Directed By
Luke Lerdwichagul
Produced By
Kevin Lerdwichagul
Glitch Productions
Flag of Australia.svg.png
Release Date
February 29, 2020
44 minutes
Rating PG-13.gif

SMG4 Movie: Meggy's Destiny is the seventh episode of Season 10 and the five hundredth and sixtieth overall to be uploaded by SMG4. Also known as Meggy's Destiny: An SMG4 Movie or simply Meggy's Destiny, it is a 2020 Australian computer-animated fantasy-comedy sports-drama film directed by Luke Lerdwichagul and produced by Kevin Lerdwichagul and the very first film in both the SMG4 series and Glitch Productions's history. It was aired on February 29, 2020.

History[edit | edit source]

The movie focuses on the character Meggy Spletzer, first introduced in Season 7, along with Mario and the rest of the gang, competing in the final Splatfest to win for their late friend Desti as Meggy promised.

It was announced on February 13, 2020, with the video Meggy's Destiny - ANNOUNCEMENT TRAILER. Prior to the release of the film, the banner on SMG4's channel and Twitter was changed to promote the film. It premiered on YouTube on February 29, 2020 before the film went on air.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Scene 1[edit | edit source]

The movie starts off with Meggy trying to sleep, and explaining in her mind of what she had gone through and also how she ended up with Mario and the gang in the first place.

She first had a flashback in 2017, where everything was simple for her as an Inkling, where she had made a lot of Inkling friends and of course, trained with them. It was only that during training at Snapper Canal that she was accidentally caught in a paint can by unaware Piantas who were transporting paint to the Mushroom Kingdom, who placed her paint can in the basement of Peach's Castle. She would only be freed by a certain red man when he was finding paint for his castle renovation. After being freed, she became very thankful for the man and for the many adventures she had with him and his many friends, only to have a brief nightmarish flashback from last year, which included seeing her friend getting killed at the hands of a certain chameleon and also seeing herself being transformed into a human. After waking up from that, she implied that life was now rough as she was no longer an Inkling.

Scene 2[edit | edit source]

At a training ground, Mario, Luigi, Meggy, and Tari were about to try out Professor E. Gadd's latest invention: the Ink Boi 3000, which would allow the humans to move around the field with ease. Bowser, Shroomy, Saiko Bichitaru, Toad, Axol, Bob, and Fishy Boopkins watched from the bleachers. Meggy got a hoverboard, Luigi got a chair, Tari got a keyboard, and Mario (after some confirmation) got a lawnmower. However, Meggy claimed that she didn't need an Ink Boi. SMG4 then announced a battle royale to test the inventions.

Mario tried to ambush Meggy, but the overconfident plumber got defeated by Tari. Luigi shot wildly from above but missed both targets. He then got defeated by Meggy. The two girls then went 1v1. Thanks to her Ink Boi, Tari was able to defeat Meggy and win the match, frustrating Meggy. The entire group (minus E. Gadd and Toad) then went to Meggy's apartment for a pre-competition party.

Scene 3[edit | edit source]

At the party, Mario and Tari played "Splatoon 3" (which was obviously fake), Fishy Boopkins and Bob sang karaoke, Saiko and Shroomy jammed out on their instruments, and SMG4 told Luigi and Axol about how he cried for ten hours when someone told him to make a 40-minute movie. Meggy was the only one who wasn't enjoying the party. Instead, she went into her bedroom, with Axol noticing.

In her room, Meggy wondered if she could win Splatfest. A flashback then showed Desti's funeral and the promise Meggy made. Axol then entered Meggy's room and asked if she was okay, which she answered positively. Axol then asked if Meggy wanted to chill with him and the others. Before Meggy could answer, Mario suddenly appeared out of nowhere and claimed that they were about to play "Pin The Tail On The Boopkins", a game that Boopkins absolutely hated because it involved harm to him. An excited Meggy joined her friends in playing the game.

During Splatfest[edit | edit source]

Scene 4[edit | edit source]

It was Day 1 of the Final Splatfest. In the Splatstacle Course, teams must brave through a huge obstacle course, and had 20 minutes to complete it. Teams had to rely on their agility and skills to overcome the obstacles.

The Splat Squad were introduced to the leader of Team Killer Ink, who taunted them as "Humans", commenting that Splatfest would "let anybody into Splatfest these days". Meggy restrained herself from fighting them, as it was explicitly stated that fighting during Day 1 was not allowed, but Mario flipped them off anyway. The round consisted of an obstacle course that the team has to overcome. The first obstacle was a downward slide on thin poles, causing a few Inklings to fall into a deep hole and blowing up, therefore eliminating them. The second obstacle was a road packed with hidden buzz-saws. Even though Mario got decapitated, he and the others made it through. The third obstacle was using Zapfish plushies as basketballs to try and shoot hoops. The fourth obstacle was just some normal water sprinklers. This course was basically a freebie for the Splat Squad due to being humans but the other competitors were on the ground yelling in pain, with Mario even calling the Inklings "babies". The fifth obstacle was a building with platforms that occasionally folded down, eliminating an Inkling by falling into lava. Mario and Luigi easily made it through because of their origins. However, Meggy also failed to get to the top of the supposed building but instead of frying to death (and getting eliminated) she just flew up due to being burned on the back, surprising Marie and Callie while making Mario proud and confusing Luigi. The last obstacle was a jump on some pads over a deep square hole onto the finish line. Mario, Luigi, and Tari made it over just fine due to the Ink Bois. Meggy, however, did not have a way to get over because she refused to accept help from the Ink Boi. Seizing the chance to eliminate the Splat Squad, the Team Killer Ink Leader pushed Meggy into the pit. As she fell, Team Killer jumped over as squids. Meggy managed to propel herself into the air with Ink Bombs only to fall short and crash into the wall of the pit. The team managed to pull Meggy up as the timer ran out. Team Killer Ink again taunted them for barely managing the obstacle course. Meggy lost her temper and attacked the Leader, with Mario joining the attack by attacking the member in the camouflage hoodie. Marie and Callie noticed the fighting and told them to break it up or they would be disqualified, causing both Meggy and Mario to walk off.

Scene 5[edit | edit source]

Meggy was seen walking out of the arena alone, imitating Team Killer Ink saying how they were so arrogant. She saw an ice cream truck and tried to order one scoop of scallop ice cream. The server, Crusty Sean, refused due to health and safety regulations... and because she was a human. Meggy was then seen walking off in fumes. A compilation of Meggy being refused by basically every single location in Inkopolis with the no-human sign played out. It got faster and faster until the background faded to black with a familiar voice. It was from the previous model of Meggy. Present Meggy was surprised by Past Meggy, who asked what wrong while the background turned into Meggy's minds-cape (but not before adding that Present Meggy looked like she had seen a ghost).

Past Meggy asked if Present Meggy could finally win Splatfest for Desti as a human. Present Meggy replied that, of course, she would. Past Meggy was doubtful about that reply, knowing that she herself could get over that obstacle with no trouble at all, unlike Present Meggy who could only make it over with the help of her friends. Past Meggy wanted Present Meggy to admit that she needed to use the Ink Boi but Present Meggy still refused to use the invention, still confident she was capable of winning Splatfest with no support. Past Meggy then left the mindscape, telling Present Meggy if she didn't care about winning just as much using E.Gadd's invention.

Scene 6[edit | edit source]

It was Day 2 of the Final Splatfest. Meggy was heading for the Second Round of the competition. After some thoughts of her past self in her dream last night, she decided to throw E.Gadd's invention away in the garbage before entering the arena. Axol saw Meggy in the distance doing that, feeling worried about her and picking it up offscreen.

It was now the second match of Round 2 of the final Splatfest. Where the Splat Squad and three other teams were about to compete. Earlier today, Team Killer Ink had already won the first match and moved to the finals, leaving the runner ups, Team Splat Squad, and 3 others for the last spot before the final showdown. Marie and Callie described the second and final match of the competition as Tower Defense.

What would be happening was that an infinite amount of monsters would spawn onto the arena and each teams' job was to splat them with ink. Each monster splatted was worth 1 point. However, if any team member got splatted by another team, their team would be deducted 10 points. The battle commenced and waves of Squidwards came to shore. The team did well for a minute or two before getting kills stolen by enemy teams. Meggy, annoyed by their presence, shot at an enemy team member, only for her (the enemy) to turn into a squid and slide away. Tari commented that the team would never win if they didn't also start stealing kills. Meggy agreed and told the team to split up. One cut to scenes of Mario, Luigi, Tari, and Meggy later showed them trying their best to overcome the point deficit from other teams. Suddenly, Meggy got cornered by two enemy team members.

In one of the clips, after hearing a loud bang, Mario saw a bunch of Squidwards coming from a wall, confusing the plumber. Meggy, being cautious, tried to keep both in her sight, only to end up failing to dodge another enemy team member´s shot, resulting in the Splat Squad losing 10 points, and eventually falling to second place, being beaten by the Ink Brigade. Meggy, shaken over her loss, fell to her knees, crying, feeling as if she had let Desti down. When Mario tried to console her, she angrily stated that it was her fault, and lamented about how, if she had used the Ink Boi, she would've been able to actually help. As Luigi tried to help, Meggy, crying, ran off. Before the rest of the Splat Squad left, however, Mario stated that he smelt something fishy.

Scene 7[edit | edit source]

Meggy, filled with grief and despair, sat on top of her apartment building, apologizing to Desti on her loss. Suddenly, she heard Desti's voice, telling her not to be sad. She turned towards the sound, only finding that the voice came from Axol. He repeated that Meggy shouldn't be sad and that maybe he could help take her mind off of her loss, before revealing Meggy's Ink Boi, saying that E. Gadd also upgraded the Inkweaver. Meggy, however, too dejected on her loss, refused, though Axol persists, tossing Meggy's Ink Boi to her before leaping off the building, sliding down the now-inky side using the upgraded Inkweaver. Though Meggy still had her doubts, she finally gave in and leaped off the building to join Axol. They then slid all over the city, and Meggy admitted that she missed the feeling of having fun.

Meanwhile, Mario sneaked across the Tower Defense Arena, Tari and Luigi in tow, trying to find the source of his suspicions. Luigi worriedly asked Mario why they were back at the Tower Defense Arena. Tari chimed in, saying that they should be with Meggy right now instead of looking around. Mario, however, ignores them and searched the back of the arena. As he was looking near a bush next to the wall, he tripped over something, which was revealed to be a switch. When he pressed the green button, a cannon extended from the wall and shot fake Squidwards out of it. Mario excitedly proved his suspicions though Luigi was confused as to what that meant. Tari, however, angrily realized that the Ink Brigade used the cannon to cheat in Tower Defense.

The camera then cut back to Axol and Meggy, who arrive at the apartment they started at. At Axol's question, Meggy admitted that she felt much better, though she wished she didn't have to rely on the Ink Boi to do the same things she could do as an Inkling. Axol, however, stated that there was nothing wrong with relying on it, citing that although he was the greatest manga artist in the world, he relied on Inkweaver to reach his maximum potential, showing this by drawing Ryu to life. Despite this, Meggy says that it was not the same, though Axol asked why. Angry, Meggy threw the Ink Boi aside, saying that she didn't need the Ink Boi when she was an Inkling, and that she could do things normally. Axol agreed that she wasn't an Inkling anymore, but reminded Meggy that her transformation never stopped her from being herself and that she should try to be the best Meggy she has ever been.

Suddenly, Marie and Callie burst through the door behind them, and informed Meggy that she was back in Splatfest, much to her surprise; in her surprise, Meggy asked how this came to be. As the Squid Sisters began to explain, however, Mario, wearing an Inkopolis detective's hat and monocle and holding a pipe, ran through the doorway, followed by Luigi and Tari, knocking the Squid Sisters over in the process. Mario excitedly explained that he found out the Ink Brigade's treachery, but Tari and Luigi ended up explaining the details, much to Mario's chagrin. Callie and Marie, half-dazed, confirm this and said that because Meggy's team was the first runner-up, they would go on to the next round by default. Overcome with joy, Meggy fell to her knees, sobbing with happiness as she did so. Tari and Luigi affirmed that they would do anything for Meggy, and Mario handed Meggy her Splattershot, telling her to do her best at the Grand Finale. Meggy, filled with hope, took it and promised Marie and Callie that she and her team would win the Grand Finale. The gang then celebrated.

Scene 8[edit | edit source]

Meggy, now filled with confidence, offered to shake her past self's hand. Although she was initially skeptical, Past Meggy gladly accepted and shook Present Meggy's hand before disappearing. However, just as Meggy accepted her past, she heard a voice behind her. Surprised, she turned around and was shocked to see Desti standing there with scribbles on her eyes. Desti noticed that she was able to get to the Grand Finale of Splatfest, and asked Meggy how it felt to be so close to fulfilling her dream. However, Meggy told Desti that she couldn't care less about her dream and that she was only attending Splatfest to honor her promise, and insists she will win. Desti smiled and told Meggy that she knew Meggy would win. The camera then shook before cutting to black.

Scene 9[edit | edit source]

The next day, Meggy and her team arrived at the arena for the final round of Splatfest. Callie and Marie commented on how exciting the tournament has been so far and revealed that the final round will be a Turf War, with the Splat Squad going against Killer Ink. Both teams were itching to start the War, and Callie excitedly asked both teams if they were ready to start. Upon the teams' and the crowd's excitement, the Turf War commences.

The Splat Squad started off strong, quickly gaining ground in the first few minutes, Meggy even knocked out an opposing team member in the process. Team Killer Ink, however, was able to hold their ground, despite Tari knocking out another of their team, and they eventually hit Luigi. They then turned on Mario, now up against a wall. Meggy arrived to help Mario, and they both knew what to do. Mario laid on the ground as Meggy took hold of Mario's feet. Then, to the crowd's and the Squid Sisters' surprise and confusion, respectively, Meggy spun Mario round and round, going faster and faster, before eventually throwing him over two opposing Inklings, one of which was the Leader, and successfully knocked out both of them. The Leader, however, enraged at the Splat Squad's lead, helped Team Killer Ink knock out the rest of the Splat Squad, surrounding Meggy, the only one who wasn't knocked out. Thinking that victory was in their hands, all remaining Killer Ink members simultaneously shot at Meggy, though she used her Ink Boi to escape the incoming fire. She then reappeared in another pool of orange ink, throwing three Splat Bombs, and fired a shot of ink at each of them, which successfully knocked out the entire Killer Ink Team, much to the crowd's and the Squid Sisters' surprise, though the Leader managed to escape.

With one minute left on the clock, Meggy began to search of the Team Killer Ink Leader, who hid in the arena. As she walked along a back section of the arena, the Leader ambushed Meggy by appearing from a blue ink patch on the wall, firing a shot at Meggy, knocking her to the ground. Dazed, she looks up at the leader, who taunted her. Meggy, however, in her mind, saw the Leader as Desti, asking her if that was all she got. Renewed with confidence, Meggy stood up and told the Leader that she was just getting started. Activating her Ink Boi, she rushed toward the Leader, who tried to fire at her. Meggy avoided the shots and threw her Splattershot toward the Leader, who caught it in surprise and confusion. Meggy used this moment of bewilderment to kick the Team Leader's gun out and away from her hand before taking her Splattershot and putting it to the Leader's forehead. She then told the Leader, "Thanks for holding that for me", and smiled before knocking her out with a single shot. With fifteen seconds left on the clock, Meggy knocked out the remaining Killer Ink members and encouraged by her confidence, the Splat Squad regained their lost territory, winning the Turf War. Meggy, overcome with surprise and joy, cried happily, knowing that she kept Desti's promise. Then, their friends excitedly ran on the battlefield (except for Toad being the hateful jerk he was, was unsurprised), and hoist all the team members up into the air and catch them. SMG4 congratulated the team on the win, and Bob announced a party at Meggy's house. Everyone excitedly headed over, though E. Gadd also tagged along due to not receiving a "thank you" for his invention.

Scene 10[edit | edit source]

While the others were having a party over Meggy's victory in the final Splatfest, Meggy decided to sneak away to go to the rooftop. Just as she stared into the horizon, Desti's spirit appeared once again, now standing next to her. As if to indicate that she saw her as a true friend, the blindfold of scribbles was erased. Desti then acknowledged her win of the final Splatfest competition and asked how she did it. Meggy responded saying it was her friends that let her win but jokingly added it was completely fine if she didn't know what it meant. Desti laughed, understanding the intention and then asked what was Meggy's purpose now.

Meggy did not know what she meant, causing Desti to show how for the past few months, she had been doing nothing but training for the Splatfest and being sad. She also indicated that just because it was fun to cry over her sadness, Desti also indicated that Meggy had to move on. Meggy acknowledged it but stated that it was just too hard to do so. Desti, thinking about it, decided to hug Meggy, as a way of making it easier to do so, thanking her for keeping up the promise she made in at her funeral. With those words, Meggy could finally say goodbye to her. Desti then smiled, before dissipating into the light, her soul finally at rest.

Meggy then turned around, when suddenly, Boopkins could be heard screaming, as he was, once again, going to have a tail pinned to his butt. The movie ends with Meggy hearing the noise and decided to play "Pin The Tail On The Boopkins" with the others instead of helping him.

Epilogue[edit | edit source]

After the movie ended, Luke tells his fans about the new merchandise to commemorate the release of the film and also stating that Desti won't appear again in the series and asking them how they enjoyed the movie and see if they wanted more.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Main characters[edit | edit source]

  • Splat Squad
  • Meggy Spletzer
  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Tari
  • Desti

Major characters[edit | edit source]

  • Team Killer Ink - (Debut)
  • Leader - (Debut)
  • Sniper - (Debut)
  • Commando - (Debut)
  • Thug - (Debut)
  • Axol
  • Professor E. Gadd
  • Callie
  • Marie
  • The Ink Brigade

Supporting characters[edit | edit source]

  • SMG4
  • Bowser
  • Shroomy
  • Saiko Bichitaru
  • Fishy Boopkins
  • Bob
  • Toad
  • DrownZone - (Debut)
  • KelpBuds - (Debut)
  • Squidward Tentacles - (Multiple)
  • Crusty Sean - (Debut)

Cameos[edit | edit source]

  • Unnamed Pufferfish Team - (Debut)
  • Ryu - (Inkweaver)
  • Piantas - (Flashback)
  • Francis - (Flashback)
  • False Sephiroth - (Flashback)
  • Sam - (Flashback)
  • Kenji - (Flashback)

Continuity[edit | edit source]

  • SMG4: If Mario Was In... Splatoon: The film explains how Meggy ended up in the paint can that was eventually found in Peach's Castle.
  • SMG4: War of the Fat Italians 2017, SMG4: Wild, Wild Mario, SMG4: The Smash 5 Trials, SMG4: New Year, New Mario, SMG4: Mario University, SMG4: Mario and The Diss Track, SMG4: The Mario Carnival, and SMG4: World War Mario: Multiple sequences were used in the opening prologue.
  • The Anime Arc: Meggy had flashbacks how rough it was last year for her, including when Desti was killed.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The ID number on the final Splatfest ticket on the teaser banner is 29022020, referencing the film's release date of February 29, 2020.
  • On the official poster, Fishy Boopkins' name is misspelled as 'Bopkins'.
  • This is Meggy Spletzer, Tari, and Axol's first appearance in the flesh since SMG4: Mario School Club as well as Saiko Bichitaru's first appearance in Season 10 and first appearance overall since SMG4: The Grand Festival, as all of them were only represented poorly in SMG4: Mario's Magical TV.
  • It is also Shroomy's first appearance since SMG4: Mario School Club, Bowser's first appearance since SMG4: Bowser Loses Custody Of His Children and Toad's first appearance since SMG4: If Mario was in The Sonic Movie, though the latter two do not have speaking roles.
  • In SMG4: The SMG4 QNA, one user asked if SMG4 would make a movie to which he replied: "No that would take me like 2 years to make a 20 minute video". It was only until a few years later where SMG4 finally decided to do so in this video.
  • Mario says "OH BOY, I LOVE SPLATOON 3!" in the film. It's unclear that Splatoon 3 might possibly happen, after Splatoon and Splatoon 2. In other words, that quote is possibly intended as a joke.
  • This episode marks the end of The Anime Arc's post-arc storyline and the final appearance of Desti.
  • This is Professor E. Gadd's first appearance in Season 10, his first appearance overall since SMG4: The Weegee Uprising, his first appearance in the flesh since SMG4: Super Mario Taxi, and his first speaking role since SMG4: Smart Mario.
  • This marks the first non-flashback appearance of Meggy's Inkling form since SMG4: Mario Does The Chores.
  • Lasting over 40 minutes, this film is the longest SMG4 video ever made.
  • It is also the longest blooper of Season 10.
  • After Meggy's team wins the Splatfest and as Meggy converses with Desti for the final time, purple streaks appear under Meggy's eyes, even though Meggy cries normal tears in previous sections of the film. It is may be because her tears are translucent and appear purple because of the lighting.
  • At one point during the Splatfest, Tari shouts "Crackerjack", which is the catchphrase of Theo from Meta Runner.
  • This film is rated PG-13/TV-14 by IMDb, unlike the bloopers, which are rated R/TV-MA. 

References[edit | edit source]

  • Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith: During the training sequence at the beginning of the film, Tari says Obi-Wan Kenobi's iconic line, "It's over, Meggy/Anakin! I have the high ground!" The sound effect itself is even used.
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy: When Team Killer Ink is making fun of the SplatSquad for being humans, Mario's comeback recreates Star-Lord's "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know how this machine worked" scene.
  • Back To The Future Part II: The Ink Boi given to Meggy is actually the Hoverboard that Marty McFly used to escape from Griff Tannen in 2015.
  • Sonic The Hedgehog: During the final battle, Tari said "You're too slow!", which is one of Sonic's lines.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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