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Shiva Baby is a 2020 American-Canadian comedy film directed by Emma Seligman based on a screenplay she has written. It stars Rachel Sennott, Molly Gordon, Polly Draper, Danny Deferrari, Fred Melamed, and Dianna Agron.


While at a Jewish funeral service with her parents, a college student has an awkward encounter with her sugar daddy and her ex-girlfriend.


  • Rachel Sennott as Danielle
  • Molly Gordon as Maya
  • Danny Deferrari as Max
  • Polly Draper as Debbie
  • Fred Melamed as Joel
  • Dianna Agron as Kim Beckett
  • Jackie Hoffman as Susan
  • Cilda Shaur as Sheila
  • Glynis Bell as Katherine
  • Sondra James as Maureen
  • Deborah Offner as Ellie
  • Vivien Landau as Roz
  • Ariel Eliaz as Rabbi


  • It was adapted from Seligman's own 2018 short film of the same name.