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Saw III (Sometimes but less known as Saw 3) is a horror film distributed by Lionsgate and then released in 2006. In lots of countries this has been cut, due to pretty high age ratings, for example France. In North America it noticably had the NC-17 rating which isn't that often to achieve, however it was later re-rated as R

Release dateEdit

First released on 26 October 2006
Released in the United Kingdom and United States on 27 October 2006

Age ratingsEdit

MPAA: R for strong grisly violence and gore, sequences of terror and torture, nudity and language
BBFC: 18
IFCO: 18
CSA: -18(Uncut)
CSA: -16(Cut, video version)

Useful websitesEdit

  • [1] – Exactly why MPAA gave it an R
  • [2] – IMDb details of the film
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