allow this. On the morning of the diamond heist, Mr White got into an argument with Mr Pink about his refusal to tip waitresses. After the disastrous heist, Mr White had to calm Mr Pink down in order to talk to him. They ended up fighting each other over how to deal with the wounded Mr Orange. During the fight, both men drew their guns on each other, and Mr White referred to Mr Pink as a "piece of shit". From then on, Mr Pink kept commented about Mr White's lack of professionalism. After the stand-off between Joe, Mr White and Eddie, Mr Pink fled with the diamonds, leaving Mr White to the mercy of the police.

Mr. BlondeEdit

Mr Blonde (real name Vic Vega) is a character in the film Reservoir Dogs. He is played by Michael Madsen.

Vic Vega is a close friend of Los Angeles crime boss Joe Cabot, and his son 'Nice Guy' Eddie Cabot. Vega is offered a diamond heist by the Cabots which he accepted. He was teamed up with five other men and given colour-coded names. It was soon revealed to his accomplices that Mr Blonde was a sadistic psycopath, who enjoyed shooting people. Later he is given the task of guarding L.A police officer Marvin Nash, whom he tortures by cutting his ear off and was about to set him on fire, but was shot dead by Mr Orange.


Friendship with the CabotsEdit

Being a long time friend of Joe and Eddie Cabot, Vic Vega would work for them. Four years before the film was set, Vega was caught in a warehouse full of stolen items, presumably on a job for the Cabots. Rather than betray his friends, Vega kept quiet and was consequently sentenced to four years in prison.

After prisonEdit

When Vega was paroled, he was allocated a strict parole officer, named Seymour Scagnetti. Vega hated Scagnetti, as he always kept tabs on him, and would not allow him to leave his halfway house until he had a legitimate job. Vega met with Joe and Eddie Cabot to discuss his problems. Eddie offered him a job as a dock worker at Long Beach, although only the records would say he worked there and that he would not have to do any physical work. Vega appreciated this, but asked if they had any real work. Joe explained that times were difficult, but there was an opportunity for a diamond heist with five other men. Vega accepted this.

Mr BlondeEdit

Before he went on the job, Vega was put in a team with five other strangers. Joe told the men that they were to be using colour-coded aliases on the job, and did not want them to reveal any personal information to each other. Vega was called Mr Blonde, and was tasked with crowd control along with Mr Blue.

Day of the HeistEdit


On the morning before the diamond heist, Mr Blonde was having breakfast with Joe, Eddie and the rest of his team. Mr Blonde discussed his opinions of Madonna's 'Like a Virgin' with Mr Brown and criticised Mr Pink for not tipping the waitress. During the heist, Mr Blonde ordered the civilians not to set off the alarm. One of them did, and this prompted Mr Blonde to start shooting the hostages. To make his escape, Mr Blonde took a cop named Marvin Nash hostage and put Nash in the trunk of his car.


Back at the warehouse, Mr Blonde caught Mr White and Mr Pink fighting over what to do with the wounded Mr Orange. He told them to stop fighting. Mr White angrily criticised Mr Blonde for his actions and nearly started a fight with him. Mr Blonde took Mr White and Mr Pink outside to show them Nash. The three then started beating up Nash and tied him to a chair. Nice Guy Eddie arrived and criticised the men for their actions. Mr Pink told him about the setup, but Eddie denied there was a setup. Eddie then told Mr Pink and Mr White to come with him to retrieve the diamonds that Pink had hidden, and ordered Mr Blonde to watch Mr Orange and Marvin Nash.

Torture of Nash and deathEdit

Once Eddie left with White and Pink, Mr Blonde was free to deal with Nash. Nash tried to beg for his life, saying to Mr Blonde that even his "boss" said there wasn't a set up. Mr Blonde angrily told Nash that he doesn't have a boss, and nobody tells him what to do. Mr Blonde then puts on the radio and takes out a barber's razor. He starts to torture Nash to the sound of 'Stuck in the Middle of You' by Stealer's Wheel. Firstly, Mr Blonde cuts off Nash's right ear and then douses him in gasoline. Mr Blonde removes Nash's gag, and Nash starts screaming that he has a little kid growing up. Mr Blonde is about to light the gasoline, but Mr Orange wakes up and shoots Mr Blonde in the chest several times, kililng him.

After Mr Blonde's death, Nice Guy Eddie along with Mr White and Mr Pink return to the warehouse to find Mr Blonde shot dead. Nice Guy Eddie is furious at Mr Orange for shooting his best friend, and kills Marvin Nash in a rage. Mr Orange tries to convince Eddie that Mr Blonde was going to kill Eddie too, but Eddie refused to believe Orange. Mr White, on the other hand, was glad that his point had been proved that Mr Blonde was a psycopath.

Physical descriptionEdit

Mr Blonde is a tall man in his early 30's with brown hair. Mr Blonde is usually seen dressed in a black suit.


Mr Blonde is a psychopath, who enjoys shooting people and torturing cops. He is a very dangerous man, with no compassion and has a casual attitude to killing. Mr Blonde is a typical, smooth-talking psychopath, who remains calm rather than displaying anger, which makes him more dangerous.


The CabotsEdit

Mr Blonde was shown to have a close friendship with Joe and Eddie Cabot. Mr Blonde was fiercely loyal to them, even doing four years in prison for them. As such, the Cabots were willing to reward him for this loyalty by making sure he had a job worthy enough to get rid of his parole officer, Seymour Scagnetti. Both Joe and Eddie seemed to be unaware of Blonde being a psycopath and were willing to defend him. Eddie was furious when Mr Blonde was shot dead by Mr Orange

Mr WhiteEdit

Mr Blonde and Mr White did not get on well. Mr White was furious at Mr Blonde's actions in the diamond store, as it nearly resulted in him getting shot too. When they confronted each other, they nearly started a fight and only stopped because Mr Blonde revealed he had kidnapped a police officer, who would be able to tell them who set them up. Mr White put his dislike of Mr Blonde aside to try to get information out of the cop. After Mr Blonde was killed by Mr Orange, Mr White was glad Mr Blonde was dead and was pleased his point had been proved about Mr Blonde being a psyco.

Marvin NashEdit

Being a criminal, Mr Blonde despised all police officers. Marvin Nash happened to be taken hostage by Mr Blonde in an attempt to escape the store alive. Nash was put in the trunk of Mr Blonde's car, and driven the warehouse, where he was beaten up, and tied to a chair. Then Mr Blonde showed contempt to Nash, for daring to say that Mr Blonde had a boss. Mr Blonde was very cruel to Nash, by torturing him, cutting off his right ear, and attempting to set him on fire, regardless of the fact that Nash was a father.


  • Michael Madsen is said to have been uncomfortable during the torture of Marvin Nash scene. This was due to Nash's comment about having a little kid growing up. Madsen had recently became a father, and this comment really upset him.
  • In the Video Game version of Reservoir Dogs, Michael Madsen is the only cast member to lend his voice and likeness to the game.
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